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Top Trump Aide Indicates Promise to Release Tax Returns Will Be Broken


Top Trump Aide Indicates Promise to Release Tax Returns Will Be Broken

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Belying promises he made on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump will not release his tax returns, according to presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, who spoke Sunday to ABC's "This Week."


This morning it was claimed by the same trump mouthpiece he WILL release his tax returns after the IRS audit is completed…these idiots apparently don’t know what they are doing or why…any claims they are really smart and just playing everyone is rubbish…along with everything they claim this too remains to be seen…

“President Donald Trump will release his tax returns after the IRS completes its audit of him, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted Monday in an apparent clarification from her earlier statement.”


Who exactly expects him to tell the truth, to stick to his word, to follow through on promises?


I was amazed at a friend at work for just what you are saying. When The Hill reported on the proposed massive cuts to the Department of Transportation, my friend was surprised, saying “that wouldn’t comport with his campaign infrastructure plan.” I was taken aback. How anyone could invest any faith in his assertions is beyond me.


Foxconn is coming to the US of A. They make everything Apple for 357)) A MONTH in China 16 hour days six day weeks no extras. Wonder if they are going to pay a living wage here. Is this an assembly plant or a distribution center and where does any profit go? To China? How we go THE DONALD. And Mr crap for brains said he would support inter state competition. Yes sir that will cure our ills.



Turning the US into a third world nation is the goal of Trump and the fascists controlling Congress and the SCOTUS.


Donald Trump and his cronies, including Putin, are almost certainly planning on becoming yuuuugly wealthy during his administration. Releasing any financial info would add risk to the possibility of future legal problems.


No, I think their goal is simply to gain wealth and power. Whether it helps or hurts the US is mainly immaterial.


If Trump doesn’t pay any taxes, why should any of us? Everybody knows this is why he won’t reveal his tax returns. He’s a frightened little boy that we will find out he doesn’t pay any taxes. Call your Senator and Representatives and tell them if Trump doesn’t pay taxes, we want taxes abolished. Do it now!


I agree. In my opinion, Trump running for POTUS was like all his past business dealings, purely a business decision. When Trump said: " MAKE AMERICA GREAT" what he really meant was make MY AMERICA GREATER.


No, Trump does not want any of his financial dealings released for many reasons, especially to avoid conflict of interest obviousnesses with his Presidential actions and to avoid any additional areas for journalists to look for illegal actions in the past and those that WILL occur in the future.


Read my lips, no new taxes. We did not engage in intimate relations. They have weapons of mass destruction. I will close Gitmo. And now, noone wants to see my tax information. Wonder what the next Prez is going to lie about? Can’t wait! What’s even funnier is that they all end up being catch phrases.


I’m so annoyed by this, I went to whitehouse.gov to complain (by e-mail; I understand the phone line has been closed). But lo and behold, the “We the People” petition page is still up. So I jumped the considerable hoops (had to establish a new account, with my other e-dress) and posted a new petition:


Signatures welcomed.


She has chosen a ticket to Haedes and will never recover from this prostitution. The money must be ample for her to compromise her morals, integrity, and personal dignity. Her children will also suffer from her choice to hook up with a deeply disturbed and diabolical tyrant. She should ask for her salary in CASH as the checks may bounce or simply not be forthcoming, as is historically the T-dumpian practice. That toy soldier get-up put an exclamation point on the idiocy of the Trump Trash Tribe. All that was missing was the mask. Didn’t anyone tell her that the inauguration was not a costume parade? When she finally breaks under the ongoing pressure, the diabolical dimwit will cast her off like an empty “40.” (The college crowd refers to "40’s, which means a 40 oz bottle of beer/malt liquor.)


Dean, your silly attempt to equate our new Liar-in-Chief with past Presidents who were, like most humans, less than 100% truthful, wins my ‘goofy-ass post of the day’ award.


How about the WORST inaugural speech in history with the “catch phrase” “American Carnage”

Definition of carnage: the killing of a large number of people.
synonyms: slaughter, massacre, mass murder, butchery, bloodbath, bloodletting, gore; holocaust, pogrom, ethnic cleansing

And the diabolical dimwit simply used the word without looking up its meaning and synonyms nor did he consider that it would be heard around the world thus showing just how unqualified and clueless he is. And that makes him very, very dangerous.

Better start practicing your goose-stepping.


That was actually in the prepared text. It wasn’t just out of his ass. Someone wrote it, others approved it, and he read it off the teleprompter. As a former speechwriter as well as a citizen of the USA, I am appalled.


And I am sure he practiced it over and over again in front of a gilded wall-to-wall mirror as would any delusional and demented narcissist would do to make sure he looked imperial.

Hate speech is not free speech.


Only a naive useful idiot would have believed Trump keeping this promise. It is the least important of all promises he has broken or will break.

Edit. Anyone who says the least is bound to be corrected . Me included.


Probably a Bannon addition…