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Top Trump Campaign Adviser Brad Parscale Hospitalized After Threatening Self-Harm With Gun

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/top-trump-campaign-adviser-brad-parscale-hospitalized-after-threatening-self-harm

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One of the rats leaving the sinking ship realizing he can’t swim?


This Trumper had a rare attack of conscience, realized he’d been serving Satan, and decided to end his own life.
This was one of the few times Pascale has ever acted honorably.
If he wants to beat his suicidality and depression, he must do what Cohen and other former Trump servants have done, which is to apologize for working for Satan and expose the criminality he witnessed and participated in.


The rest of trump’s rubes can’t even tell the truth from a lie, or just don’t care.


More likely, after the Tulsa fiasco and his demotion, Parscale discovered that his star was no longer rising and in fact plunging in the firmament of Mad Men, threatening the lavish lifestyle to which he had become accustomed. We can hope.


“officers made contact with the male, developed a rapport, and safely negotiated for him to exit the home.” Now that is professional, more like what European police are trained to do. Let me state the obvious; if he was Black and not some known official he probably, according to recent precedent , would have gotten himself shot. This is Florida to boot, the latter is even more likely.


Crafty - apparently Parscale used the “Sheriff of Rock Ridge” scam by taking himself hostage with a gun pointed at his head and then threatened to shoot when the Police showed up.

These Republicans are really a cut above your ordinary corrupted scum.


You know the old saying: When you dance with the devil; you’re bound to get burned. Just saying.


Never pull a weapon you don’t intend to use.

He has probably never finished anything in his life.



That’s just straight up heartless.

Or ‘when one lies with dogs, do not be surprised to get fleas.’ Though I hasten to add that equating canines with Orange Anus’ lackeys unjustly debases the former.


According to the Sun Sentinel it wasn’t that smooth. He had abused his wife, and was thrown to the ground by SWAT members and cuffed. Probably not as professional as this article indicates.



Now, the real fun begins. This will give the Right Wing media machine time to go digging for dirt on Mrs. Parscale. They will look for any kind of info on her. Jmo.

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I view Trump and his co-conspirators like Pascale as Confederates and enemies, the same way I view Hitler and his gang.
They are enemies of the United States, Nature, the constitution…and me personally.
They are professional criminals who use their talents to further the fascist Trump regime.
In my view, none of them should ever have been born, and if they eliminate themselves, the world will be a better place.
Pascale isn’t just a Trumphumper, he’s also a gun nut and “alleged” wife-beater.
He deserves to have a very bad life, and I wish nothing but ill for him, unless he repents and does what Cohen did.


Huh? Honorably? After he beat his wife? Right…too bad he didn’t succeed.


You could be correct, or they could ignore the issue entirely because in the minds of Trumps supporters, Parscale is no longer relevant because of being discarded by their idol.

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Police record shows Mrs. Parscale had bruises & scrapes on her arms, face & forehead. When he cocked the gun & threatened to kill them both, she fled into the street and was able to call for help.
Read more than one news source!

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Your mental illness seems to match Parscale’s.

Would you do physical harm to Parscale given the opportunity?