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Top UN Human Rights Expert Decries 'Extremist Hate' Campaign Behind Escalated Attack on Reproductive Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/top-un-human-rights-expert-decries-extremist-hate-campaign-behind-escalated-attack

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Every sperm is sacred
Every sperm is great
If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate
–Monty Pyton’s The Meaning of Life

Sorry, I really don’t mean to make light of this issue at all, but until we can stuff the patriarchal idiocy into the memory hole I do need laughter. Oh Enlightenment, wherefore art thou?

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I’m pretty sure this is just another item on trump’s “do not spend on this” list.
Along with infrastructure and other social spending.
They are enlightened enough, just too greedy to care.

of course its another class issue, the well to do will always be able to fly off somewhere and get a safe abortion.
Its also a religious issue, they are (mostly) not rally anti-abortion because they are also anti-birth control. They just want to force their religion (of many stripes) on everyone.
Those who support reproductive freedom have to face the fact that they were sold out by all those progressives who wasted their votes in November 2016 by not supporting Clinton against Trump.

“Gilmore pointed to a well-organized and well-funded coalition of anti-choice groups which have recently managed to frame the national debate about reproductive rights around the notion that viable, healthy fetuses are aborted in the third trimester, decrying so-called “late-term abortion”—a term that is not recognized in medical field—as “infanticide.””

They framed the debate around late-term elective abortions. The nitpick that their label for the procedure is not medically recognized was so feeble that it actually had negative effectiveness in winning over the general public. Decrying such abortions as infanticide might also not be technically correct, but it is a position that resonated with most people.

“In reality, just over one percent of abortions take place after 21 weeks of gestation, and women often obtain abortions at this stage due to fetal abnormalities that weren’t detected earlier or because continuing the pregnancy would pose health risks.”

Classic case of walking right into a trap. Does “often” mean always? If late-term elective abortions never happen, that is not an argument against making them illegal. We do not have to wait for something heinous to occur for us to decide it should be illegal. And if “often” means something less than “always”, that means it does sometimes occur, which means the percentage argument is basically that this form of infanticide should not be banned because it doesn’t really happen all that often–another tone-deaf argument guaranteed to lose public support.

““This is a lie that encourages conservatives to regard pregnant women and medical caregivers as potential ruthless killers who should be hemmed in with yet more laws targeting them,” Rebecca Solnit wrote in The Guardian on Monday.”

It isn’t a lie to say that something deplorable should be made illegal. In this case, it was a winning political strategy. Abortion opponents chose this battleground because they knew abortion-rights extremists would reflexively fight back and would have do so from the untenable position that abortion opponents pre-selected for them. And Gilmore is behind the times. The battle over late term elective abortions is long-since over. Conservatives won that battle and they rode the issue to large political victories, and now they are using the momentum and clout they picked up to go after early term abortions. The good news is that they’ve shifted the battle to ground which does not favor them. The public has generally been supportive of early term abortions–when they’ve been kept reminded of why making them illegal is so much worse. The bad news is that abortion rights advocates lost so much support on the late-term issue that there is now a lot of rebuilding work that lies ahead, regaining ground that never should have been squandered in the first place.

“We need to stop tolerating the intolerable”

More tone-deafness. So soon after losing a campaign to defend the indefensible, saying ‘we need to stop tolerating the intolerable’ looks like a slogan ripe for co-opting, with high boomerang potential. (as happened with “fake news”)

Elites are the enemy of Enlightenment – harder to take advantage of the
public when they are enlightened – and certainly in regard to overpopulation
and cheap labor (higher profits) it is Elites who are driving this anti-abortion,
anti-woman war for $$$$$.

We are seeking to free more than half the world – that’s a big loss of profits for Elites.
Too many women are just fodder for the machinery of Elite profits.


On a slightly different subject, could there be a more cynical reason for limiting the accessibility to safe abortion provider? Could the ability to collect DNA samples of aborted fetuses be the connection we need to stop incest? If the oldest daughter in an incestuous family could get a legal abortion would not that be the beginning of seeking help for the rest of the family? If rape kits of both male and females could be processed in a clinical setting and put into a data base would that not curtail incest? Incest is a complicated subject that needs the help of professionals.

It’s time to cut to the chase. Mandatory vasectomies. Let’s stop the problem at the source. There is literally no need in the 21st century for a woman to EVER get pregnant unless she wants to. A woman can have sex with 100 men in a year and get pregnant once. A man can have sex with 100 women a year and get 100 women pregnant. Men cause all pregnancies. Vasectomy is a simple procedure that takes 10 minutes in a doctor’s office and is completely reversible. Sperm banks provide the insurance in case there is a physical problem with reversal. This is the solution – the ONLY solution to world over-population. REAL men will be grateful. They will never again have to fear getting a woman pregnant.