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Top VP Contenders Diverge as Warren Votes 'Yes' and Harris Votes 'No' on Slashing Pentagon Budget to Fund Health and Education

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/top-vp-contenders-diverge-warren-votes-yes-and-harris-votes-no-slashing-pentagon


Like this matters. Biden is still at the top of the ticket. There is real news going on that should be reported on, instead of this fake controversy.


It’s not so much a question of how the VP candidate voted, but how Joe would have voted. I think we know the answer on that one.


No real surprise. Harris is Ms. law and order.


Whoever serves as Biden’s VP, should he be elected, stands an excellent chance of being President in less than 4 years. And even if that doesn’t occur, the VP would stand the best chance of becoming the Dems’ presidential nominee for the next campaign/election. So this vote is clearly newsworthy and would be something else to consider if Harris is on the ticket.


More proof of what I predicted a year ago: Biden/Harris ticket.


Sen. Kamala Harris’ no vote “makes her a dubious choice” to be Joe Biden’s running mate, said one progressive organizer.

Not at all, it makes Kamala Harris, the war monger Biden’s correct choice!


I like Harris but she just lost my support.


If Sloppy Joe chose Hooligan Harris to run with, they might as well keep on running till their out of Washington DC.

There will be no Peace in our lifetime with either Corporate War Party in the White House.


I still believe that this deal was done on the Friday prior to Super Tuesday.
Liz Warren was called to the smoke filled room and given this deal. Stay in the race until Wednesday. Split the progressive vote. Give Joe and the powers that be their decisive victory. Chase Bernie and his coalition out of the race. And then you get your choice of positions in the new administration. VP? Sure. State dept? Why not. Treasury? Hell yeah!
I genuinely believe it’s Liz’s if she wants it.


Except when it come to white collar criminals like Steve Mnuchin “the foreclosure king”; who illegally foreclosed on thousands of California homeowners. Kamala’s staff prepared a case against him. She declined to prosecute. He gave her a $2k campaign contribution later.


And that is one of the biggest reasons they are taking so long to announce their choice. They have two considerations at play here. First, there are many in the Democratic Party that believe they not only need a woman, but a black one, in order to placate the African American voting block. But second, and perhaps more importantly, they all but have to choose someone who is younger and can be acceptable at the top of the ticket in 2024. Remember, senile old Joe would be 82 come re election time.
And thus the conundrum facing the democrats. Which woman of color would be acceptable as a top of the ticket, especially knowing that none of them were found acceptable to the electorate during the primaries?


This is another example of where a third party, a truly progressive party, matters.

If the d-party as currently configured – a “big tent” featuring widely diverging positions on lots of issues – continues as is, then it will remain merely an incoherent, yet inextricably linked “alternative” to the r-party.

Progressives are marginalized within a overarching bloc of Blue Dog centrists.
And it’s fine that centrists have the d-party to represent them.
But progressives are not served by the likes of Joe DiMentio and Kambama.


that is really sad to me, like the pentagon would even fucking miss it. bunch of democrate losers, just like the still funding the worst bank articles…they are all bought and paid for.


Good for the 23 Dems + Indies in the Senate and 92 Dems + 1 Indy in the House who voted for trying to do something about the ridiculous spending waste in the so-called Defense budget. It’s throwing away billions through the $1000 toilet seat down the toilet every year. Such a waste.


Whoever the VEEP nominee turns out to be is more important this time around, with there being a very good chance a Biden presidency will not last beyond one term and maybe be even shorter. Yet, the names who have been floated are not impressive.


I think you’ve hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head. Harris is the only black female possibility with so called national political experience, though not a lot. And, no, she did not fair well with the voters in the presidential campaign. None of the other black options have experience in national politics except maybe Rice, and simply are not viable choices in my opinion.

Then there’s Warren, filling in the female and national experience blanks but coming up white in the race category, not to mention that Wall Street hates her guts. It seems that Jill has a difficult choice to make.

I’ll say this - had Trump turned out to be even slightly presidential as many voters had hoped he would, the Dems would be having their political hat handed to them once again, for they are totally worthless frauds and the voting public knows it. As it is and despite the constant message from the msm that it’s all over for Trump, I fear it’ll be a lot closer than they are saying. We ought not lose sight of the fact that Clinton and the Dems managed to lose to a creature like Donald Trump, and their plan and message so far is strangely similar to that of their last effort.


Well, the vp does break tie votes in the senate. On the other hand, no bill similar to this will ever come close to a tie.

I wish I could say it wasn’t so. White collar crime usually gets a pass. It’s good for business. Which of course, is all that matters in the good ole U.S. of A.

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And that was the end of Kamala…