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Toppling A Racist, Lying (Cardboard) Sessions

Toppling A Racist, Lying (Cardboard) Sessions

The news on DACA outraged on many levels, from the "disruptive wanton fuckery we can accurately call evil" that was the mindlessly cruel act itself, to the spewing of nativist lies by longtime racist Sessions, to his sick giddy delight at destroying so many people's lives. The response by Latinx-rights group Mijente nailed it: They built a statue of the "tiny little liar" and tore it down at the "Justice" Dept. - where its head rolled forlornly away.


Very creative, especially the Confederate Officer’s uniform. I bet he has one in his closet. Jeez, it’s still hard to believe this guy is the Top Law Enforcement Officer in the U.S.!


Don’t hold back, Abby.

I am glad someone is shouting the outrage. But we have to make sure it becomes enshrined in law.

And we have to help djt dump Sessions for real.


Both djt and sessions should be genetically tested, because nobody, but maybe some Native Americans, have pure “blood”.

Heck, I look as white as a sheet, but have both African and Cherokee blood in me, and I would bet 10 to 1 if djt and secessionist session both were tested, they would both have fatal heart attacks when they got the results.


This makes me so proud to be an American…again! Power to the People!


What are we waiting for then?

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Sessions needs a long vacation to the other side of the dirt.

Ms Zimet, thank you. However, as long as you asserting that he is a racist, why not include other evidence that he is.

For example, he wants to up the militarization of police so they can kill more people just because they are in possession of non-big-pharma-drugs (or even natural herbs). 1033 program.

And anyone (or everyone) who supports the War on Drugs is also supporting institutionalized racism. Just because they may not know how racist that war is, does not excuse them from responsibility for supporting it.