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Torture Report at One Year: Unread, Unpunished, and Still Up for Debate


Torture Report at One Year: Unread, Unpunished, and Still Up for Debate

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In the one year since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its account of the Central Intelligence Agency's brutal torture regime, the perpetrators have gone unpunished and the report remains unread, while—among some presidential candidates—torture still remains a topic for discussion.


"I hope this report is the catalyst CIA leaders need to acknowledge that torture did not work and close this disgraceful chapter in our country’s history."

The only thing missing from that bullshit statement is the meme "learning from mistakes", but then again Feinstein stated that in her press release statement when she unveiled the dissembling summary of the report.

The Senate report was nothing but an elaborate cover-up. The purpose was to examine exactly what needed to be covered up, to expend lots of time doing so, create a false appearance that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence was actually an adversary of the CIA, and to quell any political movement demanding criminal investigations and prosecutions of war crimes.

Feinstein was the perfect person to cover up these crimes by supposedly uncovering them, as she was compromised early on by her knowledge that torture was proceeding under her leadership of that committee.

And Wyden is just a prick puppet licking her heels in this disgusting episode.


The CIA controls any and all politicians. The Bush crime family could get away with atrocities because Poppy Bush as CIA Director, likely JFK assassination conspirator, son of Prescott Bush who traded with Hitler, probably populated it with conservative lapdogs of his fascist oligarchy cronies that are still in power.

Even if that were not the case, the job calls for giving a license to kill to any conservative James Bond wannabe that is in fact immune from prosecution. When was the last time you heard of any CIA agent being prosecuted for a crime other than whistleblowing?

A tiny oligarchy must plan ahead to stay in power. What will the Bilderbergers come up with next? "War is the health of the nation" right? Very profitable too and keeps their depopulation plan running smoothly. Years ago they packed the courts and now we have a fascist SCOTUS. Years ago they funded state School Board candidates and now they have a Republican Congress and Donald Trump. They suppress the vote. They have a War on Drugs to keep minorities with felony convictions from voting. They own the Mainstream Media so they control public opinion. They have the money, they have the power.

All we can do is watch the thirdworldlization of our country, the destruction of our biosphere and hope for a Bernie Sanders or a revolution. Why? Because liberals and progressives don't act like cruel, deceitful, reactionary, murderous animals like conservatives and their neoliberal kin do. Besides libs don't have so much of the devil's dung as to become oligarchy shitheads.


If the criminals that brought us endless war and the crash of 2008 escaped prosecution, why would anyone expect action against those implicated in this report? Now, if this heavily redacted report had been leaked by a whistleblower, then you would see immediate and swift prosecution, long jail sentences and thorough denunciation of the traitor.


I start to believe that America is not a "civilized nation" anymore...


As far as Jeb Bushs comment is concerned , enhanced interrogation IS torture . Enhanced interrogation is the euphemism for it , borrowed directly from the Nazi euphemism for the same .
For an up-to-date account of US torture in Afghanistan , read the shocking article in the 17 December 2015 New York Times , "Navy SEALs ,A Beating Death and Charges of a Cover-up" by Nicholas Kulish , Christopher Drew and Matthew Rosenberg . It seems we have borrowed more than just the euphemism for torture from the Nazis !