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#ToryManifesto Reveals Plan to Control Internet and Disenfranchise Voters


#ToryManifesto Reveals Plan to Control Internet and Disenfranchise Voters

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In contrast to the U.K. Labour Party's progressive blueprint, Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled the Conservative Party's election manifesto on Thursday, sparking a wave of backlash over a pledge to create a new internet that would let the government control what gets posted online.

"Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and internet," the manifesto states. "We disagree."


With this "manifesto", it is all over for the Tories on June 8. Labour will be swept into power in a popular clamor heard around the world...



May's goal is to prevent the 99% from realizing any Brexit benefits.


I think May and the Conservatives might just have handed Jeremy Corbyn's Labour the election with this unadulterated nonsense. I can't imagine anyone but the wealthiest Britons supporting this garbage.


To clarify, by "voter identification", they mean a driver's license or passport -- both of which are costly and somewhat difficult to obtain.




The benefits of Brexit were going to be things like getting out of the uniformly strong EU environmental, labor, consumer protection and social benefit standards, plus mention economic and geographic isolation. So I think that the 99 percent will still get to enjoy all those benefits.


And worse than fees - getting a driver's license in the UK is a far more stringent process (there are no bad drivers in the UK) almost comparable to getting a private aircraft pilots license in the US.

As I wrote, I would hope that Tories are just dug their grave today. But I don't want to get my hopes too high.


Never underestimate the ability of people to vote against their own interests.


Hey, Ms May, maybe DJT will let you stay at one of his golf resorts in Scotland after you are summarily and shamefully ousted from office...the sooner, the better. That way you can both commiserate about how poorly you were treated by the fake media during your soon-to-be short-lived tyrannical reigns.


As long as Trump is POTUS he would likely appoint May to his cabinet or some other critical office.

If Trump leaves office and starts his own TV network (like he was planning to do until he unexpectedly won the POTUS election) May will have the opportunity to be part of Trump's eternal fake news team, charged with providing 24/7 fake UK news.


They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble just letting the Nazis take over the first time.


Thanks for this link. Almost $2000, depending on exchange rates. Wow! No need for the poor to consider voting. I know, let's just call it a poll tax in disguise which is what it is.


Once politicians used to tell us, voters, how much they, the politicians, were going to do for our votes. Now they tell us how much they are going to do to us.