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'Total Dirtbag Move': Biden Surrogate Ed Rendell Pens 11th Hour Attack on Warren Before Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/12/total-dirtbag-move-biden-surrogate-ed-rendell-pens-11th-hour-attack-warren-debate

Shut up, Ed:


Ed Rendell is the type of Corporate Hack that supports Biden because they both believe in the Bribery System of Governance.

If Biden, a Hillary Clone, is the Nominee, I guess I will have to turn to the Green Party if Jill Stein is running again?

The thought of 4 more years of a nasty bigot occupying the White House is extremely painful, but I honestly think Biden is Worse, at least the Racist Trump is trying to extricate us from the Wars that Obama/Biden expanded.



What is curious to this progressive: if Sen. Warren used this $10.4 million to jumpstart her campaign then her donors should be a) outraged or b) very pleased.
She’s moving up somewhat in the polls, so it’s working for her staffing up, in the early states.
I actually read the donor lists; where Sen. Warren got her Senate money, did the professional writers and commenters, not also?
They should of linked or, at least, summarized it to add insight instead of this tit-for-tat nonsense with " Big Head Ed " Rendell. That joker looks like an outcast extra from The Flintstones III movie; ya’ know, the ones that never got made.
I support Sen. Sanders fully ( with $$$ ), but I gave to Sen. Warren’s first Senatorial campaign. She didn’t need my help in her second one.
So it goes…


the pot is calling the kettle black THINGS YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT

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Reminds me of the Clinton strategy when the emails came out. Don’t look at the emails. Look at how evil Russia is.

This article focuses on Rendell to side step the Warren corporate contributions. The truth hurts and just because it is delivered by an a-hole doesn’t change the facts.


Biden is not electable.
Biden’s meltdown at the CNN Climate Townhall provides a frightening glimpse of the disaster that a Trump-Biden debate will likely produce in that pressurized arena. Biden was asked if he would ban fossil fuel exports from the US, a simple question. Instead, he talked about the need for a good train system in the US, even though that had nothing to do with the question. Then he gave a slight pause, complete confusion crossed his face, and he went on rambling on and on about the US train system and never got remotely near the original question. It looked like Biden simply could not remember what it was he was supposed to be talking about. A politically adroit politician would have paused, flashed a grin, said something apologetic about campaign pressure, made a quick quip about were they in Alaska or Alabama, and then asked to have the question repeated. Instead, Biden just rambled off into never-never land. His answer was completely irrelevant and never circled back to the original question. Not the performance expected from a national politician with decades of experience.

It was clear that Biden had a “senior moment.” (DISCLOSURE: I’m 68 years old.) This was more than just forgetting a complicated question - and this question wasn’t at all complicated. Biden looked like he completely lost track of more than just the question. Think about what Trump would do with that opening. Instantly, “Sleepy Joe” would become “Senile Joe” on national media. And that would be the election. So, no, Biden is not any more electable than my dog or anyone else who is “not Trump.”


We Pennsylvanians all know about Fast Eddie Rendell.
There is not a corporate boot that Eddie would lick for $5. The man sold out his city, his state, and every democratic voter in Pa while he was governor.
Just like Donald Trump, when Rendell opens his mouth nothing but shit comes out.


There’s a difference between manure and Rendell. Manure is useful.

That said, Warren talks a good game about not taking corporate money. But she’s fudging it, as always.

Corporate Dims are also a basket of deplorables. It’s why they always cross the aisle so it’s easy to perform a reach around on the working class Americans.


Warren spoke to this tonight ----she has given 7 million to other candidates–and has been open about how she will raise money-----my challenge to Warren is she being bought right now------what kind of deals is she making to get the nomination------??? Watching Biden in tonight’s debate there is no way he can take on Trump-----it will be a show of two guys having senior moments one after another.


11th hour attempts to undercut a political candidate should forever be called a “Comey.” Ed Rendell tries to pull a “Comey” but it backfires.

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Gee, what a surprise. Biden uses the crap of weasels to try and gain the presidency from people who are more qualified. Just one more reason why I will never vote for this man who has already said that “nothing fundamental will change” if he is elected. The Same Old Same Old, right, “Uncle Joe”? Our country is increasingly in crisis and this hapless asshat is the best that the corrupt DNC can come up with. Step aside, Biden, your time has come and gone. Go back to Delaware and be a lobbyist for DuPont. That would suit you just fine.

Both of them are so old that they can barely put a few sentences together without tripping over themselves. I can see the government of emerging superpower China looking at the debacle of our shameful election cycle and smiling to themselves. The “American Century” is definitely over.

Ed Rendell is a sleazy construction company’s banker impersonating a human being, badly.

Good comments. It’s time that the United States stopped living with its insipid notion of “American exceptionalism” and joined the world in a much more constructive way. I have my doubts as to whether we are capable of that as this is an era of “doubling down” on our arrogance, excess and stupidity carried out by this rancid party of Republicans and their Democratic enablers.

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Biden and Rendell deserve each. The country deserves neither.

He’s been a corporate shill,lobbyist for a long time.