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'Total Embarrassment': WaPo Rebuked for Failed Fact-Check of Sanders on Trillion-Dollar Wall Street Bailout


'Total Embarrassment': WaPo Rebuked for Failed Fact-Check of Sanders on Trillion-Dollar Wall Street Bailout

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Progressive critics accused Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler of cherry-picking evidence, playing semantic games, and obscuring the truth on Monday after he said Sen. Bernie Sanders inflated the amount of taxpayer bailout money Wall Street received following the 2008 financial crisis.



You can’t embarrass Bozo and WAPO … but I am giving them three ‘Pinocchios’ for the lying scum bags they are …



It’s best not to question Bernie on his math as he was the only 2016 presidential candidate I remember explaining how he would fund his campaign initiatives in writing on his web site. Bernie does his homework.



Well put. Thanks.



The WaPo is neither an arbiter of Truth nor a harbinger of News. It is simply a bellwether.

A ringing bell to know that one has Encountered a Corporate Infomercial.

An Alarm, as it were, that one’s Ship is on the Rocks if you believe this is Truth.



Didn’t WaPo publish 14 negative pieces on Sanders in a 24-hour period during the 2016 campaign? Nope, my fact-check reveals it was 16 negative pieces in 16 hours.

Expect nothing but “mainstream” spin and hogwash against Sanders from here out, folks.



This same person did a hit piece on single payer, which also had to be corrected because it had so many errors. They need to stop calling this stuff fact checking. It’s propaganda. At least Bernie is honest enough to be up front about HIS ideological (and class) bias.



The Washington Post lying about something a Progressive says??? I can’t believe that such a … oh,yes i can. Kessler’s just doing the bidding of his boss, Dr. Evil.

The NYT and WaPo are the propaganda rags for the Establishment. And Kessler has shown himself multiple times now as a willing (and highly paid) tool of the Fascists.



It’s sorta like the defense budget, ‘They’ claim $700+ billion when it’s really well over a trillion(no link, it vanished!) by the same mumbo, jumbo accounting schemes. The taxpayers are being screwed silly. By that I mean the average hard working American struggling to stay afloat. The billionaires are eating caviar and own multiple giant yachts. Corporate CEO’s are offered the same bourgeois living arrangements as their wealthy owners. The Tax scams over the years have allowed this to happen.



Remember what Gore Vidal said: “The New York Times never met a well it didn’t want to poison.” Oh, whoops, I just looked back. This article was about the Washington Post.



Don’t forget AIPAC said they had good connections to AWaPo’s editorial board. Sympathizers for the Devils, is the correct response for these lying liars.



It’s the Washington Post–why is anyone surprised. Jeff Bezos owns it, and like the crap employer he is —the same crap miasma settles onto the news! . This is so amazing because the history of the Washington Post in the Nixon time is amazing and a joy to read!
Where are all the DEEP THROAT like people that solved the criminal acts of that time?
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! The ship of TRUTH is taking on water! : 0



If the guy was in good faith, he would have said something to the effect: some may not consider a loan a “bailout;” but according to Sanders without the loan the company wouldn’t have survived and there was no guarantee of pay back, so a reasonable person could conclude that loans are a form of “bailout.” So nothing misleading enough to warrant criticism. Instead he defined the term in a restrictive manner to get a gotcha result. The shame is, when Trump gets to 10,000 lies soon, can it be trusted? Might be closer to 9500 really.



No one here is surprised. It just needs to be called out.



There was a partial audit of the Fed a few years after the crash, it uncovered a house of horrors. And we should be clear, almost everything the government has done since the crash has been to prop up the banking sector. Right after the crash, most of the derivatives that these parasitic interests owned were collapsing in value, because many of them were derived from property whose values had collapsed. So, what did the government do? Pay for those things above the market value that existed at the time, and they often had deals to sell those things back if they appreciated in value and ultimately turned out to be profitable investments after the recovery. QE is essentially a bailout. One of the things the government promised under Bush and then Obama was a mass debt write down of homeowners, among others. It never happened, and since the products of banks IS debt, who did that lack of a debt write down benefit? Did the government go after the banks after the LIBOR scandal, did it go after the banks after the drug and money laundering came into the public view? Did the Panama Papers or mass criminality like rigging bond auctions lead to anyone getting into trouble? Was the lack of action not a bailout? This author is a propagandist and would feel shame if he was capable of feeling shame. The banks in this country are all almost certainly insolvent when it comes down to it. When the next crash hits, the FDIC will not have anywhere near enough money, and the public will socialize the costs of the parasitic rentier class. God forbid that we socialize the benefits too.

The Minneapolis Fed has said that banks should be treated like we treat public utilities. I agree, but would go further. Warren has a great idea to re-start postal savings banks. The private banks killed postal savings banking decades ago, called it a “menace”, and because of the right our postal service has financial troubles. So, why not a public option in banking? Why not do as Ellen Brown has called for, which is a growth in the public banking sector. Like with internet service providers, lobbyists have written into law that the government in many places cannot do these things, but we could move forward, and change the laws barring these things. But, that would require a party, not just individuals like Warren and Sanders, that is willing and able to actually lead and provide actual solutions to actual structural problems. And both of these parties don’t combine to have a collective worth of a six foot pile of whale shit. Can’t wait for the Beto/Harris/Booker policies on how to deal with a parasitic banking sector. After taking their bribes, they will surely get to the work, for the people of course.



Let’s look and see who signed Glenn Kessler paycheck…



I read that T-Rump refers to “Dr. Evil” as “Bozos.” For once I agree with him.



Is the Pope Baptist? Does a bear poop in a solid gold toilet?

Right on, and let’s hear it for public banking, and for that matter, public everything that functions as a public utility (e.g., the internet–AT&T can keep their lines and take the profit they generate but only as a passive common carrier).



Thanks for setting the record straight on WaPo’s failure.

Bernie knows Bailouts, and he had his facts right.



O how I hate to say this…wapo is fake news.

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