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'Total Embarrassment': WaPo Rebuked for Failed Fact-Check of Sanders on Trillion-Dollar Wall Street Bailout


Billions, Trillions, cup cakes, doughnuts … what’s the squabble? The scumwad Banks took our taxpayer bailout money and not one of these CEO Crooks went to jail for reckless misuse of Stock Market Trading Practices. Now, they are even more Brazen and have accumulated more Cash and have Less Regulations on them. Dimon can Rot in hell… The sickest part is that We the People let them off the hook. Seems nothing really bothers us anymore, as we’ve gotten used to being screwed over and being Comfortably Numb. This is exactly what they were counting on… The Dumbing down of Americans. I don’t think we’ve ever been this stupid since the dawn of time. Guess We are so used to Losing, we expect it and lget a rush from it. Like drunken Gamblers on a permanent losing streak. Nobody. Nobody ever… can fix this Cyclone Bomb mess in this Country. We are truly f^cked******…


Surprise surprise WAPO is a corporate shill. Who would a thunk it? They have to wedge themselves into some of the Fox space I suppose.

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Just listened to Sen Warren on CNN. So far she has my vote, and feeble support financially. I’m going to supports Sanders and Warren until further notice.


The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) on page 131 of GAO Report 11-696 confirmed that as of June 2011 Congress had put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 trillion dollars for various schemes to bail out the too-big-to-fail banks, and it didn’t stop there. TARP was nothing more than a smokescreen shell game to hide the real travesty and make Congress look good when they told us that all the TARP money had been paid back.

With Warren threatening to restore 20th century ant-trust laws and enforcement, Bezos and his WaPo have now declared war on Warren, Sanders, and other progressives. Kessler’s slander is just the WaPo’s first salvo.


Two bailouts of $800bn US were announced at the time. The grand feed of loot from the Fed was not, generally.

Bernie’s figure is decidedly conservative. WaPo’s is just a lie.


With the exception of Fox News, and talk radio, mainstream media is owned and operated by democrats. Downplaying and minimizing the role the government plays in welfare for the rich, and a huge host of other right wing extremist positions they hold, is the democrats position, as is being directly opposed to Sanders. The problem they have is that Sanders is the only candidate who campaigns on issues, rather than fear and muckraking. Issues is a weak point for democrats and republicans, because not a single fact supports their position on any issue.


MSM owned by Dems??? Don’t you mean a certain tribe of banksters. Think Jekyll Island and the crew of Rothschild minions. AIPAC and their assorted think tanks control this country. Thus the vitriol when Ilan Omar opens her mouth.

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WaPo the mouthpiece of the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex. They operate a full time gig undermining support for justice and the American way. They are like a little piece of 1984 come to life. And more obvious than ever—They hate us for our freedom.


Reason enough for the entire nation of voters to get behind the Bernie ticket.

Millions upon millions of voters have yet to recognize that we must take a stand against the so obvious evil powers that be. While they try to direct your fear and anger toward Venezuela the true enemy of the nation is right here in plain sight.


I was trying to remember that fairly long-ago banking scandal that I believe involved Sen. John McCain. So I thought I would try to see if Wikipedia had a list of banking scandals I could look through. Well, they didn’t, but I found something almost as good:

The one I was trying to think of was called BCCI…


Glenn Kessler is a propagandist for the neo-conservatives. And without a formal retraction nor an apology, many voters will believe his lies.


As one whose brothers publish newspapers, I cringe when Trump snarls “Fake news!” and the press is “the enemy of the people.”

Yet here we have WaPo’s Glenn Kessler and his sloppy “fact-checking” feature in the newspaper.

Kessler’s trying to keep his boss happy, at our expense.


In order to be a credible fact checker you actually have to check ALL the relevant facts. You can’t cherry pick only the ones that fit your desired narrative. Apparently, Kessler is demonstrating a pattern of not being very good at his job. Maybe he should be replaced.

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Wow! That seemed familiar so I looked it up. The scandal began in the same year I took my first economics course (at age 45!), so I couldn’t have understood much of it then and probably wasn’t paying much attention. It was probably in the early aughts, when it was discovered that the zombie bank that had supposedly been liquidated a decade earlier was found to be still in operation, that I became aware of it. I do remember finding it exceptionally confusing, and now I understand why. Thanks for the memories!


Coming at a time with the president insists that mainstream media is “fake news”, this just fuels that fire and looks bad for ALL media. Shame on Wa-Po!


There has pretty much been a news blackout on Sanders so far. The Biden/Beto bullshit you here from all the “liberal” news outlets is sickening. Sanders is keeping a rather low profile and doing what the voters of Vermont sent him to the Senate for.


Bernie and some of his worthy competitors is on the ballot right now at autonomousdemocracy.org One can change their vote anytime between now and 2020 poll closing.


No. The ones who have subpoena power let them off the hook.


“if they had any shame, they would be ashamed.” This speaks to the beneficaries of neo-liberal capitalist policies, namely the top 10% of the American dreamers…


Problem is every once in a while they publish accurate stories and so you have to really comb through their story and can never take it at face value when they are covering a progressive cause or politician

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