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'Total Failure of Governance' by Trump: Island-Wide Blackout Deepens Puerto Rico Crisis


'Total Failure of Governance' by Trump: Island-Wide Blackout Deepens Puerto Rico Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After struggling for nearly seven months to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid after it was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory experienced an island-wide blackout on Wednesday—its first since the storm struck last September.

As meteorologist Eric Holthaus put it, "This is still a humanitarian emergency."


Round two of the plan to force selling off the island’s assets to Trump and Cos. crony friends. Make the island look like a hopeless basket case that can’t be repaired by public officials and must be put in private hands. This must not be allowed to happen. Keep shining a light on what is really going on here!


Independence is the best route for Porto Rico, such a pretty place can attract tourism


Exactly, that’s the name of the game of loot and plunder of people’s assets paid for with our hard earned income taxes over the decades


While this is true, it’s not because of Trump. It’s because this is exactly how Disaster Capitalism works - and he’s a capitalist with assets on the island.

More worrisome is the privatization of everything that takes place after “natural” disasters. Like many other places, the energy sector and public education are currently primary targets.

Then again, the phrase Disaster Capitalism is really a redundancy since all Capitalism results in a disaster for humankind and the biosphere we call Earth.

But I digress. Yeh, this, like everything else is all about Trump. So when he chokes to death on a Big Mac ala Mama Cass, all will be right in the Universe. aint life simple! Aint life grand!

It certainly is in the trooly weird and infantile place called the United States.

PS: Anybody know what the piece of cake is about? It just appeared.


Good thing their not Americans…no…wait…


It means it’s your anniversary of being a CD commenter, so—Happy Anniversary, Tom. :wink:


I suspect the US military would show up if they went for independence. I’m trying to guess what the super rich want it for. I’ll bet it’s going to be another offshore tax haven.


The wealthy cretins never got over loosing Cuba as their playground and now they aim to gentrify PR. The poor in the remote areas, with the help of environmental activists, can become a model of being off-grid.


Isn’t that the truth!


Sure you don’t mean “sex” haven?. You know for all those molesters, deviants, gropers, etc.?


Cuba, right next door, hit just as hard and having many more people that lost power saw GOVERNMENT workers restore power to their Citizens far more quickly.

I guess this demonstrates the inefficiency in the Cuban system. The workers got the power up and running so quickly they had little to do once it back on line whereas those Private Contracters are WORK WORK Working and still sending in their bills to Government.


Send Elon!


In a parallel universe, almost every building inside the D.C. Beltway was blacked out by a big storm one day. The governors of Maryland and Virginia reported that because of severe budget cuts, power to the D.C. hinterlands might possibly be restored in six months, but don’t be surprised if Georgetown, Tyson’s Corners and maybe the USPTO headquarters stay blacked out much longer than that, because the Corps of Engineers is on a budget and if the job isn’t done after six months the troops are leaving anyways. In any case, rolling blackouts will have to be the norm for a while.

No problem! Move the national capital to Puerto Rico! It’s great down there, no snow to plow, island breezes, affordable laborers for the hotels, etc.


“as well as sweeping loan forgiveness for Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), which even before the storm was plagued by outdated infrastructure and massive amounts of debt.”

“that if PREPA is privatized, the Puerto Rican government will lose an important source of revenue”

so which one is it? An important source of revenue or a Power Authority plagued by massive amounts of debt?

They had someone hit the ground running right after the hurricane to fix the grid (that Montana company), then they started bickering as to why it isn’t someone else. Well, here we are almost 6 months later still no power.


That hit the ground running Private company hired to fix the job did not get a heck of a lot done. They sent in bills for all manner of hours worked , and accomplished little. The same thing happned after Katrina. Contracters billed for tens of thousamds of man hours but repairs proceeded at a glacial pace. It quite obvious why. The more HOURS spent the bigger the bill they send in. More profits.


I’m sure you know we could learn a lot from Cuba, on a lot of subjects.




Katrina and now Maria have demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the USA could give a single fuck about black and brown citizens. (we already knew)

They even allow financial institutions to destroy these citizens through fraud (white citizens too).


That first contractor was kicked out pretty fast. Didn’t even get to start work. It was all political. Looks like whoever they hired after isn’t doing a very good job. Should have stuck with their first choice. Hurricanes happen but the whole electricity fiasco after is Puerto Rico own fault…