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'Total Garbage': Senate GOP's New Trumpcare Even Worse Than Original


'Total Garbage': Senate GOP's New Trumpcare Even Worse Than Original

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As dozens of protestors led by Reverend William Barber crowded the halls of the Capitol and labeled the GOP's healthcare agenda "political murder," Senate Republicans on Thursday unveiled a new version of their Trumpcare plan that one critic mockingly described as "new and improved total garbage."


It’s understood that everything emanating from the Don and his “administration” is profoundly dishonest and immensely destructive.
What’s less understood is why organizations and persons opposed to Don’s madness continue to use the blatantly obvious oxymoron that is “Trumpcare.”


Opponents to the Don’s destructive rampage through our governing bodies from the other side of the aisle, may outwardly show contempt to agree with their constituents, and in reality, be completely disingenuous about that for financial reasons.


Not sure I follow.
Am only suggesting that “Trumpcare” as a descriptor be dropped, across the board.


“The tool we have to fight it” is sold out politicians?


Well, since more Americans are eating real garbage every day, there is a certain logic to giving more of them real garbage healthcare coverage, as well.
Cruz’s low cost policies will cover diarrhea, constipation, kidney failure, food poisoning, liver disease, dysentery, bloating, severe flatulence and some of the cost of having your stomach pumped. No high colonics, though. Oh, you’ll also receive 4 bottles a month of Pepto-Bismol for free. Some socialized medicine for the Democratic Party constituentcies, as a good will gesture, of course.
In 21st Century America," let them garbage " replaces Dear Marie’s historic advice of " let them eat cake ".
" Is this a great country, or what? " Bill Blazejowski


Seems OBVIOUS - corporations figure that catapulting a noxious, toxic tax break for the already wealthy (and disguise it as “healthcare”), OVER AND OVER, will wear down We the People’s revulsion? Such an overt display of vulgar disdain for us working people! We the People should just shut-up and take it? Really? These corporations act more like “the mob” of the thirties through sixties. If we’re not pissed, yet, we’re not alive! lol


And this is what millions of Americans voted for; they wanted to drain the swamp-right down their throats


Trillions for the Pentagon to control the poppies and Iraq oil and Africa’s oil and chemically bombing totally defenseless kids and their homes is perfect with Republicans but much less to heal the sick, the feeble, the terminally ill, the disabled, elderly and poor is communism. You can’t cure evil. The overwhelming majority of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid is given to poor people who give it immediatly back to rich people in hospitals, grocers, utility companies, pharmacies so this is a moral quandry. There is plenty of money. The question is who gets it and what does One Nation Under God do with it. Well, we bomb little girls, overthrow nations, install murdering dictators who buy more American arms who bank their tax free war profits in Switzerland and bribe Senators and the World Bank of International Settlements launders every last bloody illegal cent. The Democratic Party is dead. Not a peep from the Rockefellers. What will become of liberals and how do we save the wreckage seems the question of the day. Usually a leader emerges to unite America and the world. Then the FBI, CIA, Army Intellligence, NSA, mafia, Memphis Police, L.A.P.D., N.Y.P.D., Dallas Police or a combination thereof conspire to assassinate them and it is done. John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, MLK, Lennon. They missed Bob Marley but he died with a slug from the attack in his arm. bang. We currently have a one party system like a drunk frat, hell night on LSD. I have a hunch it is going to get much much worse before it gets better. Desperate people do desperate things. peace.


Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about what is going on, he has shown that. However, you are correct, their opposition to him is pathetic. They should all be doing what Sanders is doing but if they did, they’d look silly and it would come across as forced, because they don’t care as much as he does and we all know it. The Democrats don’t stand for anything, besides Russia, Russia, Russia and we’re not Trump. If that is good enough, cool, they’ll get some votes. If not, eh, they’ll get rich with a lobbying gig anyway. The quality of people in government is as poor as it can get.


No, this bill is unpopular across the ideological spectrum and working people are increasingly moving in the other direction on this issue. That is what makes this so shocking. If anything, it just shows that we no longer even have the appearance of being a democracy, or a democratic republic. The people in power do not care about having government policy even somewhat align with popular opinion, and given how destructive their policies are, that is going to cause a rupture down the road. This will be a perfect example as to why we need single payer. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people like Sanders with in positions of power that care enough to do anything about it, but who knows. Maybe the carnage and the outrage that will follow will bring forth new converts. We’ll see.


Under this latest version of “Lets Kill a Few Thousand Americans”, millions will be sucked into paying for “bare bones” insurance policies that they will learn, to their dismay, do not cover their medical care needs. And allowing - at the time - healthy young people to opt out of policies that would cover the general population, including those with health care issues, would dramatically raise the price for those who do not elect bare bones policies. This violates the basic principal of any insurance system - that there will be some paying into the pool who use less benefits and some who use more. That’s the way insurance has always worked. Separating out the ones who use more benefits will make their premiums skyrocket. And the Republican Senators who drafted this mess damn well know that will happen. And saying that possibly 15 million Americans would lose go uninsured rather than 22 million is ridiculous. Is it acceptable that maybe 20,000 will die rather than 34,000? Hell no!


This is what you do when your game plan is failing…punt.


You notice that they aren’t getting away with it. The Repubs counted on a free ride but they saw that they were about to crash and burn. McConnell went back to the drawing board while pretending that their easy ride hadn’t gone down in flames. Repub Wealthcare instead of healthcare attempt #2. Repubs stare at the cameras wearing their poker faces because they know that they have the losing hand.

America has woken up and oligarchy is going down. Democracy matters! Somebody tell the Repubs. Democracy matters!


The privileged upper-half of society, the 51% most wealthy, the voting majority, they have always owned all the land, wealth and political power, now they own all the healthcare and there is no way that butcher medicine can be corrected without suffering a sever loss in profit.

And as the lower-half of society is impoverished, a full 165 million so poor they cannot afford the copay required to gain any benefit from TrumpCare, when this all goes public if we are not organized the oppression will be brutal.


Don’t forget, the chit McConnell cashed by holding off Garland is another hard right vote on the Supreme Court, one without Scalia’s libertarian streak. I urge you to read about the Taft Court if you want to understand what that did to progressive initiatives in the 1920s. State based minimum wage laws, work hours laws, and pro-union laws that progressives passed in the Roosevelt and Wilson years, all got wrecked. We need Democrats to win the Senate in 2018, in a tough roundup of deep red states, to prevent real disaster, assuming Kennedy stays on through then. Otherwise, we are going to be a long way from the oligarchy going anywhere.


We will see; all I do know is the people I talk to are still all “ga-ga” crazy about this snake oil salesman and his band of cutthroat mischief-makers. They could lose their shirts but still are so proud of their White Boy in the White House


The stonewalling by Repubs preventing a hearing on the nomination of Garland, was in fact both the test case and the prize winner at the same time. The Repubs saw that they could prevent democracy by using technicalities. They tested whether they would be able to get away with not representing the people and doing what they wanted instead. For them denying Garland a hearing and then appointing Gorsuch ( a very young man ) to the court was actually the whole ball game. It was only the corruption of the old guard Dems that let the Repubs shoot for more. Had they gotten only Gorsuch to the court, they would have been quite happy with just that. Gorsuch represents the right wing deepest desires >>> the ability to prevent liberal laws, bills, initiatives and whathaveyou by declaring them unconstitutional (and to keep doing so for decades as Gorsuch is young).

Much to the Republican clown car’s surprise, one of them actually got himself elected! The Repubs went overboard in an excess of conservative greed and now they have stalled. McConnell assumed the mantle of the dark lord and tried to Darth Vader Obamacare. He thought that since they held all the cards that destroying Obamacare would be easy. Except that the voters actually said no! Much to the Repubs surprise, they found themselves facing angry voters! They figured that with Trump to take the heat that it would go through. It didn’t? Now it failed again! The Repubs are realizing that they went too far too fast. It turned out that the voters still matter!

Meanwhile, Trump being president even bugs them! Lol.


One of the main problems is that We the People apparently don’t understand the “rationale” behind the 0.01%, even when you read some of their pundits.

  • I watched an interview with Rockefeller some time ago and he spoke of moneymaking, etc., but the last thing he said was, “Our main problem is population. We have to figure out how to get rid of six billion people, they’re using too much of our resources.”
  • To them, we have no value other than labor at the lowest possible wage, and purchasing junk which they have been made to feel they can’t live without, by going deeper in credit card debt.
  • To them, we are disposable. You hire a person at the lowest possible wage, work him/her until they are worn out or become sick, then you throw them away and hire someone else to do it again.
  • To them, Social Security, Workmen’s Comp., Health Care, Retirement Plans, homes are just a waste of money. If they are worn out or sick, they are of no use. Throw 'em away and hire some more. Elderly? Let 'em live on the streets, they won’t last long.
  • And these are people who look upon a millionaire as a loser, unless he/she is a multimillionaire who is getting close to a billion.
  • And these are the people who are supposed to be our leaders. These are the people that commit wars around the world, governed by the profit and loss sheets, and in war there is rarely a monetary loss, and cannonfodder is expendable as are their targets amongst the poor nations we rape and pillage of their resources, and exploit their poverty-stricken for really cheap labor, making designer shirts, etc. for pennies, to be sold in the US for forty to sixty dollars or more each.
  • Until We the People of the World (including the US Fourth Reich), wake up and recognize this situation, and take means to change it, we shall continue to slide into the abyss and the rich will take, take, take until there is no more.


Down with the 51%! We are the 49%!