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Total Solar Eclipse Awes Onlookers Across United States


Total Solar Eclipse Awes Onlookers Across United States

Common Dreams staff

People across the United States are looking toward the sky on Monday as a rare total solar eclipses occurs from coast to coast.

Watch NASA's live feed on PBS:

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Oregon’s weather was nearly perfect. Snuck out of work to watch. Pretty amazing, that’s two for me!


2 for me too. Got 99.2% of this one from Portland. Was in Chico, Calif. for the Feb. 1979 eclipse.


Great, clear viewing in Corvallis as well.

The Totality was better than all the hype.

Truly amazing.


I hide in my closet for a few hours so the devil couldn’t take my soul;-) I’m Calli so no big deal 2 thumbs up to you north of me catching it.


Ah, home of Sierra Nevada Brewing. I’m so hoppy for you.


I didn’t go for the total, but I was awed nonetheless.


My Dad wanted to know, what happens to the neighborhood dogs? If they look at the sun during the eclipse, will they go blind? What about the other animals in the wild? Will birds or squirrels go blind? I listened/watched coverage on YouTube which had live coverage on NASA channel. They never answered this question…


I’ve never known animals to be inclined to look directly at the sun. But I’ve been thinking since I came in from watching my crescents that the reason it doesn’t have to be a perfectly round lens to project the image is that the sun is SO bright, and the shadow SO dark.

And of course, when we’ve been told something spectacular is going on up there, we humans are never going to settle for just glancing. If you want to test it, go ahead, but my bed and bedroom face northeast, and I can tell you that when I open my eyes of a morning directly into the sun coming through between the leaves of my poplar tree, I have a shadow on my vision for most of the morning.


My friends in Idaho Falls reported that all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. My dog remained completely though. The total eclipse provoked total silence in the Bridger Teton National Forest though, anyway where I was about 35 miles SE of Jackson. Nature is generally quiet, but not silent–eery. The silence didn’t last long as unseen, nearby, humans started whooping it up. My husband and I toasted the universe for it’s beauty and mystery, and we toasted ourselves for having the good sense to play hooky, so we could commune with nature during this phenomenon.


Read Clint Werner’s account (below) on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning decided to drive 600 miles to White Cloud Kansas, 100%.

  • 20 minutes till, 60% cloud coverage and light rain.
  • 15 min. till the people next to me packed up their camera tripods and gear, leaving in disappointment.

Then, at just the right moment, about 10 seconds into the twilight shroud, the clouds parted as if by instruction, and there it was in all its mystery.

The eclipse and also, due to my vantage point, the 360 degree sunset was the most unreal, psychedelic, other-worldly event in my life. Beyond all words.