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Total Surprise! People Love the Left's Ideas for Progress


Total Surprise! People Love the Left's Ideas for Progress

Thomas S. Harrington

I just can't believe what happened in the British elections.

I can't get over the fact that that when a politician with real convictions honed over 40 years of political life—generous and forward-looking convictions rooted in an understanding of how social progress for the many has actually been engineered in previous times—speaks out unencumbered by fraidy-cat image doctors, people actually respond enthusiastically.

It’s shocking, absolutely shocking.

Why am I so confused?


Consumer Reports can tell us which toasters and which cars are more reliable than others. Someone should really do the same for pundits.


"...for Thirty Years the brilliant people at the NYT, NPR, PBS, ...have told me that Candidates from ...the Democratic Party must always be oh-so-careful not to veer Too Far Left in...policy...and to not go too Outside the Mainstream."

The Times has been infiltrated by the CIA since the '50's.

NPR and PBS News use Corporate Framing.


LOL! Thanks for the downright jovial deployment of sarcasm. Too bad some are in too rigid a frame of mind to enjoy it, or even get it...


Brilliant Essay!


Yeah dawg, F Venezuela. Their leaders had the audacity to try to make things better for the common man. How dare they! I'm so glad we live in a country whose main focus is to make the elites fat and happy!



Spot on, succinct, and funny!


God it feels good!


That was actually...funny, Thomas!

And listening to your well educated talking heads, there are few opportunities to laugh as they deliver their tightly scripted soundbites explaining why we must keep our perception of political limitation high, and our discontent, hope and expectation very, very low.


Well of course the establishment is going to tell you that the Left is irrelevant so as to keep the people in the dark about issues that actually will help them in their daily lives.


Apples and oranges. The USA can afford to do anything within the political will, without taxing or borrowing. The dollar, based upon nothing more than faith in the USG, is still the default exchange currency of the world. Banks are authorized to create as many dollars as they choose through fractional reserve lending. If government debt grows too big, there's always Quantitative Easing. If the government chose to appease popular will instead of big campaign donors, it would actually stabilize the dollar by enhancing faith in government.




You shouldn't try to speak for everyone, because I've been reading about Venezuela in leftist media. My guess is that you don't read the same things that I do.


Actually, the elites fought against Chavez tooth and nail. You may recall the very short-lived coup against him? You should read about who was behind that coup. Hint: it wasn't the working class.


Wow, if you think that's what happened under Chavez then you've really no idea at all what you're talking about. You might want to look at all the capitalist businesses that operate in Venezuela before spouting such nonsensical propaganda. The long and the short of it is that Venezuela doesn't have a command economy and never did.


You seem to have absolutely no idea at all of what Chavez's plan was, or you're intentionally misrepresenting it. Either way, your point isn't grounded in reality, and having open elections is a strange way to be a dictator.


Yup - the most important party in the coup was the major right-wing Fox-like Venezuelan media outlet RCTV - yet their own punishment was non-renewal of some broadcast licenses. The Venezuelan media is dominated right now by the equivalent of Breitbart News spreading total falsehoods against the government. So the Venezuelan media looks to be very, very "free" to me - than is "free" US free-market style - i.e. free speech is bought at the going market price. Cant afford your won free speech? Tough!


Howling, there is massive support for democratic-socialism ---- well over 55% of Americans would vote for it if they could --- and that 55 to 60% would include a very high number of the Americans who have given up voting entirely, but would vote again if they trusted that a democratic-socialist candidate would keep his/her word and bring real socialism to this cancerous and disguised, global, crony-capitalist EMPIRE only 'posing' as faux-democracy.


That is sooooo perfectly stated!
Thank you!