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'Totally Disqualifying': Demands for Kavanaugh to Withdraw After Letter Details Alleged Sexual Assault


Hands feeling a little tiny? IQ a little low?



Didn’t realize rape was hyjinx. I pray you have no daughters.


Four million didn’t die in Puerto Rico. Tell me again about your man, tRump Dump.


So you believe an allegation from 40 years ago, made at the last possible moment, ignoring several other intense personal history probes in previous confirmation hearings by an anonymous writer who insists her identity under no circumstances be revealed over 65! women who came forward to speak for this man?

I know, what a stupid question. If the narrative harms a white, Christian conservative, why of course it’s true.


Coherence counts especially when you’re trying to be snarky.


There was no mention of rape in the article.


A last minute anonymous accusation shows just how much of a desperate hail Mary pass this is by the Dems. The constant interruptions and hysterical screeching by paid protesters didn’t work, and no one was able to pin Kavanaugh down on anything substantial during the hearings. So, we get this tired old tactic to smear Kavanaugh’s character. They had to go all the way back to when he was a minor because his public record as an adult doesn’t contain a hint of sexual misconduct.


HI goldcrown50:
I love crows, they are so intelligent. It would be better to compare Trump, Kavanaugh, and Thomas to dung beetles. They roll up dung into balls and just keep rolling. along : )


I didn’t know crows were more intelligent than Trump & Kavanaugh. I just learned something new.


Hi goldcrown50:
Yes crows have excellent MEMORIES----the 2 dudes, Trump and that Kavanaugh guy ? Naugh------ 2 really bad memories there. : )


I don’t belittle sexual assault on anybody, being a survivor from age 9. I do wonder why—after auctioning off the broadcast spectrum, bombing the Balkans, shredding the social safety net and giving the banksters a get-out-of-jail-free card, among other travesties—Bill Clinton was finally impeached for lying about his dalliance with an intern. It speaks to something unhealthy about us as a culture, and is a subject worthy of examination in depth.


He was impeached for lying to a grand jury-it’s called perjury.


…of which Kavanaugh is demonstrably guilty. What’s your point, if you have one?


Prove it…oh wait, your ideology has got you by the ballz…my mistake, no chance of an honest assessment.

Typical REgressive MO.


And don’t forget that Trump has vouched for Kavanaugh – !!!

The self-acknowledge “pussy grabber” vouching for a likely rapist –

Two perverts on the SC –

the earlier on put there by then Sen. Joe Biden (D)


Yes I do.