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'Totally Under Control': New, Secretly-Filmed Documentary Details Trump's Colossal Covid-19 Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/totally-under-control-new-secretly-filmed-documentary-details-trumps-colossal-covid


Gibney is a fantastic documentarian at the level of Michael Moore, and I’m sure this movie is a revelation.
The media, especially authors, moviemakers and true investigative journalists, have given us all the information we need to know that Trump is the most destructive and dangerous criminal traitor ever to be president.
He’s a cancer eating away at our country.


Agreed!!! Can’t wait to see it.


A way must be found to show this to Trump’s fanatical supporters. How about free and outdoors where it would be safer and where people can wear masks.


They won’t believe anything in it.


They won’t understand
Their depth is only surface
While we think and act based upon a trained core,
They react to surface pandering
Furthermore they Don’t Know Depth
They SEE only the mirror level

Not the perverse inner core

Telling you, I’ve tried
No sabe


If this article is true, why are so many scientists and physicians censored? Censorship is rampant. Why? Why is this the first time in USA history that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Beliefs is denied. Why do you not hear two sides to this disease? Why do you not hear about the countries who did not shut down, like Sweden. Cases are meaningless because 80% of those who test positive are asymtomatic? Dr Carrie Mullis, who devised the PCR test being used said unequivocally that it should never be used for diagnosis…not only is it used for diagnosis, it is used to quarantine healthy people, cause 60+% of our restaurants to close. Wake up people. Fauci played the same game with HIV/AIDS. Why is there so much censorship denying our right to hear the opinions of many scientists and physicians? Read "The Invention of the AIDS Virus. by Dr Peter Duesberg. I read it when it was first released back in the nineties. Magic Johnson has had HIV for years and he has refused AZT, the AIDS medicine and has Never developed AIDS.

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Just offer Free, All-You-Can-Drink Bud Light on tap.


“Safer” - with that lot around?

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We are not Donald, therefore we do not have inherent value and can be used to make Donald more - of everything that is Donald.

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Take your crackpot science denialism and stick up your nose. Magic Johnson certainly does take AZT and other antiretroviral drugs. Clip below from this link:


Magic Johnson is literally a poster image for HIV treatments. He has been on antiretroviral drugs for at least 10 years. He has remained so healthy on antiretrovirals that many have mistakenly thought that Magic Johnson’s HIV infection is cured. Of course, he is not cured. But like countless others who receive HIV treatments, Magic Johnson is managing his HIV infection and he is thriving.

So what do the AIDS Deniers say about the successful treatment of Magic Johnson?

They deny it, of course.

Some AIDS Deniers say Magic is not HIV+.
Some AIDS Deniers say Magic is HIV+ but he is lying about being treated.
Other AIDS Deniers say Magic is being treated but not with AZT. For example, Peter Duesberg alleges, Magic Johnson only took AZT briefly but then discontinued using it, and that is why he is healthy.

Magic Johnson has been on combination ‘drug cocktails’ that include AZT. He in fact has taken and promotes the drug Combivir that combines AZT with another antiretroviral. Magic Johnson is thriving on HIV treatments.


Presidunce Covidiot seriously needs to be imprisoned for first degree murder (he told Woodward in JANUARY how deadly it was, but he did NOTHING – that is premeditated murder)! He also needs to be tried/convicted/imprisoned for crimes against humanity. He is a RETARDED, selfish waste of breathable air and should be drowned at the bottom of that swamp he promised to get rid of!


Normally I don’t get into political correctness, but every mentally retarded person I’ve ever met, and in my career it was daily, were decent human beings. Now, if the word sociopathic is used to describe Trump, BINGO!!!
As for the rest, I’d love one of two things. First, his morbidly obese corpulent body swinging from a gibbet at The Hague for genocide. Second, running naked in the Alaska wilderness being hunted by Indigenous peoples. The third thing I cannot post, but I’m sure everyone is thinking about it if they’ve ever hunted…
We need to place every elected official in the House and Senate and every cabinet member on notice that they, too, are responsible for these deaths and continued residuals from C-19. And we will apply to the UN to have them arraigned for crimes against humanity, arrested, and tried at The Hague. Let the world know we’re mad as hell and refuse to take it anymore. And that we want all US war actions stopped STAT.
Meanwhile, fucky-fuck Trump!


Nah, most of them like Pabst Blue Ribbon. Also, throw in some free nachos.

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Here’s the text of a very positive review of the film from Rolling Stone:
Alex Gibney, Suzanne Hillinger, and Ophelia Harutyunyan’s new Covid-19 documentary, Totally Under Control, began production in April in secret, while the three directors worked remotely from Maine and New York. (The documentary is now streaming online.) Until recently, the movie’s final cut was almost completely to-the-minute regarding the pandemic’s progress, or at least as much as could be expected from a project being made practically live, in the moment. Its currentness is meant to imply a level of journalistic credibility and thoroughness, a point made clear early on when the movie asserts that 200,000 people in the U.S. have died from coronavirus so far — news as of only late last month.

Biology is inconvenient, however, and changes in narrative minutiae can be swift. Only a day after the film’s completion, President Donald Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. It’s crass to call this a plot twist (and shouldn’t plot twists come as a total surprise?), but if you’re in the business of Gibney-style procedural breakdowns that play like linear précis of very hot, very recent news, there really is no other word. The news was obviously relevant enough to the arc of this movie that, as the directorial trio recently told the Los Angeles Times, it demanded some thinking on their end as to how, or even whether, to update it. They did: a not-unironic closing title announcing the president’s diagnosis now closes the movie.

But even that narrative quickly transformed, as more people from the White House and among Republican ranks announced that they too had tested positive, and word got out about the whereabouts of everyone involved, the cavalier lack of precautions taken in the White House proper, and on and on. The risk of trying to tell a story that’s still live and fuming, mutating as the virus itself apparently mutates — and as messaging from the CDC, the White House, and every other public authority whose choices impact our lives, has mutated and shifted over the course of the pandemic.

Totally Under Control — the title itself is ripped straight from Trump’s mouth and accordingly meant to have bite — is clearly a film made with all of this in mind. The slipperiness of the White House’s attitude toward the pandemic, the errors made by state politicians and, unfortunately, even health authorities (such as the CDC’s contaminated test kits), the shifting understandings of the virus by the embattled scientific community: All of this has been in flux. All of this has only contributed to an ongoing state of instability.

Yet instability and utter unrest aren’t what characterize the documentary, which in trademark Gibney style is neatly organized and full of authoritative voices, a combination of play-by-play and well-sourced editorializing. It’s about two hours long and moves through its story by marking time, down to the date: January 20, the day that the first patients in both America and South Korea tested positive, gets labelled a “day of reckoning.” Everything goes downhill from here.

And per the movie, it all proceeds precisely according to that national split, with the vastly different bureaucratic responses of American and South Korean authorities getting narrated alongside each other for comparison’s sake. One nation leaned on its scientists, deployed early, frequent testing, and found ways to contain the spread of the pandemic while studying and monitoring it closely. The other nation was America. One country took hard-won lessons from the recent MERS pandemic and reformed its approach to future pandemics; the other, with the Obama-era Ebola outbreak and subsequently criticized response in its rear view, took precautions against a future pandemic … only for that playbook to be thrown out of the window with the next administration. Both had a chance for course correction. One — not America — took that chance.

Totally Under Control relies on news footage, interviews with journalists, scientists, and medical authorities, and much of the rest of the by-now-familiar imagery of the pandemic (videos of anti-maskers and New York’s empty streets, clips from Trump rallies and press engagements featuring the likes of Dr. Fauci) to lay out what went wrong in the USA’s pandemic response. Its main thrust is that it didn’t have to be this way. The arc of the our country’s battle with the pandemic is narrated thusly: scientists at the CDC and beyond were the canaries in the coal mine, people ringing the alarm early and often. They were also making pronouncements which, for as unimaginable as they seemed in February or even the shutdown-heavy month of March, have more or less played out as expected, even as the virus itself and its effect on the infected still proved unpredictable.

An essential example of this is the February alarm sounded by Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the CDC. By this time, models had already suggested that there were thousands of cases in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York in February. In a press briefing on February 25, Messonnier predicted, very early on, the measures that have now become everyday life: The community spread would affect the US, schools that have to go virtual, mass gatherings would be cancelled, our everyday lives would be disrupted, and so on. Such panic-inducing assessments far out of line with what the public, at that point, had been told so far. Remember when this all seemed impossible? (I don’t either. It’s been so long.) At any rate, its now obvious that her statements were not the message the White House wanted to get out into the world. Messonnier paid accordingly, being pushed to the background and no longer being considered the face of the CDC. It would be the beginning of what would become a whittling-down of scientists giving the first word on the pandemic. The damage was done, however: among other things, the stock market tanked. And this — not the death toll, not our lives, but “the economy” in the abstract — would, the documentary argues, prove crucial to Trump’s response.

There’s no reason to obscure the fact that Totally Under Control has the election on its mind. Certainly the picture it paints doesn’t obscure this. The care taken to detail America’s failure to curb the mounting infections, deaths, and job losses and ripped-bare inequities at the heart of this ongoing disaster is haunted by the specter of Trump’s potential second term. Even as the doc takes care to detail errors of the Obama era, too — the mishandling of H1N1 vaccines, and so on — the fear at the core of this work is that we will only continue to go downhill from here. The cold calculation of Trump’s response proves genuinely chilling. The argument is that the sitting president’s main ticket to reelection — if we ignore the red-hot poker that the president has been jabbing at the ass of our country’s broader social ills since Obama’s presidency — is the strength of the economy. Thus the movie issues frequent, pointed reminders of how much our lives, in this moment, would seem to depend on the economy’s appearance of good health. The better it looks, the less responsibly Trump acts, resulting in the worse for the rest of us. His claim early on was that the Democrats “politicized” the virus, and that it was all a hoax in line with the Russia scandal, the sexual assault allegations, and every other go-nowhere attempt to call his power into question.

The film ends with a grim promise: There will be more pandemics. There will be more disasters akin to the West Coast wildfires and other climate disasters. There will be more crises for which the government is, from the looks of things, willfully unprepared. But why should that be? And — just as urgently — what about the rest of us? For its appreciable rundown of the pandemic to date, the film hits a hard limit when it comes to really sussing out the undercurrents, the things which, though related to Trump, hardly begin and will certainly not end there should he be voted out. The film keeps its nose so tight to the ground of its procedural story that it takes for granted the things that scientists aren’t necessarily in a position to tell us about ourselves.

You wouldn’t know from this project, for example, that blind faith in the free market and a distrust of scientific authority were American problems, and not just problems of Trump’s administration. The sense of how citizens take the bone of misinformation and run with it is minimized; so is the role we play as the superspreaders — and victims — of the distrust sewn up top. But this, too, is the story, one that feels both completely germane to the outcomes outlined here and also, somehow, neatly extricable from this story as the filmmakers want to tell it.

Totally Under Control is very much in control: It makes the whole of this crisis feel explicable. That proves frustrating. With the tragedy of the pandemic still ongoing, and thus still fresh, it also proves gratingly impersonal. The movie’s anger is subdued in favor of a passion for fact, clarification, and linear pathways of blame — weapons against which Trump remains impervious, it seems, for reasons that are also germane to this story. That isn’t to say that we’ll learn nothing from this documentary, nor that it has no value. But its instincts feel outdated in the Trump era. It’s a fine placeholder for a real reckoning, a nicely-plated appetizer, a studious demonstration of how to read, collate, and repackage the news. Now all we need is to tell the actual story, which is to say, the human one.


Long read. Thank you.
But , america already knows everything. The ones who should watch the movie are the ones who won’t. They are afraid. Never thought so many would be afraid of facts.


Really at this point less of a failure than epic crime against humanity. The ruling class have mostly enabled the whole fiasco in support of capitalism.

Industries should have been nationalized in the first month to create PPE in epic scales.

A massive infrastructure plan including what is REALLY ESSENTIAL and how to implement it should have been in place by month 2. We should have undergone a real lockdown. Instead of dumping literally trillions of dollars on those entities who don’t really need it, that money should have gone into the pockets of citizens forced to lock down.

Instead more than a hundred and twenty thousand lives have been snuffed out, and untold thousands will suffer long term effects from successful recoveries.

How is this not a Nuremberg worth crime?


governor cuomo has a book deal.
this documentary requires me to pay to watch it.
If this is an October surprise play, it fails.
every citizen darn well knows that trump himself and his
fourth rate staffers have caused approx 70% of our deaths so far.

governors opening bars, beaches and restaurants too early also have
too much responsibility and share blame.

We can save 150,000 lives by by Feb. 1, 2021 - going to 95% wearing masks, keeping distance and washing hands.

Today, we were told to plan Thanksgiving family dinner OUTSIDE.

And I have constantly wrote that outside air is healthier than inside air.
Schools require masks but do not have distancing and new cases are everyday.

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“Death Rates in the U.S. During Pandemic Far Higher than in Other Countries” is an article today at NPR news. The New York Times today reports 266,000 “excess deaths in 2020” about 23% higher than the official 216,000 deaths. Worldometer (dot) info, Corona Virus, shows U.S. deaths at 669 / million, the 3rd highest in world excluding 5 South American countries. If we’d done as well as Japan we’d have only 4,200 deaths instead of 216,000. If we’d matched Canada there would have been 82,000, not 216,000, if we’d matched Australia we’d have 11,300. If we reach 300,000 excess deaths by Jan 1, 2021, that will be about 10% excess deaths for the year. New York City, the CDC shows, had 9 times expected deaths in the week of April 11. Vietnam had almost no deaths in a nation of almost 100 million, their epidemiological team was led by U.S. CDC employees. The U.S. had the experts, they were side-lined, put on hold for about 6 weeks, Feb. 1 to March 13, a clear case of Trump’s ineptitude. My blog: Economics Without Greed, Part Two.


Those that are still in denial about COVID continue to insist it no deadlier then the common flu and or that people dying from other causes are being labeled as COVID deaths just as a political stunt.

They do not understand what excess death counts are and when those described to them so as to show them those deaths are indeed COVID related and they much higher then a normal flu , they tune out.

Now one of the Countries that has handled COVID the best is New Zealand. Where other Countries showed a dramatic spike in excess deaths from march of 2020 on, New Zealand saw little to no change in excess deaths.

No matter how they try to spin it in the USA this is on Trump and how the health care system approached this. It was claimed to be the Country most prepared for a pandemic so the richest Country in the world can not claim a lack of resources or that it caught them off guard. It incompetence .