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Touché. 'Crazy Bernie' Calls Trump 'A Racist, a Sexist, a Xenophobe and a Fraud'


Touché. 'Crazy Bernie' Calls Trump 'A Racist, a Sexist, a Xenophobe and a Fraud'

Common Dreams staff

A day after Bernie Sanders officially announced his 2020 presidential bid, he offered President Donald Trump a taste of how he might handle the insulter-in-chief on Wednesday morning after the president referred to the senator as "Crazy Bernie"—not the first time he's used the pejorative nickname.



It is beginning to look an awful lot like Trump will NOT be the Rep candidate in 2020.



I think most of us are hoping he will be in a place with bars and not the one where they serve drinks. I’m sure the way he talks back all the time he will be in solitary much of the time.



Every day Trump shows what a great man he is not. Great leaders welcome challengers, welcome the debate, the issues. Great leaders encourage, inspire and unite people to do great things. Trump has none of those characteristics and the nation will suffer as long as we live under his failed leadership.



Bernie’s passion and sincere work for “the people” demonstrates that he is qualified for the top position in government. But he does need a female running mate.



The evil entity posing as president is an disturbed wad of malice and criminal mental illness - a “malignant narcissist” who attacks all others that criticize his actions by preference, with zero ability to distinguish truth from his fiction/fantasy world, right-from wrong, morality from evil or the Common Good from his preference of common greed.

Bernie Sanders knows the instability of the enemy of the nation, and his co-conspirators greed and criminal self-interest… .



I think Bernie needs a political theme song and I suggest he use the song Crazy.



It’s going to be an extreme embarrassment for this country to have a past president either impeached or in jail. Trump will survive a long while through extended litigation, so ley’s not get out the party hats just yet.
Bernie has to give as much as he gets.
Advice: Bernie, go high when they go low.
John Lennon: “All I want is some truth, just gimme me some truth.”



ANY female running mate? I can name one at least who would constitute a deal-breaker.



Your right.
I don’t see any way that democratic women will accept having two men on the ticket. It should also be a young woman. Tulsi would bring in a lot of women and young people if she were Bernie’s running mate.

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Not Harris as some said “Lock um up Harris” She is the worst.

Not Elizabeth unless she take speech lessons, her voice is shrill especially when excited.

Not AOC she needs to stay where she is to do the best work and also she needs more political experience but I do love her.

How about Angela Davis ? Just joking but I love her too even though she is so educated she sound like a Brahman. I’ve loved her since the 60s. Such a brave woman who knew what she needed to do.

I like Michelle Alexander for her knowledge and wonderful “centered” demeanor,

Cynthia McKinney for her strength and politics, Nina Turner has a lot of energy and drive but I am not familiar with her history. Amy Goodwin, nah she is the wrong skin color. Tulsi maybe?

Oh I do not know. What is your choice?



It’s a great song, but I’m not sure about as a theme song for Bernie. I’ll let others judge for themselves. Everyone should have the joy of knowing this classic:



Thanks for the video, but I was being facetious only because of Trump calling Bernie " CRAZY BERNIE".



I know, it’s just that I am Crazy about that song.

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Exactly. Heaven forbid our genteel Members of Congress actually use the word “fraud.” Come now, have you no respect for the office of the presidency? Thank you Bernie, for stating what we all know (well, except for Congress and the Courts).



Right, and it’s so interesting that even with all of this out front, The Owners (with the vast assistance of Congress) leave him in place so he can continue to “deconstruct the administrative state” (as Bannon advised would take place, back in February 2017…um, two years ago).

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Trump is lucky that he won’t be imprisoned or deported.



Adulterer, should be added to the list of adjectives describing donald dumpfuck.



I think you might be on the right track, no pun intended, because of age. Most people, including the young are likely to have heard some of the Beatle tunes, and that would course all the way back to the boomers, at least.
Otherwise two songs, one older and one newer.
Like the man running the barge in Josey Wales who would sing The Battle Hymn when Union soldiers were there, and Dixie when it was the Confederates.

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Let’s all commit to every time Trump calls a politician a derogatory name, we all respond in kind, to the Resident of the White House with calling him, "Traitor Trump."