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Touché. 'Crazy Bernie' Calls Trump 'A Racist, a Sexist, a Xenophobe and a Fraud'


What do you think about a Bernie theme song. Fleetwood Mac’s already been used.
Michael Jackson is about in the middle of young and old. Just for reference.


How about Ron Caron creating one for Bernie and when his running mate is chosen a new one can be created.


So, they caught an angry right-wing hate monger. It will be interesting to find out what, who ,or where he became murderous. I don’t want to blame the pres or Fox unless it was them directly. If it’s Fox it’s time to shut down their lying machine What’s next.


that was a mistake as I was thinking of a different parody type song writer


Bernie pretty much always goes high


Great song, Great artist - NOT a good theme song for Bernie.


I tossed this around in my old brain-pan for more than a little while. What could be Bernie’s theme song?

Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, nah.

The Beatles Come Together, nah.

How about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man?

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Smooth enough to carry a good sized block of time. Has drive without being overwhelming. Gentle to the ears, but strong enough to carry the weight.
And for Bernie the words are a good fit.
I think you nailed it. Sign my name next to yours on the suggestion letter you send.
By the time they scan it the campaign will need it.
As a donation pitch they could offer a bumper sticker and a lyric sheet for the song.

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Good ideas!
Here’s mine, apt then and still is:

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Great song, but does it have enough energy for a campaign song?


No, probably not! Just submitted it because I am once again inspired.

Maybe “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the Who!

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How about Crazy Train. It certainly has energy
And it kind of describes his (and my) relationship with the DNC



As embarrassing as having trump as president? I think the only truly positive thing that can come from this presidency is complete repudiation of everything this puke stands for and that includes locking the big orange turd in a federal penitentiary. Maybe he can share a cell with el Chapo. Or the chupacabra.

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What Sanders doesn’t seem to understand is that Trump and his followers view “racist” and “sexist” as badges of honor, and they think Trump is their fraud, being fraudulent on their behalf in order to “own the libs.” Trump has successfully misdirected their anger away from people like him, who are exactly the real reason they should be upset, and towards women and minorities.

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My two cents from the great artist Iris DeMent…maybe too strong, but sure fits the bill of today’s political/social rot and corruption…and Iris released this song in 1996!

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Winona LaDuke? Jill Stein? Anybody but Rottenhams.


Along with simple man, they could alternate at different venues with “Simple Man,” and “Call me the Breeze.”


Berningforever1620’s----“Won’t get fooled again” is another good choice. imho.
DeMent sounds good too.

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I voted for Jill and sure wish that she did better. She has a wonderful presence and of course her ideas are right on the mark. For most of my voting years I’ve voted third party even when Angela was on the ballot as a communist ? All those years sigh ! instead of our world improving in a civil and human sense politics and policies have turned our world upside on it’s side due to the control by IMF, WB and etc.
Winona is pretty sharp but has no political fame. ie no one knows her. I just sent my contribution in for Tulsi I like what she has to say and would like to see how she can stir up the others during a debate should that ever happen.