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Tough Guy Sessions: Shameful and Stupid on Street Crime, Soft on Corporate Crime


Tough Guy Sessions: Shameful and Stupid on Street Crime, Soft on Corporate Crime

Robert Weissman

Tough Guy Attorney General Jeff Session has announced that federal prosecutors will charge low-level drug offenders and others with the most serious crimes possible, despite overwhelming evidence and a bipartisan agreement that this approach is racially discriminatory and counterproductive.


Question -- What makes Sessions different from any other republican? He is just the latest manifestation of a republican legal system that establishes tiers of justice -- law for the lowly, no law for the rich. Sessions, like any republican, is an abomination.


No comment on the crap "bi-partisan" Democratic involvement in this. It's been the American way--gotta fill those beds to make a profit!


One might as well ask >>> if only the oligarchs would be fair!

Sessions is only being open about being unfair. I imagine in his mind that is him being traditional?


White Collar Crime has been given a pass, in the US, for generations, while prosecution of Dreamt Up Crimes, like possession of Cannabis, have resulted in Ruined Lives for the Working Class. and Poor, for just as long.

Start an actual WAR based on Provable Lies? Still waiting for Justice.

Steal Diapers from Walmart? You're going down, with coverage on the Local News.

This is a Bi-Partisan Product, for years, of Both Sold Out Political Parties.


More than a thousand bankers were jailed for their participation in the 1980s savings and loan scandal that negatively impacted millions of Murkins.

No bankers were even indicted for their participation in crashing the economy in 2008 that negatively impacted BILLIONS of people in nearly every nation on earth.

Decriminalization of New Deal financial industry regulations, disguised as "deregulation' during the ensuing two decades made financial fraud legal. Whatever other crimes the bankers committed were not only conveniently overlooked by the DC politicians owned by the bankers. the politicians also committed US taxpayers to $20 trillion in bailout schemes to make the bankers wealthier than ever and the rest of us poorer than ever.


While what you say is true, it is also true that the tide had been turning against minimum sentencing guidelines, imprisoning people for non-violent drug crimes, and corporate run prisons.

I'm not diminishing the FACTS you point out.

But what is abundantly clear, is Sessions and this Administration represent the worst uptick of the worst practices relative to attacking poor people and non-violent offenders since Reagan, and very likely will be much worse.

Trump as you know, ran on "law and order", and "draining the swamp" of anything not fitting of his right wing fantasies of power.

A right wing crackdown domestically fits perfectly in line with the ongoing corporate coup, and this Trump Administration is an uptick in that as well.

Since the "Deep State" purportedly is interested in all of these things, then of course Trump and this right wing Administration in place to serve corporate power above anything else, with of course its allies in the Democratic Party as well, represents the interests of any such "Deep State" pushing US hegemony abroad with military might and corporate power, and domestically in the US further clamping down on the citizens of that Empire.

Trump represents unique threats in all of this, ON TOP OF the long history of this corporate takeover and expansion of Empire that has run for decades that I'm painfully aware of.


I think the point here is that Sessions, AS ATTORNEY GENERAL is in position to pursue HIS OWN PERSONAL PENCHANT for hate of the poor in general and brown skinned human beings with the full weight of the State behind him.

He DOES represent a unique threat ON TOP OF everything bad already existing in this regard.

Imagine every legitimate criticisms of Holder in this regard, or Ashcroft, or Gonzales, or Meese (and there were many) being met by commenters saying well such criticisms didn't really matter that much because any one of them were just doing what had been done by predecessors.

But this Administration? The most right wing Administration possibly ever, and what is the refrain by many on the presumed "left" on these forums? Dismissal of significance.


Sure John Pilger and others will chime in on the insignificance of Sessions as well.


The War on Drugs


The War on (US)A


Still, he is just another of today's republican party. These people are almost all far-right wing. Only now, they have all branches of the government within their fascist grasp. Ryan is pursuing his personal vision of Ayn Randism, to the detriment of all have-nots. Who the hell knows what McConnell is pursuing, but it sure as hell is not in the interests of the have-nots. That Sessions is AG is just one more very significant step toward the implementation of a generalized republican hatred for everyone and every thing that does not put money into their pockets (and even worse, hatred of everything that they have to pay for if it goes to a have-not, which is another manifestation of their hatred of have-nots in general). There is no longer any check on republican extremism. I spent months trying to convince people here that this last election was the most significant, and dangerous, event in American history. To no avail. The most prevalent attitude here was that republicans and democrats are no different. Now we have Trump, a republican senate and house, and people like Sessions being given positions of power to hurt as many citizens as possible. The only silver lining is that these people are so abominable that when finally asked to govern, they will hurt so many citizens that they will be sent packing at the ballot box. I do not hold out much hope for that however. One only had to take the briefest interest in politics to see republicans for the abominations they are. Despite all warnings of the hurricane soon to be unleashed, here we are, in the midst of the storm.


Uh Jeff, There is this guy from Alabama who lied to his senate confirmation committee and thus committed perjury. Can we not put this disgusting criminal in prison for the next 25 years ? Leavenworth or Gitmo would be acceptable. After that we can go after that grifter Tom Price, Head of DHHS. He was guilty of insider trading and perhaps could be a cellmate to our current AG.


"Tough Guy Sessions: Shameful and Stupid on Street Crime, Soft on Corporate Crime"
Isn't this the perfect Republican't model for the perfect prosecutor? Perfect judge as well.


This is a reply to what?


I think you are spot on here. He has the entire idiocy, cruelty, racism, legal enslavement etc. of Drug War Prohibitionists squarely on his side. But doing things as before, expecting a different result is insanity (no matter who said it first). And doing things simply because they are a tradition is called a Ad Antiquitatem fallacy (Appeal to Tradition).

The cherry on top of his insanity, is that because he is an attorney, he knows this full well. Every attorney is educated in deductive logic and classic rhetoric. However, he believes we the citizenry are too stupid to know, and too unimportant in the first place. We are just fodder in the war on drugs, nothing more to them.


"The day after the election, shares of the two biggest private prison corporations — Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group — jumped 43 and 21 percent, respectively. And share prices continue to soar. Since Election Day, CCA and GEO’s stock value has increased by 75 and 54 percent."


Mr. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions sees America as just another plantation for him and his class to sit on the porch sipping mint julips while the rest off us get screwed. He is an abomination just like the guy who appointed him. Maybe they could be on reality tv - but not in reality. Maybe another beevis & buthead and I won't tell you which is which. Remember those who were behind Trump & Co all the way - the police unions and associations and the border guards. Two groups that could give a damn about americans as a whole.


While I'm not crazy about the Democrats, I think they are much, much better than the republicans. My greatest hope would be to have congress taken away from the republicans in the next election and leave Trump as more or less a lame duck without any co-operation from congress. The republicans are no good for anyone but the rich and we need to get rid of that party forever. I think Clinton had a lot of baggage, but if I had just watched the debates, I would have had no doubt the Clinton was a better candidate and person than Trump. He came off as a fiendish bully. There are a lot of americans in delusion. Hopefully we will get more people like Bernie or others who can help lead the way.


Trump ran on getting tough on crime. Now he's fulfilling his promise to his base.

That's how you win elections--get your voters to the polls because they trust that you'll follow through.

Or not, in the case of the party now watching from the political wilderness.

Totally detest Trump and sessions. Totally forced to respect follow through.


It's amazing how the Democrats are still in the dark.


Pretty hard not to conclude that the D-party is strictly in it for the donations.

I once would have preferred destroying the duopoly by starting with the Rs. Not anymore.