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'Tough on Crime' Jeff Sessions Touts Plummeting Corporate Crime Enforcement Like It's an Achievement

'Tough on Crime' Jeff Sessions Touts Plummeting Corporate Crime Enforcement Like It's an Achievement

Robert Weissman

On Wednesday of this week, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) touted the agency’s fiscal year 2018 enforcement record even as the figures show that prosecution of white-collar crimes and corporate misconduct have plummeted.

If the Department of Justice dug into Trump’s and every member of Congress’s finances, and their ties to corporations, those figures would soar higher than ever recorded.


sigh----- but do those who work for the 1% at a high enough level-----do they ever really do time? I guess that Bernie Madoff guy was supposed to cover for all those who got away with their nefarious activities. oh wait, yes Martha Stewart went to prison for something too
Oh, but that Scooter Libby guy who outted a CIA person, he went to jail---- but was pardoned. Scooter-----who knew that ridiculous name would be his get out of Jail free card…Scooter just scooted out of jail , thanks to Bush didn’t he. But then Wall St, has always been a private club, hasn’t it? And for mr. Sessions, immigrants ave no money so I guess he considers them worthless, except for making money for the private prisons.

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Ol’ Bullpucky Beauregard is auditioning for a position in the Korporate Kingdom of Kinsmanship. " I never prosecuted no one, no how, no way if they were white and Republican and rich ". AG Jeff Sessions
" Now about that Sr. Corporate Counsel position we were dicussin, Sheik Yamon Knee Maker. Would the little Mrs. and me actually have to live in a real live oasis? "

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Sessions another evil pipsqueak suckup demon rat like previous AG’s going back decades.

Seeing how the best Congress money can buy has been decriminalizing corporate crime for forty years there is not much to prosecute these days.


This redneck prick must be getting very excited with the prospect of more people being forced onto the street as these jerks cut Medicaid and the rest that he can target. It’s already a clucking crime to be poor, and these jerks will make it exponentially worse before it’s all over.

US citizens are in a cage (qualifications reserved for the 1%). Most US citizens have no grasp what is actually happening in this country and how dangerous the times are in which we live, or barely survive.


It is an achievement. That’s what he was put that office to do. He’s bringing home the bacon for his (real) base - big business. And it’s not the the evil GOP (and they are evil) that does this, it’s the Democrats too - and they are also evil.


A REAL achievement for Sessions would be him wiping his own ass. If he could only do that he wouldn’t have to worry about all of life’s daily tribulations.

“Redneck prick”, AND that’s his ONLY good point!!

And here comes Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III riding on his haughty white horse proudly carrying the Confederate States of America flag …

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I remember when Reagan cut down on meat inspectors to help the meat packing industry.