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'Tough' Times Ahead: Mexico Threatens UN Action Over Deportations on Eve of Meeting


'Tough' Times Ahead: Mexico Threatens UN Action Over Deportations on Eve of Meeting

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It is little wonder President Donald Trump predicts a "tough" meeting between his State Department and the Mexican government on Thursday after the Mexican foreign secretary threatened to to take legal action, potentially appealing to the United Nations, against the United States' "unilateral" deportation efforts.


The "wall" is just another ration of raw meat Trump needs to feed his base. Mexicans continuing to refuse to pay for the wall will provide more raw meat as Trump tells his base "I told you so" as he repeats his tweets highlighting Mexicans' special place on his ever growing list of enemies. The ever growing list is essential to keeping his base engaged so they will be continue to be fearful and believe that only Trump can save them.

Mexicans refusing to pay for the wall is a major theme in Trump's already launched 2018 and 2020 campaigns.


Excellent comment that hit the bullseye on the demented diabolical dimwit and his snapping, snarling supporters! Thank you.


Les apoyo mis estimados amigos y vecinos en el hermoso y amistoso país de Mexico. El cabrón Trump no es mi presidente y nunca será. Bendita sean!


Mexico Prepares Plan To Ditch U.S. Grain Imports As NAFTA Showdown Looms

New Study Finds That Trump's Immigration Crack Down Could Cost $5 Trillion In GDP Over 10 Years

Perhaps a bit more careful thought needs be invested ..


The operative word is "thought" and thinking takes an active, engaged brain coupled with common sense and the emperor neither has nor exercises either.


Trump's attempts to stir up fear and hate of Mexican undocumented immigrants is now beginning to collide with reality. There may be obstacles to creating a fascist country in North America that Trump has not accounted for. This issue should go to the UN as it appears unlikely to be resolved without world opinion playing a role. Mexico apparently takes offense to being used as an object of hate and fear by its previously friendly neighbor to the north.


Yes, his ever growing list of enemies. The list gets longer everyday and he gets closer to his own destruction. He's truly a fool if he thinks he is not in danger himself.


Where are El Chapo's lieutenants when we need them....?


Yes, perhaps Trump needs to reconsider his demeaning the CIA when you consider their expertise in covert "operations".


I came to the realization the other day that Trump's obsession with "the Wall" is because he considers it to be his monument. Like the Great Wall of China was to certain emperors. He wants it to be an enduring tribute to his perceived legacy and it will be a constant reminder of his "greatness" every time anyone sees it.

He's probably up at 3 am fantasizing about it: tourists will come to visit the "Wall of Trump" and future generations will bow down before it in awe. Perhaps many will kiss it with reverence. Rituals will be performed next to it for the greatness of America. Oh, and there will be gilded hotels there for overnight stays. (Secret tunnels from Mexico will provide a constant supply of drugs for the elites.)

And we'll all be able to see it on live cam, 24 hours a day, from the international space station. Trump's enduring reality show.


We lived near the AZ/Mexico border for a number of years ( in Ajo). Which is also near the enormous Tohono O' Odham reservation as well as border straddling Organ Pipe Cactus NP and the Cabeza Prieta NWR. The idea of even thinking about putting a wall here is insane.
1. You would need rangers, border patrol and ICE thugs fingertip lengths to each other to patrol the wall... as Gov Janet once said - show me a 60 foot wall I will show you a 61 foot ladder....
2. This is a huge, wild, inaccessible region wild rich in wildlife that is protected on both sides of the border. Ever hear of migration to access food and water seasonally? Wildlife would die in enormous numbers. Endangered wildlife.
3. The Tohono O'Odham people straddle the border. They cross to visit family, to tend sheep, to gather native foods and plants for eating and for ceremonies. Making them drive 100 miles to a legal border crossing would be a tremendous hardship. The materials and road access needed to build and maintain a wall through their land would be massively destructive as would a constant flow of border patrol making the tribal members feel threatened.
4. Where exactly would all these border patrol and ICE people live? Ajo is small. Very small. And hemmed in by BLM land and the military Goldwater Range. Also it has limited services. It is a wonderful place but it could never accommodate the numbers being talked about. The only other option is Gila Bend -far away and without a grocery store and the Tucson outskirts. A very very very long drive to work.
Also to remember: this ridiculous and thankfully never been tried to enforce law we apparently have on the books that we can unilaterally tell the sovereign nation of Mexico that we are deporting people from Central and South America to Mexico for them to deal with is LUDICRIOUS! Clearly Mexico will tell Border Patrol and ICE to go fu** themselves. They will not be allowed to cross the border.
Trump and and his puppet masters are insane.
Mexico is already seeking other trade partners around the world for everything they make and grow. For example:
Lots of countries would love to take their delicious winter strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, their avos, kiwis, and a plethora of other food exports Americans have relied on to stock their produce departments throughout the year at ridiculously low prices. China is already massively ramping up their trade in the auto and agricultural product areas and I read a recent article saying Russia was negotiating trying doing the same as are many European nations, Canada and Central and South America.
Plus, we are finally uniting Mexicans in support of their government. A prelude to them being mentally able to withstand our bizarre and punitive actions and give them a pride in their ability to withstand any hardships associated. Their losses will be born with a sense of pride in resisting Trump and his minions. And thank goodness for this! The one silver lining as it were! Mexican people are tough and proud of their history and culture.
Sorry for the rant. We love the border region of AZ and while we no longer live there ( actually soon to be moving back to AZ next year) we have many many friends on both sides of the border. The behavior of our new 'government' regarding Mexico puts this family in a white hot rage ......


Awesome alliteration!!! Five stars!!


Outstanding comment teeming with vital information and remarkable perceptions of how everything is connected. I also lived a score of years in Arizona (Phoenix and Scottsdale) and traveled to the Organ Pipe Cactus NP on my way to Ajo (why is it called garlic?). Thank you for your erudition and palpable love of Arizona, its people, and its unrivaled beauty!


Extortion, Republican Style.

Organized Crime in America is making a resurgence. The Head Crime Boss: Bannon.

What's that phrase :smile: If you cut the head off of a snake, the rest of it dies?

Any ideas on how to accomplish this separation?
No guillotines, Wolfess.