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Toward a Shared Liberation: Our Interconnected Struggles Are Built on Asian and Black Solidarity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/19/toward-shared-liberation-our-interconnected-struggles-are-built-asian-and-black

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“White supremacy” is enabled and fueled by income and wealth inequality that has been growing for the past half century.

Until all of FDR’s New Deal regulations that were decriminalized in the name of “deregulation” during the past forty years are restored we can’t even start reversing income and wealth inequality, so stay tuned for continued growing white supremacy.

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Conquering the divide

Point out how deeply embedded White Supremacy is in STEM in the US, and you’re likely to get an onslaught of venom and be identified as a racist who is lacking in gray matter.

This is one of the articles somebody recently forwarded to me: =https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/whistleblower-at-smith-college-resigns

I imagine that it will not be long before white folk are filing lawsuits to end sensitivity training, diversity programs, talk of white privilege, etc.

Before COVID, I was at an outdoor restaurant in Wilton Manors, Florida with an uncle. A man with a Gay Pride shirt and tight leather pants passed by. My uncle told me that two thoughts enter his head when he sees people like that. First, is disgust. The disgust comes from being raised to think gay people are “dirty”. The second thought is a desire to jump the man’s bones. My uncle is gay, yet the imprinting from the homophobia embedded in US society is profound. All of us who engage with other people in the US, are affected by the White Supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, anti-communism, etc. that pervades US society. Many of us are not aware of how deeply the imprinting goes.

Having privilege does not mean that one is a bad person. Those of us who are White, have White privilege. Those of us who are male, have male privilege. Those of us who are straight have heterosexual privilege. Those of us who embrace capitalism are privileged by the structures that promote this economic model while crushing alternatives. Having privilege is not a crime. However, refusing to acknowledge one’s privilege and refusing to take action to challenge systems that promote privilege help to promote the current state of injustice. Such actions must be criticized.

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Dear Debra,
In January 1942, the U.S. Navy desperately needed engineers. They found NOT ONE.
Then, the Chinese nation provided us 225 of their engineers. Their hard work in building
our war materials probably saved 200,000+ American soldiers, sailors, marines, merchant mariners and airmen.

It was wrong for Trump to call the cordova virus ‘china’ because it came / comes from Maryland.
It is a Kissinger fast war killer and a year ago in Chicago appears to be aimed at Black (42%) and Mexican (37%) to be killed.