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Towards a 'Fair and Balanced' Autopsy Report for Aylan Kurdi


Towards a 'Fair and Balanced' Autopsy Report for Aylan Kurdi

Gary Olson

The heart-wrenching image of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body, gently cradled in the arms of a Turkish police officer is the iconic photo from the refugee crisis in Europe. For me, Aylan’s resemblance to my two young grandsons made it impossible to banish the image from my mind or my conscience.


Thank you, Gary Olson for challenging the framing by the world's leading disinformation specialists. It's good to see that others are catching on:

"Finally, because I anticipate a "He’s Blaming America Again" response for some readers, I respectfully request that we distinguish between U.S. elites – obsessed with retaining and expanding control over the oil resources of the Middle East and enriching the arms industry – and the rest of us.

And THIS is spot on:

"In essence this is an inverted version of the apocryphal Pottery Barn rule: The U.S. broke these countries to pieces but refuses to own that, admit guilt or stop smashing up the place. Yes, toadyish leaders in Britain, France, Turkey, Israel and they are accessories to these crimes but are not the primary perpetrator."


Bang on article. Quite frankly when one of these officials for the US Government speaks my stomach churns in disgust.

And the press still tries to make Putin the bad guy here. Vilify another countries leader so no one pays attention to the crimes of ones own. A classic deception.


Thank you Gary, this obvious truth needs to be shouted from every media, from every pulpit, and especially at all centres of Judaism, for ultimately, all these middle eastern ravages are following their own published plans and intentions for the creation of what they have named "their Greater Israel".


Ah, an antidote to Patrick Cockburn's sickening nonsense in today's CD.

Take it and Parry's piece and you ought to be just fine.


Dr. Olson explained it well in very few words. Can't beat that.


Please take your bigoted nonsense elsewhere.