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'Towards the Common Good': Mr. Sanders Goes to the Vatican


I totally agree with you Siouxrose1. I fear the US’ modern-day king$ and their court will do even more than their utmost to have another presidential double mandate of vacationing on the backs of the workers, middle class, youth, students, poor people, immigrants…

Democracy is the revolution the US needs, but rest assured it will be a tough fight to get it considering what security meaures have been taken under Bush and Obama, making the police armed and garbed like the military, with the freedom of shooting and killing people without having to face justice for murder…

Some daring commentors have mentioned that the duck hunting season should start early this year… Useless to say that this kind of revelation is somewhat surprising as it reminds of the industrial revolt, short of a worse word.

Member of a First Nation, Siouxrose1? First Nations are the generic names used to refer to all American Native Nations in Canada.


Lamonte7 , I think you have a point. Why would a political leader know anything of the challenges of physical labor if they have never experienced any of those challenges. Disqualification may be an overstatement though. I would like to see Bill Clinton spend a day or two at physical labor for say 50cents an hour (call it atonement) like the hundreds of thousands of inmates that today languish in prisons for petty nonviolent crimes that are a result of his personal duplicitous character.


Moral decay huh. Welcome to America.


FDR probably dug no ditches - certainly was never required to in order to eat – and did more than a little bit for those who did have to dig ditches -


My rectification, wicklund as I prefer the fitting feared KKK instead: Killary Klingon Klinton… The Blacks should beware of both Klintons as her hubby, the prez who had/has? a thing for young women secretaries, had terrible legal changes passed, making prison stays longer and Blacks a target for imprisonment as never before…



The meek …was actually the fuzzy white residue on the top of the amanita muscaria that should be scraped off the cap of the mushroom and then let fall to the ground. Fuzzy (strychnine) cap=the first fleecing of a young lamb. Those Sumerians had a linguistic sense of humor.


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To what words of mine are these words a reply?


Eric Burden and The Animals, The Twain Shall Meet, You are one, 1969…unforgettable and a still part of my music library…have you thought of changing your screen name to Sky Pilot lately? You are after all “a good holding man”.

Wage Peace


You have NO understanding of white hair. Since biblical times it is well known that if you live long enough to have white hair you have a gained Wisdom. This is even stated in the old testament. This may be hard for you to do but please grow up over night and respect those that have Earned their White Hair.


“I’m sorry gentlemen. I-I know I’m being disrespectful to this honorable body, I know that. I- A guy like me should never be allowed to get in here in the first place. I know that! And I hate to stand here and try your patience like this, but either I’m dead right or I’m crazy.”

–Jefferson Smith, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Sanders has worked as a carpenter, a psychiatric aide, a Head Start teacher, a filmmaker, a writer, and civil rights activist. Clinton has worked as a lawyer, a consultant, a board member, and a Goldwater volunteer. Who has the better resume?


Wicklund: Exactly… and good for Bernie for turning away from the stupid reporter who asked him if this is for the “Catholic Vote”…if it was Slickery, of course it would be.
But Bernie is not Slickery…he has moral character and REAL integrity.


I think you mean Silvio Berlusconi, but then I am sure you knew that. Your pun is perfect!


Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the take in the stage musical, Camelot: “It’s not the earth the meek inherit; it’s the dirt.”


lamonte7, I think that there is merit in my suggestion that FDR is an example of someone willing and able to provide aid to the common good without having done what I understand you to include in “real work”. But more importantly, I respect your response, especially your first three words, which were on a higher plane than was my first response – for which, “I apologize”.


Quadslacker: don’t forget Slickery was a CORPORATE lawyer…on the side of the Corporations…
I had interest in being a lawyer once…I wanted to be a civil rights lawyer…no way was I
interested in the sell out of corporate law.
So what does that say about Slicekery?


You were saying? You know nothing about Ghandi. Ghandi was a lawyer who had lots of suits and advocated Indians join the war. If he were alive today, he’d be appearing all over the world with Bernie, since their messages are nearly identical (as is the Pope’s message.)


Cookies: Billie Boy has always been a piece of garbage…therefore, what comes out of his
pie hole is nothing but GARBAGE. That comment shows what contempt he has for democracy and
for anyone that does not worship at the throne of the Clintons.
And he isn’t so bright neither: he believes the narrative frame that it is just “young, dumb people”
who support his “bride”…No it isn’t, Billie boy.
I guess he thinks all young people are dumb, just like his daughter, but they are not.