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Town Halls Become 'Indivisible' Epicenters as Trump Resistance Grows


Town Halls Become 'Indivisible' Epicenters as Trump Resistance Grows

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was confronted by angry crowds at a town hall in Salt Lake City on Thursday, over what they saw as his failure to properly investigate President Donald Trump's conflicts of interests, in another showing of a growing resistance to the new administration.


Looks like the resistance is off to a good start. We need to get to the point that instead of Republicans in Congress being most concerned about a challenge from the right in the primaries that they are most concerned about losing to a Democrat in the general election.


One thing I think we are missing, is that Trump's fight over the immigration ban actually seems to have improved his poll numbers:


He needs a foe and right now it's liberal judges and do-gooders who want terrorists entering the country. That's what am radio is telling millions of people. As Drum says in his post that I linked to, buckle up.


Every single Representative and Senator must be confronted and made to address the abolishment of protections to our health and environment, the racial hatred spewing from our so-called presidents' mouth masked as 'National Security', the planned decimation of our public school system, the manufacturing of another war in the works.

It's time we made these 'so called public servants' serve us, and not the corporations and ethically challenged elites.


This is hopeful. Regardless of whether or not people have been asleep and blindly trusting corrupt politicians for far too long, the current awakening is a good sign!


Who compiled this "poll?" The pond scum that are the core of T-dump's supporters, are hard-core xenophobic anti-immigrant wingnuts and will march in lockstep to the bitter end to cast out "the other"( who just happens to be non-white). When they lose their health care benefits or Social Security or Medicare, Perhaps then their allegiance to their hero will plummet. Until then, ignorance is bliss.


Kevin Drum just looked at aggregate polling. It's just a snapshot of all polls taken into account. It doesn't mean Trump will continue to rise in the polls, or that he'll fall more. It just means in aggregate he's gotten more popular, not less.

The only reason I posted it is the same reason I'll read Red State and National Review--to check my own impulses. As a progressive who reads websites that generally occupy the left end of the spectrum, it's really easy to cloister yourself. That's also why hearing Limbaugh and his clones occasionally at work can be good--it tells me what millions of people hear and think.


The problem I have with this aggregate is what polls were included and averaged. For example, the Rasmussen Poll is a highly suspect and totally biased (almost alt right). The proof of the outrage and plummeting support is not in the polls but out on the streets across the nation and around the world.


I'm not an expert at polling and get what you're saying. But I feel like it's okay to be cautious about what we see on the ground too. If there's a march, but some of those people don't go to the polls, or their votes are disbursed among third parties and Democrats, most of the time that's going to benefit the more cohesive coalition, the Republicans. Trump and the Republicans have so many structural advantages at this point, his polling is going to have to drop a lot more for them to lose power, at least from what I've read. So looking at aggregates is, in my opinion, a fair check on our impulses to confuse activism with governance.


Very encouraging. February 17 National General Strike! http://f17strike.com. Warming up to a total, rolling, non cooperation!


If participation numbers are high, a general strike is the answer since polls are irrelevant for Trump and a Congress that will never impeach a Republican..

Trump doesn't need the job and freshmen Congresscritters who vote pro-corporate have a $1 million K Street job with their name on it if the resign, retire,or are defeated. Multi-term Congresscritters' K Street jobs start at $2 million. K Street gigs beat having to run every two or six years for re-election for relative chump change ($175K per year).

So elected don't really care what you want, they serve the corporations that fund their campaigns and dole out their lucrative retirement gigs.


Passionate, informed citizen participation, is what we need to restore representative government. "Democracy is not a vicarious experience" - Senator Bill Bradley.


So, which one of you in particular is running against each one of these otherwise unchallenged congresspeople in their primary? Well?

Start fingering volunteers right about this month.

In Rhode Island a number of Bernie volunteers turned around after Bernie won the primary with 55% (and then lost the RI delegate count of course). They ran in their Democratic local primaries, mainly for state representative and state senator, and half a dozen of them defeated incumbent highly conservative Democrats. The House Majority Leader was one of several victims. So, what do you mean you don't have the skills?

Even if you don't have the skills, run a clown primary race. Why not? She, he or ze is pretty much a clown already.

Clown advice, if you have to choose between size 34 EEEE and size 56 EEEEEE clown shoes, I'd go with the smaller size, depending on your particular feet of course. You're going to be doing a lot of walking.


That only works if the Dems start acknowledging why they have lost so much ground to begin with. More 'centrist' Dems are not going to solve the problem - they are as wed to corporate cash as the Repugs are. So far, I'm not seeing any evidence that they've learned a damn thing from their losses.


In my city of Columbus . . . a Dem county surrounded by, well, Ohio, there are many active and engaged Indivisible groups. Some had existed for years as local progressive activist groups and just took on the mantle of "Indivisible." They are mostly all house parties, but one that was expecting to be a house party of a few dozen attendees had to change its venue to a Unitarian church: 600 people signed up! My smaller group meeting featured personal appearances (in a living room) of 3 judge candidates, 1 person running for city auditor, and a university professor who's been working on the gerrymandering issue for 12 years -- he gave a detailed and compelling look at their program for changing that. Good stuff.

One thing we're running into though: our county has been comfortably Democratic for years. They do a good and economic job of running things. So they want to protect their incumbents, and featuring progressive challengers in a primary race is threatening to them. That would mean bringing up criticism of their incumbents and possibly weakening them in favor of Republican challengers, especially in times like these. Therefore their quick and dirty endorsement of all the incumbents was a given.

Indivisible's job is not going to be easy . . .


This is getting really interesting.


You must be dyslexic! You're reversing the numbers. Trump appears to be tanking. See this other article here at CD http://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/02/10/trump-freefall-disapproval-rate-and-support-impeachment-soar


Maybe new polls have come in. I was referencing Kevin Drum's post on aggregate numbers this morning.


Just curious, if they do a "good and economic job of running things," why challenge them?


"typical coastal elites" -- Yep. Those "typical" coastal elites who contribute the most to the national GDP -- BY FAR. Those "typical" coastal elites who keep our government funded so the Navy can keep sailing their high tech ships, the Air Force can keep flying their high tech planes, and the Marines and Army have the highest tech ground force equipment in the world. The "typical" coastal elites who provided the world with the technology behind the cell phone, tablet, or computer from which the "typical coastal elite" comment was posted. Yes, that would be THOSE "typical" coastal elites.