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Toxic Chemicals Costing Society Billions in Damages to Human Health Alone


Toxic Chemicals Costing Society Billions in Damages to Human Health Alone

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Hormone-disrupting chemicals found in human-made products—from plastics to pesticides—are causing health problems that cost society billions, a new study finds.

Published Thursday in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the examination was conducted by eighteen researchers in eight countries and is the first attempt to quantify the concrete costs of these chemicals.


What happened to our right to nature and natural life? These companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical are going to kill us- by what right do they succeed over the necessary environment for the health of man? Any politician that has been bought and does indeed work for these corrupt corporations should be fired/kicked out as soon as possible for pursuing such perversion…


I searched for “non-toxic home builders” and only found one. This seems like a lucrative niche for builders to fill that has little competition.


This story left out the glut of chemical fragrances in cleaning and laundry products, so-called beauty products ie, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, drier sheets which are not only toxic but flammable and even Duct Tape now comes in smelly fragrances… The National Sleep Foundation so desperate for money signs up with Febreze to promote a whole line of sleep products including a pillow reeking of long lasting stink (the worst kind) Beyonce has something like 17 different perfumes and women lap it up, it goes directly into their blood stream and all goes into our air, water when we wash.


Me too! Quite likely the animals are impacted, just as we humans are. Air, earth, water? We know it is affecting the monarchs. GMO’s are a huge threat to Americans- smart countries are banning “modification” of nature and so should it be here! Pathetic abdication of leadership by Congress (edit/sellout/corruption)- we need serious REGULATION with consequences to stop this poisoning. And we need to BOYCOTT as much product and stock as we can! OPen to other ideas too… in your face ideas anyone?


What happened to our right to nature and natural life??

That is the Idea we need to Champion. Like the Innate Right to Privacy from Surveillance.
Just got back from a trip to my old home town in San Joaquin Valley.
The area is one of the worst chemical areas I’ve seen since Midland/Odessa.

The amount of methane was staggering. People didn’t even react like it was a problem.
Entire communities are simply enveloped 100% of the time, day and night.

The toxic environment had eliminated any bird or fowl. Not a single quail or pheasant.
And this area was a nesting ground when I grew up…


How truly awful. Right to Nature it is! In Michigan, we still have the woods and our critters, though they suffer, as so we from the threat of chemicals… toxins in farming, and the oil and gas industry poisoning our lands… It is a constant fight against the greed of a few- an oil pipeline that is very outdated crosses the waters to Canada… hell yes, we want and NEED natural land and water/air.
Even our foods are doomed with abuse by modified genetics… and for what???NO ONE wants to eat them!!! Get that McCrapskill? Stabenow? NO ONE wants GMO’s!!! DO something for your people and represent them for health and welfare! We have a right to nature- screw your corporations! (nothing makes me angrier)


It seems like the war is being fought on their side by misinformation and no information. This is why it is so important that we share information and spread the word. Start with those closest to you, your community, your local newspaper.

Fragrances trigger severe asthma in me. I eat only organic foods as I am so sensitive to pesticides, I get migraines. Today I looked out at the chemtrailed skies and wondered what I could do. Well, I can do what I can and every bit helps, so every day I do something.

This forum is an example of one important way to win in an ever growing war to regain our rights and our health. It is obvious that we have a right to health and prosperity. The law has been perverted. Decency and sanity are not weakness. We will win in the end because of our sheer numbers.