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Toxic Corruption: The Chemical Industry Keeps Pulling EPA's Strings


Toxic Corruption: The Chemical Industry Keeps Pulling EPA's Strings

Zack Kaldveer

Even though Scott Pruitt, the disgraced former director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is gone, the agency remains in the thralls of aggressive lobbying by the chemical industry. Under his acting replacement, Andrew Wheeler, a former chemical and coal industry lobbyist, the agency is now poised to fundamentally weaken how the federal government determines the health and safety of some of the most dangerous chemicals on the market.


We have always been at war with money…


" Protecting public health was once an EPA priority—now it’s being treated as just another obstacle to maximizing corporate profit. This radical departure from the agency’s core mission means chemical industry executives stand to make millions while ordinary Americans will be exposed to more toxic chemicals."

Environmental Protection Agency?..or shill for corporate profits and destruction above all else? Maybe EDA is more accurate under the trump regime…

"a broad coalition of environmental, public health, and consumer rights organizations representing millions of Americans are demanding that the EPA does its job: protect people and the environment, not corporate interests." What, no Democratic “Opposition Party” advocacy for the health of the 99%, standing-up to the trump EPA?

I expect the DINO DP establishment political whores will join with R’Cons and the trump regime to empower profits over people, and gain campaign-contribution bribes from the poison chemical industry…like they just did with the fossil-fuel industry.


As WiseOwl points out, to industry, Money is more important than Life itself.


its another spelling of ‘god’


For those with no sense of a higher power.


So we know that the EPA head honchos, almost all politicians/misrepresentatives at all levels, and the courts are totally bought and paid for by the chemical companies. It doesn’t matter which party - D or R - is in power, the result has always been the same.

My question is, what do we as citizens do about this situation? Make another comment to the EPA by the Aug 16 deadline? Has the EPA ever listened to the citizens of this country and changed their ways? Or do our efforts at begging the EPA to do the right thing just end up at best with some temporary window dressing to shut us up?

Well, I’m sick of begging to these corrupt ass hats. They aren’t listening. They don’t care about the people or the environment.

Here is an idea - find out about the ECB’s in your tap water where you live. Go to the link below and just type in your Zip code and get the report about your water district. It is time for the people to start raising hell in their own communities to stop being poisoned by their tap water. The EPA is worse than useless.

Link: https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/#.W28xPMInbcs .

I looked up mine here in Oregon. The people in my town are literally being poisoned by what comes out of their tap. Here is what I found:

Trichloroethylene results:

EPA legal limit: 80 ppb
Ca health study limit: 0.8 ppb
Oregon average: 22.9 ppb
National average: 23.4 ppb
My town 2015 actual: 47.3 ppb


My husband just told me this story about a friend who didn’t have his car with him
recently - it was in for repairs.
Seems that his wife had bought a tile/grout cleaner which when she opened it seemed
to be so noxious that she closed the tube again and left it on the back seat of the car
to be returned to Home Depot.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t totally closed the cap on the tube and a small amount of it
leaked onto the leather car seat. It actually ate through to some depth and the friend
had to take the car in to have the seat repaired.

The car repair people looked at the seat and they realized that the damage went much
further down and that the grout cleaner had actually eaten through part of the support
for the back seat.

Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t know the name of the grout cleaner –
but the husband said his wife is now using “Listerine” to clean the grout.


Hi Rebel-Farmer. I just ordered the guide after looking at some of the stats at the website you recommended. Thank you. : )


EWG is an extremely reputable research and public interest organization. They won’t steer you wrong. Tons of info on their website about pollutants of all kinds. Forewarned is forearmed!