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'Toxic Culture' of Police Departments Decried After 57 Buffalo Officers Resign in Support of Two in Unit Who Attacked Elderly Man

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/toxic-culture-police-departments-decried-after-57-buffalo-officers-resign-support


The twitter account of M-K UltraNews has one video of police brutality after another.

Visit Caitlin Johnstone’s excellent website and you can find a link in today’s post from her.


Law enforcement agencies seem extremely unwilling to entertain change. Are they satisfied with the way things are? If it comes to change or leave will they all resign? If they have to leave their body cameras on will they resign? Will they resign if they have to obey the law or get arrested like the rest of us? Will they resign if they are required to report crimes committed by other officers? Will they resign if they are held financially responsible for harm and crimes they commit? I say we find out.


THey need to be required to carry liability insurance just like Doctors, Architects, etc

If they can’t get insured they can’t work


I give up. There is no longer any real chance to save the USA. When you have police outright supporting their fellow thugs knocking an elderly man down so hard that he bled from his ear and initially letting him lay there for a bit too long, you have a police state out of control. The police are the enemy now who are controlled by their corporate owners. The future is bleak.


Felon Assault - Lock 'em Up!.

Fire all 59 *IMMED


Ah, why am I not surprised? The cops invoke the Nazi defense: the cops were only following orders.

This guy was well-known in the area’s peace activist community, so it’s more than likely that the cops were targeting him. They knew who he was. What they likely did not know was that his health was more fragile than his appearance indicated, so just roughing him up and fucking with him produced an unexpected outcome.

And so, the Nazi defense must be invoked.


I sadly expect to see random cops who participated in none of the hideous recent actions and perhaps who have themselves stayed within the guardrails to be murdered, because violence begets violence. These Buffalo bullheads have poisoned the well for all of their brothers in blue.


“This is an example of officers doing exactly what they’re supposed to,”

In that case then the problem becomes clear. Cops see our communities as the enemy and so policing as we know it has to be radically changed and the police have to be from the actual communities they serve.


I’m glad the man is doing fairly well, for a person his age a fall like that can be life threatening, and still could be.


Well said charlie6.
How about police lines being stationed at reasonable (don’t pass this line) places, and allow peaceful protest marches go that far without hassle?

If acceptable reforms are not reached it is time for fund raising for protester protective gear. Baton proof vests and helmet/shields. Later on gas masks.
Time to fight fire with fire if protests are going to continue to be over policed.

March with us, officers, and there will be no looting or vandalism.


Good they resigned, they should be ashamed of themselves.


I’ve been to protests like that, step over the line and you will be arrested. Many did but no one was injured.


They should be angry at the politicians that put them in that position.


The police unions need to be busted right down to their balls! The police are the enemy.


There must be decent men and women out there who could fill the spots left vacant after the resignations. Start looking for them.


The resignation of these officers are proof of just how corrupt police culture is. Buffalo should replace these officers with social workers of color, community representatives and brave souls who don’t need to carry a weapon when policing the streets.
I have worked and experienced enough cops to know that racism, right wing ideology, distorted opinions of who is to blame for the social divide and a complete lack of empathy of the bottom half of society is ingrained into their culture. I wouldn’t fire the existing cops, but I would retrain them for positions in public transit or personal support workers. if they don’t like it, they can take their chances with the private sector. In the meantime we need to carefully select the right people for the job. We need to reform our court system and stop handing out incredibly harsh sentences. We need to abolish prisons in their current form and eliminate the systemic rape and other violent acts that new inmates must endure. We need to provide a guaranteed job for every inmate who is released along with free health insurance and subsidized housing to ensure that they don’t end up back in jail.
The only problem though is corporate America will fight tooth and nails o prevent it. The corporate Democrats and Republicans will be instructed to imprison as many people as they can to feed the corrupt and immoral system of prison slavery so that we can “compete with the Chinese” and keep America safe… for the financially secure percentage of the populace. The only solution is for us to vote out every member of Congress this November who supports either of the corrupt political Parties and usher in a new era of social equity and justice for all.


They also should be required to obey the law. You can’t enforce a law if you cannot obey a law.


“Only following orders” The same defense used by Nazi defendants for the murder of 6 million Jews and countless other humans at the Nuremberg trials.It was considered “No defense” and many were hanged !!!


Worth noting that some Japanese war criminals were sentenced to prison for waterboarding prisoners.