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Toxic Effects of Stress on Children Separated From Parents


Toxic Effects of Stress on Children Separated From Parents

Deborah Gross

It’s been said that you can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they have tried everything else.

We cannot think of a better example than the Trump administration’s policy to forcibly remove children from parents caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally as they are seeking asylum from violence, presumably to deter people from entering the country illegally.


Government of the psychopaths, by the psychopaths, and for the psychopaths…


The hippocampus shrinks to the size of a walnut or less, it dries up. The amygdala expands beyond recognition. Hormone creation and distribution is disrupted and runs amuck. With the amygdala so enlarged there is no fight or flight, there is only fear. And this is just what happens to 2 organs of the body. They never recover, ever. Now imagine what happens to the rest of the body, heart rate, blood pressure, on and on. I have lived this way for 58 years. To called it “toxic stress” is, yes correct, but at first blush an understatement at best. It is a living hell. Another way of looking at it is, think of a vet coming home from war. Now apply that to a child’s brain. PTSD is the only known mental illness that actually changes the physical structure of the brain. Now think what that does to the future of a child’s life.


This subject certainly deserves attention.
Being separated from their parents, children are traumatized.

Perhaps more attention should be given the trauma inflicted upon the children of divorce, as well.


Perhaps this is why Trump is doing this: he too was separated from his mother and father Orangutan at an early age, and sent to military school where he was taught that he was human.

I guess he never passed that class.


There is probably no way to measure the damage our govt. has done to these kids. Will some grow up to be monsters? Will some grow up in fear of the world around them ? Most likely, and everything in between. I also have doubts about the living conditions these kids are being kept in. When the detention centers won’t allow elected officials inside, they have something to hide, this causes my BS detectors to scream. This must end now.


Ladies, et al.

If you haven’t yet, sign on to the statement and petition of childsworldamerica.org.

The signature list is growing! Over 12,000. Mental health professionals, organizations, and general public.

Signing is a beginning step for all the work we have to do to back off the swamp monsters.


Same with most foster homes.


Thanks for the link.


I personally heard Jefferson Beauregard Sessions lll, spew his filthy venom about immigrants and the illegal immoral Iraq war effort in D.C. way back in 2005.
Now look where he sits and his policy ramifications. Sheesh!
Enough yet?


I hope it works, the link…and the protests…


There’s no doubt that system needs much more and effective oversite.