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'Toxic to Democracy': New Project Reveals Corrupting Web of Trump Empire


'Toxic to Democracy': New Project Reveals Corrupting Web of Trump Empire

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Public Citizen on Tuesday launched a new project aimed at documenting President Donald Trump's vast entanglement of business interests and highlighting "the urgent need for the president to disclose his tax returns so Americans can determine the extent of his business holdings and how they may be affecting his policy decisions."


Trump serially accuses “the globalists” of perpetrating all of the woes his base whines about while his base continues to ignore the fact that Trump is as globalist as a “globalist” gets.

Actually, Trump’s base not only ignores facts, they consider facts to be one of the many contrived enemies that motivate them to eternally wear the red ball caps and adore Trump.


Toxic to Democracy and every other thing that POS has touched or will during his nightmare tenure! RESIST! REMOVE! IMPRISON!


Donald Trump is about Donald Trump, period. If outright treason would net him a profit, and he could get away with it, he would sell this country and everyone in it down the river. There is not an ounce of decency in this man, an inflated ego wearing an over-sized suit.


And exactly what is the “democracy” that Trump is poisoning? The one that nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The one that fire-bombed Dresden, Tokyo and other cities relentlessly? The one that created the National Security Act, the Patriot Act, FISA act, etc.? The one that brought the world the Korean “Conflict” and multiple wars in Southeast Asia? The one that committed genocides against Native Americans, created and perpetrated formal slavery for centuries? The one that replaced formal slavery with Jim Crow and the U.S. Gulag? The one that consistently slaughtered workers. The one that conducts a permanent war against all humanity and Mother Earth herself? The one where the division of wealth and income is pretty much the worse on Earth? The one that conducted (and conducts) dirty wars throughout the hemisphere?

Just askin’.


When both candidates are mirror images of each other that leaves no lesser of two evils. Everyone in government is there to build their wealth on the government gravy train.


It is cognitive dissonance to the umpteenth power or you could say that Rethugs are just a bunch of fucking hypocrites. “It’s not evil when WE do it” is a meme for both of these corrupt parties but the Rethugs really OWN this despicable situation. They are the biggest enemy to our democracy and our very republic that I know of.


Mr. Mueller, please hurry with your investigation.

The water’s getting pretty deep in this country.

The wrong people are dying.


Poison to all people/life/the planet. DJT, his family and his henchmen/women are evil incarnate. Their sole purposes are to fill their pockets and dismantle our government only to rebuild it into a despotic and tyrannical oligarchy beholding to corporations and the wealthiest of the wealthy. For them, too much is never enough… But the most diabolical DJT with his hubris, narcissism, and sociopathy just may end his and everyone else’s lives with his threat of nuclear war…along with destroying the entire planet. The aftermath of Nuclear weapons and their destruction cannot be contained nor will its after effects ever dissipate.


i experience such a overwhelming anger and grief over the actions of these things. i refuse to recognize these things as human, hence the ‘things’

frustration surges and overspills into my ordinary life.

and i live in canada - it is impossible to imagine the feelings of u.s.a. citizens, living with these things controlling your lives.

and the ethically correct and legal way to remove these things is slow. so slow. but there is no other way. meanwhile these things are dismantling the administrative arm of government - who actually run things.

the republicans who support the ruler king are despicable - they sold whatever little humanity they have for an empty power, putting a thing in a position where the ruler thing abuses them, denigrates them, publically bullies them.

take care citizens, stay safe. there are good people who are working with you.


i feel the same way
special prosecutor mr. mueller, former fbi director mr. comey, senators john mccain, jeff flake, lindsey graham, and others

the journalists who bring the information to us.

i think though that we are impatient because of feeling completely helpless to actually do some big and meaningful act.
but in reality, the special prosecutor and his team are moving rather swiftly.
and getting very close
which is why the pariah-piranhas are circling around, agitated and scared. good.


yes, but some are just so much worse than others.
the things in power right now are corrupt to the level of putin.
and that’s some corruption


yes, yes and yes.
yes yes yes yes

the current corruption is so overwhelmingly wide-spread and encompassing it’s insane.
this is evil and corruption that combines the horrors that you mention, and would take a citizenry, many of whom are struggling to achieve an equal society, into a dark age.
all checks and balances are being dismantled - they want a russian oligarchy type regime - no holds barred.

just sayin’


The logical end of corporatism is when one immortal nobody owns everything.


And I found out this weekend watching C-SPAN Book TV that any appointee (cabinet sec’y, NSA head, SCOTUS nominee, e.g.) can be IMPEACHED, which means that all of the horrific cabinet secretaries, the AG and the VP can go down in flames but it will not happen without the GOP House members taking a long, hard look into themselves and assuming responsibility for the very sad, dangerous state of affairs our nation is in. They have allowed a diabolical, demented despot and his heinous flying monkeys to bring our nation to its knees with their tyranny.


The GOP has not just “allowed” a diabolical demented despot and his flying monkeys to bring our nation to its knees", the GOP has enabled this and continues to nurture it knowing that they have he 99% exactly where they want them to facilitate the final stages of turning the US into a neofeudal state where the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.


So’s the bull$h!t [coming from DC] …



We are not completely helpless to actually do something big and meaningful. Please don’t feel this way. We have more power than you think.

Stay tuned. It’s coming.


I think that is what he’s in the process of doing even as we speak…he along with his globalist cronies are privatizing every commodity, service, and public entity they can wrap their filthy hands around. They must be stopped before they finalize their plan by making slavery legal again. Their only rule of legitimacy is whether any and everything that they can monetize for their own fun and profit must be monetized. The rest of Humanity and the Earth itself be damned…and They have been. These people are insane. Do they really think life will be worth living even for their own progeny? This is the very essence of insanity. I want to pity them. The “Jesus loves me, this I know” part of me still does, but there’s no time for pity with mad dogs at the door.


We read. We know our original sins and the ones we perpetually repeat out of overweaning, jingoistic, patriotic pride.
All that you say is true. Don’t use the truth as a bullwhip to discourage us from living up to ethical ideals we’re capable of. It’s good not to claim them as achieved. I give you that.