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#ToxicTwitter: Human Rights Group Says Platform of Creates Abusive Environment for Women


#ToxicTwitter: Human Rights Group Says Platform of Creates Abusive Environment for Women

Julia Conley, staff writer

The human rights group Amnesty International accused Twitter of creating a toxic atmosphere for women on its platform in a report on Wednesday—saying the platform fails to enforce clear restrictions banning abuse, and leaves users without a clear sense of its rules and their rights while using the website.

The study detailed death threats and rape threats, as well as misogynist, racist, transphobic, and homophobic abuse targeting women. The women who detailed their experiences of abuse included prominent politicians in the UK, journalists, and women's rights activists.


Twitter: The communication choice of Trump.

Trumps abuse of women is well documented.

1+1=Why is this permitted to continue?


"I reported the abusive tweets and accounts," one woman told the group. "From that, one account got suspended. Everything else I reported to Twitter, they said, we are taking your complaint seriously and then nothing else was done. There was no further contact from Twitter…It almost feels that when you are filling in the reporting questions that they don’t believe you."

The company’s attitude towards complaints of abuse has helped make it a “toxic place for women,” Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, told the Guardian.

"For far too long Twitter has been a space where women can too easily be confronted with death or rape threats, and where their genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are under attack," said Allen. "The trolls are currently winning, because despite repeated promises, Twitter is failing to do enough to stop them."

"Ensuring an internet free from gender-based violence enhances freedom of expression as it allows women to fully participate in all areas of life and is integral to women’s empowerment," UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women Dubravka Simonoci was quoted as saying in the report.

This is really sad and needs strong response –

It also encourages males to act as bullies with violent threats to females.


I could ask “How did just a couple of predatory corporations seize the Internet?” But it’s exactly like asking “How did just a handful of men seize half the wealth of humankind?”

Sure, you can blame the predators. Lord knows they deserve it. But sound anarchist analysis turns it around to examine the role of prey (that’s us, folks). What stops us from demanding, and getting, open standards in so-called social media? Whatever blocks us needs to be cleared.

In the meantime, the fundamental principle of anarchism (which flowed through Tolstoy to Gandhi and King) is non-cooperation. For God’s sake, people, you don’t need to sell your personal dignity so cheaply to Facebook and Twitter. And stop slumping like that, you’ll weaken your back. You know I’m only tough with you because I love you.


So, you put your face out in the WWW, communicate personal info to strangers and willingly provide a corporation to use anything you see, say and do and when that corp sells that info you bitch? Well, just what were you thinking?:sob:

If you want privacy don’t put anything in the “cloud”. It gets hard to be sympathetic with people who recklessly expose their own privacy.


I don’t have to love you to respect you. I certainly don’t love twitter or facebook. Maybe social media should carry the provision, use at your own risk. That means you have to decide if it is what you intend it to be and act accordingly.


Many people like to use Twitter because they can get a lot of followers and that gives them a high. Even if these followers are bots, which many could be, or fake accounts, which many also could be, people still like the idea of having a large number of followers.It is heady stuff. That is one way that Twitter keeps people hooked. Perhaps the craziest thing is that you can buy followers. And even though you are aware you bought them they still make you feel good. And if scads of followers isn’t enough you can have large numbers of friends on Facebook. And it you hit it right you can get millions of views on YouTube. So what is a little loss of privacy. Maybe that is how people rationalize giving up so much personal information to monopolistic corporations.


Now I know why Donald Trump is so fond of Twitter. It has no more respect for women than our Groper-in-Chief.