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TPP: A New Low


TPP: A New Low

Richard Trumka

As a dozen nations gather in New Zealand this week to officially sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), working families in the United States are sounding the alarm on a deal that would lower wages and ship even more jobs overseas.


TPP must pass to ensure maximization of Obama's post presidential $peech compensation! /s


Food is not only one of life's basics; it's essential! Yet in this article and the one that features Elizabeth Warren, that subject did not come up.

What does it mean to farmers and those who wish to sustain their health... that corporations like Monsanto will increasingly mutate their food with untested gene combinations and dangerous pesticides placed into food crops, themselves?

What will it mean that treaties like this will ensure that less food safety will become the norm. How many distributors will wish to open the door to a legal dispute should quality control officers notice that beef, chicken, or plant products are tainted?

Remember Mad Cow? How about Salmonella outbreaks? Bird Flu? And now Zita?

When science is decoupled from morality AND serious regulatory oversight, its own breed of Dr. Frankensteins can play fast and loose with Nature and by extension, Public Health.

TIPP and TPP literally remove citizens from ANY decision making processes. And what nation in this phase of undeclared Global Depression has discretionary funds available to fight frivolous lawsuits? Some of the top corporations have larger incomes than entire nations!

TIPP and TPP are to every form of global commerce what deregulation of banking (removal of Glass Steagall) has been to the global financial system.

These are POISONS!

As is clear, if these treaties were not made in secrecy and instead based upon Democratic referendums, they would NOT pass.

To those who focus on their version of American Sheeple--perhaps in witnessing how powerful the global corporate cartels have become, and how they intend to FORCE their protocols onto the rest of us--such posters will amend their narrow judgment calls and recognize that a global plague is upon all of us human beings.

Corporations today are monsters... and none more so than the banking cartels, weapon-making/war-promoting cartels, big pharma cartels, and Monsanto and its gen. tech. partners in crimes against nature.


that's pretty shocking. usually they're predictably self-destructive.


Trumka just said that "...both presidential frontrunners oppose it", which is news to me, unless Sanders is now officially the frontrunner.
HRC has been as devoted a servant to "trade" agreements as anyone.
Now if the rank and file could just dissolve the pathetic AFL-CIO and start over with a real union.


Hillary has been given an easy pass on TPP. All she has to do is say she is against it (if she even does that) and the subject is dropped. No one asks her to discuss TPP or the issues involved in trade deals. No one asks her this question >>> If you become president would you sign a TPP deal?


If Richard Trumka is really serious about opposing the TPP then perhaps he should endorse Bernie Sanders who has opposed all those trade treaties Hillary Clinton supported for years from NAFTA to TPP. Yet we see this "AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka sent a memo to the leaders of associated unions in July telling them not to endorse Sanders.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/01/15/petition-urges-afl-cio-union-endorse-sanders/#ixzz3z8kpiCay"
When is Union leadership going to stand up for workers rather than begging for crumbs from Corporate Democrats like Clinton??


Obama indicated that he would close the offshore prison camp at Guantanamo, stop the war in Iraq, and he offered assurances of other progressive positions. Then, he was able to fall back on the canard that the congress didn't allow those objectives to be fulfilled. Nice end-run around STATED policy promises.

My point is that Hillary can SAY anything. But what she would deliver would be a whole different matter. This individual is Wall Street's girl, the Big Bank's girl, Monsanto's girl, and most tragic of all, the MIC's girl.

What's mortifying is hearing all the candidates TRY to sound like Bernie Sanders.

Ted Cruz tries to paint himself as a populist who gives a shit about voters and workers' needs! Isn't that amazing... with his PAC funds a promise to quite the contrary.

Hillary is trying to out-Bernie in promising things she would NEVER deliver.

And even Trump throws a few Populist crumbs to the celebrity-struck masses.

I just thought of another skit for Saturday Night Live. Each candidate submits to a lie-detector on PUBLIC view AS they answer campaign questions.

On a HUGE screen, the public gets to view where they are LYING.

Something like "American Idol's" judge team then tallies the results ON-AIR.

Let's see... "Mrs. Clinton has an honesty rating of 29 and Donald Trump of 33. Bernie Sanders is up around 91."


The BS spewing mayor of Tampa is in love with the TPP...claims it is so good for trade and how it'll bring jobs to Tampa...he's a lap-dog for the oligarchs who are gonna profit while the poor get poorer and the environment suffers.


Not to mention that there will be no labeling of food products. You will not know where your food comes from. How about fish from overseas being raised in beds of sewage. Oh yummy!

I tried to talk to the Whole Foods Market about the TPP and their fresh fish products and they said they only buy organic and they would never do anything else. Well….shit IS….. organic. Why don’t people hear you until it is too late?

What do markets like Whole Foods do when they pressured to sell products and if they refuse, there is the threat of being sued by another country or their own government says they have to cooperate with other nations or be in trouble?