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TPP Benefits the Few and Harms Many


TPP Benefits the Few and Harms Many

Hazim Ismail, Leena Hasan

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has been called "NAFTA on steroids," is a harbinger of invasive and human rights-violating times. Called a trade agreement, it actually has very little to do with trade — it is more concerned with expanding the rights of corporations.

We are concerned about TPP for many reasons, but at the core of it is this deal was created mostly by corporate investors, behind closed doors, to protect themselves from regulations that protect people and the planet.


Good to see ever more Canadians connecting the dots and seeing through the TPP smokescreen that Obama and Trudeau have made the hub of their alliance.


ISDS, where shopping is a pleasure.


While it may be American corporations that are behind these anti-Democratic, immensely unpopular (to human beings) trade agreements, they do NOT benefit American workers or homeowners either.

Since the corporations who own Obama and are using that ownership to try to push these treaties through happen to offshore their tax bases (and thereby, renege on their actual tax obligations), they really are stateless entities.

And the following bears repeating as often as possible:

"What we foresee with this agreement are increased drug costs, a global race to the bottom in wages, increased exploitation of temporary foreign workers, reduced health and environmental protections and indigenous sovereignty, a carbon-intensive economy, and undermined community and government efforts to buy local."

As I've pointed out for some time, today's corporations were yesterday's pharaohs and BOTH regard the world's people as slaves and its resources as THEIRS to do with as they will.


This is another patronizing quote made to blame voter-citizens for the devious acts of those IN power.

The REAL problem is that these agreements were MADE secret and any U.S. representative who wished to share their contents with his or her constituents were not allowed to take the material out of secreted offices or copy any of it!

What the public largely knows is what has been LEAKED.

Furthermore, since brain-dead posters apparently need the truth read to them on a daily basis, the RESULTS of the Page and Gilens study PROVE that the public's wishes (which implies their active knowledge of a thing) has ZERO impact on the actual policies that end up implemented.

This is why I assert that people are paid to post here. They always push the LIE that our nation is a functional Democratic entity and that The People have choice, sovereignty, and open channels of redress.

You're here to sustain THAT illusion.


Welcome to the U.S. Oligarchy! Money controls both parties, time for a third completely controlled by the people through a democratic process. One person one vote, money needed for campaigns pooled and divided equally. A party for the people, by the people.

Even if Bernie losses the nomination, I believe we've seen the future of a new movement in America (We are the 99%). Crony capitalism and their fossil fuels need to go the way of the dinosaur. Let their be no doubt! The destruction of the planet is on the line, you/we/I have no choice.