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TPP Could 'Undermine Health of Web' Say 250+ Tech Companies and Digital Rights Groups


TPP Could 'Undermine Health of Web' Say 250+ Tech Companies and Digital Rights Groups

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

More than 250 tech companies and digital rights organizations on Wednesday sent a joint letter to Congress, blasting the corporate-backed trade deal they say "actively silences the voices of Internet users, start-ups, and small tech companies...while undermining the health of the entire Web."


Two things-

I just posted but it appeared my comment vanished the first time around.

  1. These deals give repressive regimes a right to equal backdoors. If you give one country’s secret police a back door, you need to give other countries secret polices, nomatter how repressive they are, backdoors too. Sources: Snowden and a argument between a yahoo exec and a NSA official (Mike Rogers) at a seminar on the governments campaign against “cyber terrorists”

  2. At some point during the whole brouhaha over snowden a document on the greenwald site contained information that GCHQ was rewriting web pages on the fly. The example used was it was ostentiably to replace terrorist bomb recipes with cupcake recipes… However, it wont stop there. In fact, a number of activists claim that their emails have been mysteriously vanishing.

However, as they say, oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. the problem with deception is it requires more and more deception to cover up the previous deception and it takes more and more energy. This will create a really horrible situation like the one we see today in North Korea where they lock up people and three generations of their family, who say one thing, they dont like, (but the real reason is to stop the flow of information that contradicts their insanely dishonest version of the world.

My point is that lies require exponentially more energy to maintain the reality distortion field, creating a situation where regime preservation becomes more important than anything else because the leaders eventually develop a well founded fear of public outrage upon the discovery of the scheme.


Thank you Deirdre Fulton for this important piece of reporting.

I’m going to send $200 to the EFF right now since they consistently fight for our rights to organize on-line and the PTB want to end that. (I promised them $100 last year and couldn’t make the domestic only zip code field work.)


This event where emails disappear happens to me all the time now. Also internet speed slows to molasses anytime I post Fukushima info or argue with the pro-nuke trolls. Corporate punishment for activism is so totalitarian I am left speechless (pardon the sick pun.) Corporate CIAs like Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting) are known to stalk activists like Jeremy Hammond, who posted their misdeeds on wikileaks. See www.thehalloffame.wikidot.com

The Dark Ages of Cruel Corporate Kingdom are upon us.


I shall put that on my Tshirt along with TV network logos.


Your comment is actually under the Black Women Matter article.


Thats what I wanted because they do matter and while they are having this march these negotiations are going on in Geneva which could really hurt many low wage and high wage American jobs.

If I were them I would try to get involved so they dont get shafted.


Everyone to the left of Mitch McConnell and Pres. Obama, and not in favor of these horrible trade deals, please stand up and raise your hand. OK, let’s see, that’s 92,% 93,% 94,% 95,% 96,% 97,% 98,% 99,% 99.99%; so the votes are in and have been counted. President Obama is so far to the right of late he couldn’t be recognized in a photo-op with the Koch Bros. After this current debacle maybe Rahm can find him a job dusting the position papers at the new Question Mark & The Mysterians Presidential Library in Chicago? God knows nobody will be studying them for their profiles in courage. Book signings at Dollar General coming soon here, Fearless Leader.


Another thrust by Obama and his corporate henchmen to acquire economic advantage. We better keep the heat on congress so they don’t enact this legislative monstrosity. Money never stops trying to make more. What a system capitalism is.


Yes, the gloves are coming off. Several days ago an e-mail arrived, pursuant to this forum from “thevoiceofreason” that purportedly responded to a comment I made here over a month ago. Only it was not a response, and contained a non-sequitor question that suggested to me that that on-line identity had knowledge of my wife’s occupation. I had posted a suggestion to John Queally to investigate Marubeni Corp. of Tokyo (a major company with a decades-long history of criminal convictions for bribery, tax evasion, and an assortment of other industrial criminality) and their possible involvement with an ethane cracking plant here in Ohio. I sent the info I had collected to a local paper and as required gave my name, address, etc. What I posted here was identical in some paragraphs to what I sent the paper and those looking for “trouble-makers” could have matched the two and targeted my identity.

Have a nice day, and keep a tight asshole, as Mr. Natural used to say.