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TPP Is Obama’s #1 2016 Priority: Why Only 28 Seconds in the SOTU?


TPP Is Obama’s #1 2016 Priority: Why Only 28 Seconds in the SOTU?

WASHINGTON - “Obama only dedicated 28 seconds of his final State of the Union address to the TPP, his self-proclaimed top 2016 priority, but that beat the number of Congress people who stood to cheer for the controversial agreement.

As the cabinet fans out this week to amplify President Obama’s 2016 goals, we will see if they are ginning up support for the pact.



Reading this my attention is also drawn to the driving forces of corporate globalization which have 'employed' a strategy of defrauding democratic process through ALEC "legislative" buyouts creating a corralling effect of pseudo legitimacy. At the same time a two decades long siphoning of hard earned social security and retirement funds through the gutting of Glass-Steagle to capture the basis for a devervatives debacle which then drew from the basest of motives to double-down on apocalyptic scale fraud to impoverish the demos.
What is this used for? To 'beef-up' the most nefarious of neo-colonial heists in mega-scale projects making grabs into the centuries long dehumanization premises that deny indigenous peoples worldwide for their land and resources. What is the armament of this hideous juggernaut? Monoculture, mega hydroelectrics with massive mining and every other extractive vampire industry that can survive only through constant expansion and 'externalization' of the costs to human rights, waste, pollution, and the rest of the aggregate disasters we are facing world wide.
The bizarre framing of this model is that the diversity absolutely essential to life on the planet is scorned and destroyed by a model that propagates precisely these adversities and their consequences that are shown to be self-destructive.
My understanding of psychopathy is in part that its description includes the incapacity to recognize that it is in fact psychopathic. Part of that is centuries old notion that "nature" exists only to be exploited for the delusion du jour.


My take is that Fearless Leader's speech, some have called it a sermon ( The Sermon on The Mole Hill ), was to reassure the Democratic Party faithful that the Federal elections matter in 2016. He had to remind them, by using a subtle MLK Jr. style approach, that going to the polls really does count for something/anything. As it appears it hasn't much, of late, to the man who promised " change we can believe in ". Which is a very tough sell when potential voters hear, 24/7, that about 160 wealthy families are basically running and funding the campaigns of almost all of our potential future options for POTUS. When the average Middle Class family has lost $5000 in yearly earnings since 2008. When less than 38% of registered voters bothered to do so, in 2014. And, when the MSM allows The Nation Magazine's editor Katrina Vanden Hueval to call the current situation, " a gov't run by plutocrats " and the Beltway Crowd pretty much acknowledges that as a quite plausible assertion. So, some know The TPP is a disaster waiting to happen for most of the " Joe & Mary Lunch Pail " crowd and Fearless Leader knows this, too ( I see this at my workplace with the Korean Free Trade Agreement of 2011, currently. Talk about " false advertising ", hah. The last data I saw on this was the deficit was around $ 40 Billion, their side. ) His day of historical reckoning is coming, as one of the female leaders of BLM said on Democracy Now yesterday, " he may well be our last black President ". Ouch! " Do you hear much of a vote of confidence there? Me either, sadly. He spent so little time on the TPP for the same reason he turned The Police & Security State on OWS and BLM but not The Bundy Revolts, I & II. Or, for not vigorously prosecuting Wall St. banks, police depts., et al. He's just carrying out his orders, from his benefactors, and asking " the working people " to do the same; fall to the back of the line, that is. ( " the arc of the moral universe is long and apparently doesn't bend much toward economic justice, just snaps apparently. Kind of odd but, who knew? " ) Also, " trust me, I'm new and fresh " isn't much of a sales pitch, anymore. And, Fearless Leader is pretty much " recycling used goods and old lines " here after more than 7 years of, in his own words, " not being more of a leader, like FDR or Lincoln " ( No kidding and don't remind me, please. My banking fees might go up, again ). Now, that is certainly something the voters and non-voters alike, in 2016, will agree on. " Oh, what a tangled web we weave... when first we practice to deceive. " But, the less said about all that, the better, right?