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TPP is the Crazy Train, and Fast Track is the Highway to Hell


TPP is the Crazy Train, and Fast Track is the Highway to Hell

Rich Bindell

We’ve been exposed to an awful lot of banter and propaganda about international trade deals recently. In the past year, the words “Fast Track,” “Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),” and “trade promotion authority” have been thrown around quite liberally, most recently in the State of the Union Address. While we’ve blogged about the TPP and Fast Track many times already, and produced a fact sheet or two to break it down for the uninitiated, it seems like it might be a nice gesture to explain why this topic is on the tips of many a political tongue as of late.


Yet the Far Right still brands Obama–Mr. Friendly to Corporations, the MIC, and Big Banks, everywhere–President as “a socialist.”

This trade deal is to Monsanto what Obama-care was (and is) to Insurance Companies.

What the empowered political elites are setting up is a new world order which puts corporate behemoths in control.

For more than a decade, the false flag maneuvers have created in their wake a “war on Terrorism” which mostly served as a pretext for beefing up military (and related) entities and arming them with enough ordnance to suppress, destroy, or condition any urban population or protest group that can effectively set forth a serious challenge to Business as Usual among the 1%.

The lie that poses AS Defense and by extension Defense Spending is three-fold.

First, the money allotted to alleged Defense is used to design, purchase, and spread dangerous armaments…

Second, this lost revenue provides the excuse that the “cupboard is bare” so that all truly humane programs can be cut off.

Third, the citizenry is left in worst shape with lots of global hot spots lit to ensure more battles (which are framed as Terrorism). This makes future wars inevitable (and keeps elements 1-3 in place.)

Oh, and then there’s the massive suppression of Civil Liberties aspect.

Trade deals of this nature expose today’s ersatz Democracy for the fraud that it is.


Dept of Defense has long been used to semantically prop up imperialism.

Common phrases to pluck American heartstring include:
Defending Democracy
Defending Liberty
Defending the innocent
but mostly Defending The American Way of Life
which really meant waging offense for Capitalism.

Dick Cheny made it patently clear when he claimed that the American Lifestyle was not negotiable that the plan was to make war the new normal. After 14 years, I’d say he nailed it.