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TPP Is Too Flawed for a Simple 'Yes' Vote


TPP Is Too Flawed for a Simple 'Yes' Vote

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Globalization is a positive and powerful force for good, if it is embedded in the right kind of ethical and legal framework. Yet the current draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not worthy of a simple thumbs-up by the Congress. Without jettisoning the purported goals of TPP, the 12 signatories should slow down, take the pieces of this complex trade agreement in turn, and work harder for a set of international standards that will truly support global sustainable development.


Mr. Sachs attributes to Obama (and his administration) good intentions that have no justification in fact.

I object to the use of the frame that asserts that the TPP will help "America" or its trade.

The results of the Piketty Study, along with other research demarcates just how much in the way of global assets has moved steadily up the financial food chain to arrive in the coffers of the 1%. Thus using the canard that the trade deal could be beneficial to America, per se, when it may only favor certain American-based corporations is a deceptive frame.

Mr. Sachs is correct to cite the ISDS as the most egregious threat to law, environmental protections, and labor rights:

"The most egregious parts of the agreement are the exorbitant investor powers implicit in the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system as well as the unjustified expansion of copyright and patent coverage. We’ve seen this show before. Corporations are already using ISDS provisions in existing trade and investment agreements to harass governments in order to frustrate regulations and judicial decisions that negatively impact the companies’ interests. The system proposed in the TPP is a dangerous and unnecessary grant of power to investors and a blow to the judicial systems of all the signatory countries."

The visual images shown in the following links should be required viewing for anyone sitting in on the TPP and TIPP talks. How DARE the bastards not mention global warming? Any cursory viewing of either of these 20 minute documentaries shows the incredibly destructive nature of rapidly occurring "once in a century" storms, fires, droughts, floods, and volcanic eruptions.

Earth Mother is so out of balance that in spite of so much destruction currying alarms that sane souls should acknowledge--and use for remedial action--the global elites have shut out the public, The People's Rights, and TRUTH from their insatiable (for profit) trade deals.

Here are two powerful links:


Sachs' saying that "the Obama Administration surely negotiated the agreement (TPP) in good faith" was contradicted by Obama himself when he told Elizabeth Warren she was wrong when she pointed out what is included in the TPP.


The TPP should simply be scrapped, Dr. Sachs.


Conceding the entire argument in the first sentence to the globalization folk is not wise.

Economic Globalization is NOT a positive and powerful force for good. It is a force for the growth of capitalism, a force away from local control and from sustainability.


***Globalization is a positive and powerful force for good- utter bullshit!

***This is not a pernicious accord, the fruits of a secret cabal as some have feared- One huge LIE!

***Nor is globalization an evil to be fought tooth and nail- Wrong, Globalization is the Illuminati way to "One World Rule"

***The second is a set of regulatory standards for trade. "Most of these are useful", requiring that regulations that limit trade should be based on evidence, not on political whims or hidden protectionism.- I see nothing useful to any, but the Oligarchs-

***Ostensibly fast-track is used because multilateral trade agreements are too complex, with too many trade-offs, to be taken up section by section- **Total Bullshit- Fast Track is to prevent Congress from Amending any part of this- Fast-Track is Corporate Extortion-

***The up-or-down vote therefore raises two questions. First, are the bad parts indeed bad enough to vote down the package, thereby "jeopardizing the undoubted good of other chapters"? "undoubted good" for who?

***Congress should vote “no’’ on the current TPP, "while simultaneously endorsing its trade provisions as well as continuing the work with our counterparts on the other chapters".- Wrong, the whole deal needs to be mothballed immediately!!!

*******Globalization is indeed so important for our common good that it’s of overriding significance to get it right- This is such an insultingly contemptuous statement from A Corporate stooge that literally screams at you- This one statement alone negates any credibility that Sachs has to offer here!!!

No real mention of Copyright Law and it's devastating effects on our Internet or access to Affordable Generic drugs for the needy of this Earth- Doctors without Borders has addressed this! There is A hidden agenda going on here, making these " National Sovereignty" gobbling smoke and mirrors scams actually sound like "Trade Agreements", all accomplished in secret with A cram it down your throat "Fast Track" take it but don't leave it legalese rider- Sach's is trying to legitimize fraudulent, Fascist, Corporate Extortion for Empire and Capitalism-

Our President, Congress and "Intellectuals" should be spending their precious time in figuring out how to force these Banks and Corporations into cleaning up the mess they made of this once beautiful, life sustaining Orb, instead they are busily working on accelerating the mess while precious time is running out-


I am in total agreement with you- This guy is dangerous to himself and others-
What total BS!!!!!


Would you expect anything else from Sachs, who works at Columbia University which is located on the same island of evil that Wall Street is located on ?


This I didn't know- I googled him and read A bit and actually changed the tone of my original "mean" accusatory post... Maybe I should have left it alone- Am wondering now if that last name is telling? Thanks Ray-


More on Mr. Jeffrey D. Sachs:
"Sachs and IMF economist David Lipton advised the rapid conversion of all property and assets from public to private ownership"

The World Bank now has its first contested race for the president of the institution in 68 years. Economist Jeffrey Sachs has thrown his hat into the ring, and as of this week has been officially nominated by the governments of Kenya, Malaysia, Jordan, and East Timor.

Jeffrey David Sachs (săks), 1954–, American economist, b. Detroit; grad. Harvard (B.A., 1976; M.A., 1978; Ph.D., 1980). He joined the Harvard faculty in 1980, and became a full professor three years later. A hands-on macroeconomist as well as an academic, he advised in the 1980s Bolivia, which was experiencing extreme hyperinflation. His success there—through deep cuts in spending and wages, collection of domestic debts, and other reforms—led to consultancies with other economically troubled countries. Among these were Venezuela, Ecuador, Poland, and Russia; he worked on the change from socialism to market economies in the latter two
He is director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Since 2010 he also served as a commissioner for the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, which leverages broadband technologies as a key enabler for social and economic development
He wrote the first-ever comprehensive plan for the transition from central planning to a market economy, which became incorporated into Poland's reform program led by Finance Minister Leszek Balcerowicz. Sachs was the main architect of Poland's successful debt reduction operation. Sachs and IMF economist David Lipton advised the rapid conversion of all property and assets from public to private ownership.
From 2000 to 2001, Sachs was chairman of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health[26] of the World Health Organization, and from 1999 to 2000 he served as a member of the International Financial Institution Advisory Commission established by the U.S. Congress. Sachs has been an adviser to the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations Development Program. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Society of Fellows, the Fellows of the World Econometric Society, the Brookings Panel of Economists, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and the Board of Advisers of the Chinese Economists Society, among other international organizations.[24

Many articles I have read about this guy dress him up as some guy that is fighting World Hunger and Poverty but the writing on the shit house wall leads me to believe he is just another Milton Friedman Economist-


Sachs for World Bank president!


"Why is it that companies can force arbitration tribunals to defend their investor rights, but workers have no such power?"
One thing to be grateful for is the TPP's not requiring the people to go to the corporate-controlled kangaroo courts. The only thing I am not sure of is whether Mr. Sachs genuinely thinks there would be an actual benefit to workers to to force them into such a binding arbitration tribunal or if he is being disingenuous. I have heard others complain that this ISDS is only for the corporations and I am thankful for that. There shouldn't be any such tribunals for anyone.


Why not throw something out there that explains why you feel this way- Not all that effective to just make A blanket statement about Sachs- I am in agreement, but I also know you can do better than this Maxwell....


I have been reading J. Sachs for many years in Scientific American and Skeptical Inquirer. His measured remarks always fall short of advocating for the types of reforms or rebellions that will be necessary to save humanity from becoming homo econimus to the exclusion of all else. His opening remarks in this piece are typical of the half-steps he always advocates.

You have to be truly blind not to understand the motives and intent of accumulated wealth. If by globalism what was truly meant was the full realization of the stated purposes of the UN, and all of the world's governments disarmed, destroyed their nuclear arsenals, and agreed to work exclusively on addressing climate change and the population crisis, then I would agree with him.

Every government representative, whether from the US or the other signatory countries to this abdication of sovereign authority who vote to approve this will be guilty of treason. It is the antithesis of representative government and the first act of a dystopian future.

Mr. Sachs would have us eat around the edges of a shit sandwich. Ummm, yummy.

edit: I disagree strongly with Mr. Sachs comment that the TPP will undoubtedly be good for the US. Labor fairness and environmental regulation barely exists in many of the signatory countries, so whom, Dr. Sachs, do you suppose the ISDS is aimed at? Once this is passed ALEC and AFP (Americans For Prosperity) can disband and retire to their villas for a nice cigar and cognac and say to themselves "mission accomplished."


Here is A fascinating article form 2014 by Dean Henderson about Dope Inc., Dirty Big Oil and all the other garbage of life including Jeffrey D. Sachs-
Big Oil’s Central Asian Mafia
Posted on 08/19/2014 |

The controversy centered on the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), which ran several of Russia’s privatization schemes. HIID Directors Jonathan Hay and Jeffrey Sachs held investments in multinationals which benefited from an $89 million World Bank loan to Russia which HIID had arranged. Russia’s top securities regulator Dmitry Vasiliev spotted this and other irregularities, terminating HIID’s contract with the Russian government. [2] But not before the Wall Street investment bankers had looted the Russian Treasury, leading to the Russian economic collapse of 1998.


What has been revealed and exposed on these very pages and many, many other non MSM sources for years and years by countless experts about the motives, organization, methods of control, subjugation of sovereignty, and broad and crippling consequences of this free pass for wealthy investors and their 'rights agreements' to assail and exploit populations on the entire planet, that this author could calmly make his narrative that tweaking is all that's needed to accept this perversion virtually throws the concepts of rationality and civility out the window. You don't tweak a cancer. You REMOVE a cancer. Sachs shamelessly fulfills his role as a well remunerated, obedient commissar. Like all netherworld evils the prescription is endless sunlight and a history that doesn't forget. Ever.


Assuming the author will read comments to his essay, I add my 2 cents. Given the conclusion that the TPP should be voted down for at least the "bad and ugly" How do you come to the conclusion Prez Obama negotiated "in good faith"? That sounds like a husband soft-peddling so as not to piss-off his wife - c'mon Jeff, WTF? Call a spade a spade without the weak jive!

Obama was the one pushing fast-track as I recall and the take it or leave it mechanism of FT works on the side of passing such a "flawed" - flawed is far too mild a term for the travesty and corporate empowerment that is at the heart of the TPP (and TTIP, TISA et al). Obama knew damn well what FT does and how it would affect passage of TPP!
All in all this critique is hardly a robust call to defeat this attempt to gift corporate greed, more like a timid rebuke for some well-intentioned mistakes or oversights - this charter for global fascism is no mistake, neither is Obama guiltless! If you're going to take the time, tell it like it is Jeff or don't tell it at all! Stand up to this Trojan Horse and the sell-out in the WH!


On the money eyewitness! Well said!


"IF it is enbedded in the right kind of ethical and legal framework."
That is a Really - Really big IF.
I don't think our government or Corporate attorneys are capable of ethical trade laws.
I don't think our government or Corporate CEO give a rat's ass about "legal framework".
I think the professor, in his ivory tower, is out of touch with the unwashed masses trying to survive
in this corrupt and dysfunctional system.
And...Climate Change is bearing down on us as we diddle around like everything is hunky dory.

PS: I did not know the Professor Sacks was a Wall Street Scumbag.


Common Dreams should be ashamed for printing a propaganda article by a Jeffrey Sachs who has a very low standard of morals in his past trade dealing with Russia. TPP is a total disaster for labor and for an open internet and for affordable drugs. I don't trust Obama and certainly don't trust Wall Street attorneys to look out for our interests. Shame on Common Dreams. Pull this dishonest article.