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TPP Negotiators Leave Hawaii While the Conclusion of the Deal Still Looms


TPP Negotiators Leave Hawaii While the Conclusion of the Deal Still Looms

Maira Sutton

Despite intense pressure to wrap up with a complete deal, the Hawaii round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations ended on Friday in a deadlock. The trade ministers ultimately remained in disagreement over auto, dairy, and biologic drug patent provisions. This is a major setback for the White House, which had promoted this round of talks as the final meeting that would result in a completed trade agreement.


Copyright and patent - invented as legalistic protections for writers and inventors so they can earn money FOR A LIMITED PERIOD from their creation or invention before it goes on to benefit humanity as a whole for the rest of eternity - have been thoroughly perverted by corporatist predators.

Yeah, poor Walt Disney is still "protected" so that he can earn something for a limited time period from his creation of Mickey Mouse. (Of course like all human creations, Disney essentially reworked someone else's creation anyway, but leaving that aside...).

The social / economic constructs of "copyright" and "patent" were promoted, at their creation, as benefiting humanity as a whole, by incentivizing invention and creation. Protecting the rights to the creation or invention "incentivizes" the profit motive in the creator or inventor, whereby even though the person extracts some personal profit, the limited time period ensures the full benefits of creations and inventions are enjoyed by everyone, at the minimal cost of reproduction. A win-win construct, in its elegant ideal of perfection. Its developers probably sincerely believed in the win-win, "benefit all humanity" nature of the construct.

The BLATANT PERVERSION of these "win-win" instruments of incentivizing creativity and invention in service to humanity, could not be clearer: These tools and constructs now confer endless control and profit on dehumanized corporations, which manipulate "communications media" and "representative democracy" to push their models into every interstice of the economy, and our consciousness. Yeah, ol' Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse are still protected...

The perverters, the corporatists, the profiteers, have spent decades of intense work and invested billions of dollars to construct the glorious fulfillment of their perverted model, rolled out as "globalization" and "free trade" and "partnerships" like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


"Ron Kirk, until recently Mr. Obama’s top trade official, was remarkably candid about why he opposed making the text public: doing so, he suggested to Reuters, would raise such opposition that it could make the deal impossible to sign."
New York Times OpEd
Come on all of you Obots! Yes we can, sell our asses for corporate profits! Ready for Hillary, Jeb, the Donald? MORONS, SUCKERS!