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TPP Opponents Take Aim at Pelosi: Let's Build a Firewall of Resistance


TPP Opponents Take Aim at Pelosi: Let's Build a Firewall of Resistance

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Social change network CREDO Action has amplified its call to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), calling for "an onslaught of grassroots opposition" coupled with a "firewall" of Democratic resistance in the House of Representatives to prevent the trade deal from being rammed through Congress.


Here is how the story will go down. TPP will pass.

Thank you very much.



So, should we call Pelosi's office in Washington D.C. to tell her to stand with the people on TPP or what?


Nah, why bother.


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This would be outright hilarious if it was not a desperate time for what is left of America's Working Class. 1% Pelosi and her ilk have gotten rich on the backs of workers and laughed all the way to a Wall Street Bank. Seriously, Pelosi will only vote against TPP when she sees it will safely pass!!


Pelosi voted for NAFTA, but both Feinstein and Boxer voted against it.


The rigged system that now Sanders endorses, more than tacitly.


Mitch McConnell telling us that a lame duck TPP coup "is unlikely"plus two bucks buys a cup of coffee.

It was Mitch and Obama that performed the end run that ushered in fast track authority for "trade deals" after telling us it wouldn't happen.


Looks like the Brits are turning out Tony Blair for his Iraq War lies and manipulations. Wish we would have done the same to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Kissinger, etc.


why isn't everybody using CREDO?


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Besides the carte blanch that the TPP gives to the multinational corps., the consequences to the environment are even worse. It basically allows them to do away with any environmental concerns in the name of increased profits. The globe is being poisoned by unmitigated pollution, trash, and toxic dumping even faster than the greenhouse gasses warming the planet. The TPP really needs to be stopped before there's nothing left of the vanishing resources and natural life on the beautiful world we all inhabit. Let's just hope it's already not to late to stop the rape and plunder of our Earth.


I'll sign Credo's petition and do what I can. Mostly, it's really comforting to know I won't be voting for the 2 Dims in Congress from Oregon supporting TTP or TTIP, etc. I'll send the Green Party my money and enjoy having my summer and fall to experience more of the great Pacific Northwest. No debates and no more hearing and watching The Greatest ( and most bullshit ) Kabuki Show on Earth. No National Petroleum Radio or all the pre-fabricated jive ( echo chamber) from the MSM lovers I have to work alongside. Just Say No to Endless War!!! There will be no justice, no prosperity, no equality and, certainly no peace for most of the 99s, until the war-mongering, criminal 1%er moneychangers are chased from the temple of our federal and state capitols. The scum continues to rise. The only good war continues to be a class war.:wink:


How brazen can the People's Representatives be, to, in front of our very eyes, entertain this hand over of Sovereignty from Nations to Corporations with a straight face?


Once "party" becomes more relevant to a politician/elected rep than principle and integrity that person no longer represents the people, but big-money, power and political corruption!
The TPP is championed by the progressive fraud, Obama, and is a national threat - the Democratic Party has lost any semblance of representing the people and its "leadership" corrupted by big-money - to ask or expect they will do their jobs rather than represent corrupt power is like expecting the scorpion to not sting the frog on the way across the river........


yes. tell her we don't want to give our right to self-govern over to international corporations. little thing like that. :O)


Exactly. Count those votes! Still, it can't hurt to call. I'm going to.


iirc, Merkley is against the TPP? i know Wyden is a lost cause. I'm giving Jill my vote, too.

Enjoy the beautiful NW!