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TPP Opposition: Make Them Do It And Hold Them To It


TPP Opposition: Make Them Do It And Hold Them To It

Dave Johnson

Elites take “globalization” as a given because “trade” deals have pushed sovereignty off the table and locked governments out of decision-making over things like stopping offshoring of jobs and protecting domestic industries. They smirk knowingly and wink and nod when politicians respond to citizen complaints about the disastrous effect this is having on populations, regions and economies. They assume the politicians are just saying what they need to say to get votes and will rejoin them after they get that pesky election out of the way.


I seem to remember Obama promising to end the war in Iraq, close GITMO and other things...

Promises, promises.

People are FED up with them...and with good reason!


This is what I have been saying. The only thing we can do is make her say over and over, 'I oppose the TPP.' As Johnson writes, every time she says it, the pressure mounts to keep her word.

Do I trust her to keep her word. Hell no. But maybe the pressure will be great enough and the consequences to great that she will be forced to keep it.


Defeating the TPP (and TTIP, and TISA) is just the first step. Then we must eliminate many business-supremacy treaties already in existence -- those that interfere with government measures to protect the environment, public health, and the general standard of living. We must do this all the way back to the World Trade Organization.

See http://stallman.org/business-supremacy-treaties.html.


The accompanying photo showing anti-TPP signs & protesters portrays a vanished reality. The Dem establishment "unity police" have acted to change that reality to their own fraud.

"Democratic Party personnel at the national convention are ejecting any Bernie Sanders delegates, who hold up hand-made signs or signs not officially produced by the party. There are whips walking aisles of the arena or sitting in seats engaged in monitoring the actions of delegates they believe will act out independently and stray from approved party messaging.

Bryce Hill, a twenty-five year-old delegate from California, watched a number of Secret Service agents eject a delegate after he argued with them about whether the sign he made was dangerous to the convention.

“They’ve told us not to make any signs,” Hill explained. “They will just warn us if we hold any hand-made or outside signs. We have ‘Ban Fracking’ signs that were brought in and ‘No TPP’ signs. And they say they won’t take them. They’ll just ask us to leave if we hold them up.”

Democratic National Convention personnel have informed delegates they will receive one warning and then their credentials will be revoked.

However, according to Hill, he has observed the Democratic Party handing out what appear to be hand-made signs to Hillary Clinton delegates. The signs are carefully made to look like they were made with the same enthusiasm as the signs the Sanders delegates are prohibited from displaying.

Jody Feldman, a sixty-one year-old California delegate, said the Democratic Party has brought in seat-fillers to make it seem like only a small number of delegates have abandoned the convention."

FLUSH THE TPP! and Dem betrayers!



The TPP represents a corporate power grab, the end of national sovereignty and the demise of the middle class ~ there's no fixing it, as the only place that treaty belongs is in the trash bucket ... what we need right now is are small protectionist import/export tariffs, not more free trade, which should better be called the exporting of American commodities and jobs ... Donald Trump has this issue correctly, though he's horrible on everything else; I worry that Hillary Clinton will flop on the TPP again, so she's out; Gary Johnson openly favors the TPP, so he's out; Jill Stein seems our only choice ...
youtube. com/watch?v=9jbepOc4om4