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TPP Reduces Human Trafficking and Child Labor to Misdemeanors


TPP Reduces Human Trafficking and Child Labor to Misdemeanors

Stan Sorscher

Last week, President Obama's credibility on trade policy took another punch in the neck.


Thank you Stan for this important article. I’m posting it all over facebook.
Elizabeth Hanson


Note also that whenever any violations of labor, environmental or economic standards are identified, corporate attorneys, not public courts will determine 1) the merit of each case, 2) the degree of guilt in each case, and 3) the penalties (or not) in each case.


“It’s the highest-standard, most progressive trade deal in history. It’s got strong, enforceable provisions for workers, preventing things like child labor. It’s got strong, enforceable provisions on the environment, … And these are enforceable in the agreement.” - Barack Obama on the TPP

SO LET ME READ IT! What do you have to hide?

“Here, this is the best contract you’ve ever signed! It’s got the highest levels of protection for you, your job, your family, your community, and the environment of any contract you’ve ever signed! What, you want to READ the contract before you sign it? Stop spreading failed arguments!” - Barack Obama on the TPP

Barack Obama is a liar.


“Many do much to train the human animal to comfort, and ignorance of consequence… When the oppression has become global, and systemic, as now, what choices the human animal but compliance or suicide? When the destruction has become global, and systemic, as now, what choices?”

These are key questions for people inside the system. Compliance or resistance? Keep buying what is sold to you, or stop buying what is sold to you? Keep taking what is given you, or stop taking what is given you? Believe the stories you are told about the meaning of the things in your hands, or think deeply about what the things in your hands actually mean? Keep accepting the terms of debate and limits to action that are designed for you, or adopt your own terms of debate and limits to action? Continue on the path that has been laid out for you… gosh, where does this path end? Or raise your head and try to determine your own path? Play it safe… wait, where does this end? Or take a risk with the only life you have?


I wonder if Mr. Sorscher showed up at his employer’s Renton, WA plant last month to hear John Kerry spreading Obama’s lies among the Boeing employees ?


He was there, protesting:

RENTON, WASH - Standing in front of the busy Boeing factory that cranks out two new 737s each work day, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry made a renewed pitch for passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, a massive free trade deal involving the U.S. and 11 other countries around the Pacific rim.

The backdrop was not surprising, as Boeing is America’s largest exporter, sending 80 percent of the planes it assembles to foreign countries.

But the TPP, along with fast track authority to allow the President to negotiate trade deals, is in trouble in Congress - from Democrats. Many of the nation’s unions are also suspicious of the TPP and fast track authority, feeling both will enable companies like Boeing to have more parts and worked performed overseas, instead of by Boeing workers in the northwest. A sentiment held strongly enough that members of the Machinist’s Union and SPEEA, the union representing engineers and technicians at Boeing, to protest the Kerry speech outside the main Renton gate. Stan Sorscher, with SPEEA, citing the lack of protections for workers in other countries, and the disappointment with the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA.