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TPP Would Make Climate Goals 'Nearly Impossible' to Reach: Report


TPP Would Make Climate Goals 'Nearly Impossible' to Reach: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In unsurprising news, a report has found that so-called free trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would make it nearly impossible to reach the goals set out by the Paris climate agreement.


Lets face a real fact. Any fossil fuel energy company that isn't actively pursuing a viable replacement for fossil fuel isn't interested in long term goals but only in the easy profits to be made by their rape of the planet. It is actually that simple to identify the destroyers of our future as a civilization or maybe even as a race of animals.The companies that support the TPP aren't doing it to promote trade any more than the Koch Brothers are interested in climate change or the environmental health that their mining practices employ.


Enhancement of global warming is but one of many problems with this treaty. The tribunals that it would set up also would allow companies to do whatever they want such as use eminent domain to "buy" your property when they wanted it, pump whatever they want into your water source or make you pay for disposal, charge you whatever they want to run your roads, sewage, drinking water, power supplies, etc., raise the food they sell you with whatever insecticides they want, privatize your education and all the rest of it because using legal means to prevent them from taking advantage of you affects their bottom line, and that cannot be allowed.

The administration claims that the US has never lost a case before the NAFTA tribunal. What that fails to mention is that the cases that it might have lost were not brought to trial. Instead the government just gave in. Examples include the law that meat had to be labeled with the country of origin. It was repealed when a foreign company complained and threatened to go to the NAFTA tribunal. It also fails to mention that the lawyers are frothing at the mouth looking for lucrative cases that they CAN win that would pay them a large fortune.


Yes indeed.

Although TPP promoters are correct when they say that corporate tribunals have no power to DIRECTLY change laws, their power to award taxpayer funded monetary compensation to investors filing suit is a DEFACTO law changing power.