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TPP's "Cardiac Arrest": A Lesson for the Challenges of the Trump Years Ahead


TPP's "Cardiac Arrest": A Lesson for the Challenges of the Trump Years Ahead

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


I'm having difficulty believing this is true given the deceptions of our "leadership".


OK, let's be real here. Trump will listen to his new found friends, the same as his old friends, and will do their bidding by passing the TPP after his inauguration. Does anyone really think that this scenario was not discussed at their little sit down where trump said he would not repeal obamacare? WAKE UP! The same people are in power as before. They are now simply going through the repubs for their agenda.


Oh sure , I got a reply from my Democratic Washington State Congressman , a day after the election , it was a long tedious tome explaining to me why he was still going to vote for the TPP , I guess he had not received his new marching orders at that time .


Yes because we totally thought CETA died just because Canada and Europe's "leaders" were stuck for a few days. :unamused:

Articles like this just make people complacent. And when people become complacent the 1% wins.


The only reason Obama took it off the table is that TPP is the reason Killary lost the election. NAFTA has destroyed the economy especially in the rust belt mid west and TPP would drive the final nail in the middle class coffin. The deep state oligarchy that runs the show will now have to get the Repukes to do their bidding and I'm sure they will be happy to oblige.


He did not want us any angrier with him than we already are. We've been bucking this TPP and the TISA for over a year now, and only getting more ticked off over his complete disregard for our thoughts on it. We are not going away. We will continue to push for LOGICAL, HEALTHY POLICIES, that both support and strengthen the American Working Class, not degrade it.


Interesting. Indeed, it will be instructive to establish whether or not Trump has the strength to stand up to his own party during the transition period as well as during the term. That said, should Trump and/or the GOP establish their bona fides with the middle class by improving current middle class state of affairs -- then, midterm elections may not sustain progressive hopes.

Imo, scuttling/retarding/renegotiating NAFTA, TPP, et al. will accomplish a goal for establishing bona fides for the middle class.


CD should not be spinning this as dead. I read the Guardian article with headline "flushed down the toilet" when in the body of the article the TwoParty only says it will not bring TPP up in the next couple of months and O admin will not try it again. THESE TRADE DEALS ARE THE LIFE BLOOD OF THE NEOLIBERAL VAMP1%RES. And tRump is just another 1%er golden spoon rich boy that will turn on every promise like Obama. Let's not be suckered.


Pence is already in the driver's seat, running his transition team. All the folks on here are going to enjoy watching the lobby shops run Washington with a free hand I suspect. Better than that horrible no-good neolib Obama I guess.


If Trump agrees with his neocon buddies to pass the TPP his own base will come unglued. If he doesn't get rid of Obamacare he's in big trouble with his base. He made a lot of promises to his near hysterical followers, dems even voted for him for those reasons. If he goes against them like Obama did they may not be as quiet about it as dem voters were.
I have friends betting he won't make it a year before his base and of course the dems impeach him.
The racism is what could cause riots, a race war, of sorts. This worries me a great deal. People have told themselves it's not there anymore for so long they believed it. This election has certainly brought it to the forefront. America's original sin has never been dealt with, just pushed under the rug.
It's time to address both the corrupt government and the racism that is killing this country and of course the great equalizer, climate disruption.


This is why I advocated voting for Trump, since we can't have Bernie.

TPP was going to kill our democracy period. And Clinton was going to pass it since she helped get it signed by 11 countries as Secretary of State.

Additionally the threat of global nuclear war is greatly reduced, since relations have instantly thawed out since the Queen of War was defeated.

Now we have to pay the price for surviving this stage of Clinton's H.M.S. Titanic Wall Street. The power just went out and all decks are flooding all around us. Let's get to higher levels and convince Captain Trump to abandon ship and get to the few lifeboats we have available. And unlock the Progressives he has locked up in steerage. That's what a good Captain must do before he goes down with the ship.

I know. I know.

I know what you're going to say.



Yes, this TPP could be potentially revived and passed as the promise of Trump to get the XL Pipeline going again. Hope I am wrong.


And you know, you know, everything Trump said.

And so it goes.


America's original sin.

Such a truthful statement.


I am waiting for his announcement that he will not be throwing HRC in prison, or simply ignoring the promise. THEN you will see riots, but by HIS supporters. Crooked Hillary. Jail her. Sorry trumpites. He conned you on that and everything else. Welcome to politics.


The only good news is that the Dirty DNC is on the ropes, as is the Dirty GOP after Trump's motor mouth gets going again.

The time is ripe for a Third "Liberty Party" to emerge across the country. The Green Party is dead. It didn't even get one percent of the vote.


POWER TO THE PEOPLE! It is there waiting for us to rise up and take it not just nationally but crossing all borders. The Wobblies were right! Time for the Workers of the world to unite.


Voldemor ('T' name) is neither a kind-hearted soul nor capably astute to understand and in any present some lead cabinet member agenda he'll then pose as a public good so nicely. Pipeline contractors that 'intentionally' desecrate native land and burial ground is rankest racism criminality and least concern for ALL people. This lust for power and control over others by creating market dependencies then crash and burn for the pickings or so it seems by the Party of (big) Business.

Speaking of Slim Pickings, aka Warren Buffett, why isn't he in the spotlight.
BNSF Director hauling 100-tanker/coal carloads this election hit a 'bump' in the planning.
Governor wannabe Port Director Republican Bill Bryant LOST.
Buffett is NOT happy about that. The 2 Washington 'head of state' races
symbolism was too much not to appreciate. Buffett also had a hand in the I-5
CRC bridge replacement fiasco. Four years and at least 100million wasted.
Unbelievably, Portland Port Director BIll Wyatt won appreciation awards that dismissed his role in that fiasco. And his West Hayden Island RR Oval terminus extra-highly dangerous rightly rejected, recent deep dredging investment wasted (No Panamax for PDX). Longview could do coal or do Panamax freight. All NW Port Directors have colluded. When Canada proposed to export propane, why cross the entire state of Warshingtun to Portland? Tell me Wyatt should get any award for these collosal errors in judgment. Exposing incompetence and criminal highway boy big spending plans.


As much as I hate to admit it I think you are right. Although the people in the Green Party still can be very helpful in a political revolution. The main problem with the Green Party is that while Jill Stein says all the right things she doesn't have an exciting personality like Bernie has. And that is not even getting into the smears and fabrications against her.