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Tracking the Continuing Election Fallout in Georgia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/06/tracking-continuing-election-fallout-georgia


Thanks Liv, the Left needed this straightforward review of the
fanatical right; but you forgot to mention that: “the chickens
come home to roost.”
The destruction of democratic voting is what the American
CIA and Pentagon are doing in Venezuela, by putting forth the
opposition’s el presidente Guido. And it looks like they lost
that attempt at regime change. Maybe there’s hope for Georgia.


" A video of a young worker taking a USB drive from a voting machine—a normal operation that involves transferring a report from an election server to a county computer so one can read it—went viral among far-right conspiracy theorists, who falsely asserted it was evidence of fraud."

The True Believers (h/t Eric Hoffer) are programmed to see any activity as supporting their cause. The voting machines are off the grid for security. Inaccessible even by bluetooth, I hope. Physical movement such as a USB is the same as taking each physical ballot, only in a twenty-first century manner. Trump put the seeds of distrust in their minds long before the election and the weeds of such have sprouted throughout the faithful. Time for a controlled burn.


past time,…and I’m becoming less and less concerned with how tightly such is “controlled.”