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Trade Agreements Should Not Benefit Industry Only


Trade Agreements Should Not Benefit Industry Only

Elizabeth Warren

Recently Hillary Clinton joined Nancy Pelosi and many others in Congress to call on the president to reorient our trade policy so that it produces a good deal for all Americans — not just for a handful of big corporations. Here’s a realistic starting point: Fix the way we enforce trade agreements to ensure a level playing field for everyone. Many of our close allies — major trading partners like Australia, Germany, France, India, South Africa, and Brazil — are already moving in this direction. American negotiators should stop fighting those efforts and start leading them.


“And here lies the double standard at the heart of our trade deals: Once they sign on, countries know that if they strengthen worker, health, or environmental standards, they invite corporate ISDS claims that can bleed taxpayers dry. But countries also know that if they fail to raise wages or stop dumping in the river — even if they made such promises in the trade deal — the US government will likely do nothing.”

In the current New World Order, the banks write up the casino-capitalism rules and when their bad-faith bets don’t pan out, the public pays. Note how that type of cost externalization runs parallel with the inevitable results of the TPP and TIPP.

Similarly, when wars of aggression are fought and billions of dollars of munitions and armaments are used up (or left behind to supply the next Necessary Enemy in order to keep the costly “War Games” going), taxpayers foot the bill while the real costs are drawn from the lives, livelihoods, and lands of nations invaded by occupying martial forces.

Journalists outside of the scope of “embedded” protected status, whistle blowers who reveal what govt. entities don’t want known, environmental activists murdered on the front lines of global ecocide all face massive vulnerabilities as the forces pushing wealth and power to the top of the human heap brook NO opposition to their plans, neither proof of their diabolical plans and operations.

This is not about what WE, the People want. Verily, all this corporate control under homage to Mammon, the god of naked profits, poses distinct dangers to humans and sentient life everywhere!

Bravo that other nations’ leaders are saying no. And Bravo that other financial trade pacts are forming. The dark forces that have embedded themselves into our nation’s capitol and major institutions operate on the principles of immunity and that their absolute power anesthetizes them to criminal acts. A consensus of OTHER is gathering… to pose as an opposing “gravitational” force to counter the fact that things have already gone this far asunder.


Face it Liz. You have to run.

Sanders/Warren 2016!


Well, that Sanders/Warren ticket would certainly keep the war industry and the Israeli leaders smiling.

And you may well see one of them on the ticket (likely Warren, - not both because they’re both from the northeast) if Hillary’s health takes a turn for the worse before the Democratic convention.


Israeli leaders maybe. The war industry no.

They would both be grinning like Cheshire Cats if you didn’t vote, or voted for a third party without proportional representation.