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Trade Deals Have Hit North Carolina Harder Than Michigan


Trade Deals Have Hit North Carolina Harder Than Michigan

Chris Kromm

This week, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders scored a surprise victory in Michigan over Hillary Clinton, the party front-runner who before the state's primary was favored in polls by 25 points.


Thank you, Mr. Kromm for this informative article. While I was aware that many states would have seen job reductions as a result of “race to the bottom” (for workers) trade deals, I never thought that North Carolina would have been the state hit hardest.

Thank you for supplying useful data.

One would hope that citizens of the states most impacted would be LAST to vote for Mrs. Clinton; but then, without Alternative Media, they’d probably not know these facts at all.


It’s crazy to think that the people who are paid to protect the constitution are circumventing it along with the Bill of Rights. When cities are completely devastated, how can a " patriotic business" support that? Or maybe we should learn to do with less and let 'em sell their wares to the “countries of origin”! Why can’t we re- open business with an co- op mentality. Break the chains mentally and the physically will appear!
Great Health and Good Wealth to all