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Trade, Democracy, and the Politics of Backlash


Trade, Democracy, and the Politics of Backlash

John Buell

One bit of good news came across my computer screen in the days leading up to the termination of this repellant campaign.


CETA, TPP, TTIP, TISA and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as trade deals "make regulation PROHIBITIVELY expensive". meaning that no government will be able to afford to be able to afford the legalized extortion required to make and enforce safety, health, environmental or other regulations, and corporations, like the Talibundies at Malheur will have free rein wherever they choose to pillage.


It's all so blatantly and uncharitably anti-democratic. I just keep on shaking my head in bewilderment at the boldness by which these corporate giants simply take for granted that predation of the whole world is within their godgiven rights. Shock is beyond naive, but still....We need to clone Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders, ...Name some others for me quick....Actually, there are many more. Thank goodness.......Quick! Everyone! To the ramparts!!!


Thank the high heavens that this election is almost done with. If anybody in the upper echelons of both political parties had even half a lick of sense, both parties would withdraw all support from both candidates and tell the electorate, "Go ahead, vote for whichever one of these annoying fools you dislike least. We will support whatever kind of government your choice forms, but while you and they are at it, we are going to review what we're all about and hope that by 2020 -- if we all last that long -- we can have better candidates and a better message. So give your qualified distrustful support to the next president and, while we're hoping along with you that whichever one it is, not too much harm gets done. We will go back to the drawing board and, if they can get through the next four years without setting off a big war or crashing the whole earth economy, we promise to do better. We will communicate with each other and find ways to knock off the bickering and cheap shot political points scoring gamesmanship and see what we can work out to start making things be better. So we're sorry about how this election went down, we especially apologize for the part we played in the whole absurd spectacle. Best of luck to us and you alike."


We all knew that if Bernie got in, we would have a sane mind guiding us through this very morass.

In broad daylight he was stopped by the same malevolent entity that has had us under its thumb since 1963.

Jim Garrison stated in a 1988 interview, broadcast on Pacifica this week, that this Nations's uncorrected trajectory points to the very loss of our Republic that we are now witnessing as Corporations usurp National Sovereignty.


"The communications revolution is something that can and has spread world- wide. The consequences of that spread remain yet to be determined. The very modes of communication that Verizon disseminates and employs to outsource its work can also aid grass roots collaboration to advance these goals"