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Trade Officials Promised Exxon That TTIP will Erase Environmental 'Obstacles' Worldwide



Since these treaties are a death knell to Democracy, any leaders pushing them should be held and tried for Treason.

Many don't yet see or recognize the probable link between the epidemic of microcephaly and the release of a genetically modified mosquito. WATER systems were treated with a particular chemical that was designed (in theory) to render mosquitos sterile. Whatever the gender-bending composition, mothers drinking the water began to give birth to malformed babies. And these deformities WILL last a life time.

Monsanto never paid any moral or financial price for the Cancers it unleashed--via Agent Orange--on Vietnam.

This is a company that's undercutting indigenous farming practices, causing the suicide of thousands of farmers in India since once they sign on with Monsanto (like a deal with the devil), they no longer can raise seeds that naturally reproduce. The sterile seeds force them to buy seeds every year, and since these seeds are NOT natural to nature, certain chemicals (fertilizers, insecticides, etc.) must also be purchased.

This is the company that is behind the mosquito issue that is causing so much harm in Brazil.

And directly following that axiom: (create a) problem (set up to foment a) reaction and (then step in to profit by "solving" the problem) solution... the sages behind the rabid poisoning of our world, the natural world, argue for yet more chemicals (or genetic aberrations) under the banner of "cure."

These bastards are dangerous and MUST be stopped.

TIPP and TPP give them the RIGHT to determine what is in our food and then show the further audacity of not thinking they have any obligation to TELL us what that is.

And treaties of this nature are being pushed in parallel with wars being fought arguably for "our freedoms." In both instances, freedom is being eviscerated at breakneck speed.

The politicians pushing these treaties are not just selling out people, they are signing the PLANET'S suicide note.


Don't forget all additional tax breaks, avoidance of labor laws, and exculpatory language that prevents consumers and the public in general from taking Exxon to task for their malfeasance worldwide that are included in the TTIP. HRC, WJC, GWB, and fellow Bilderberg Group members (not to mention the Carlyle Group) are salivating over the passage of TTIP.


This should be a clarion call for global uprising. Total, rolling, non cooperation starting in major cities.


I wonder if Mother Nature has another plan and that is to render humans infertile.

"These bastards are dangerous and MUST be stopped.": Absolutely. Positively. Tout suite.

A link to the Zika Virus:


Any member of Congress who votes to pass the TPP, TTIP, TISA must be removed from office, regardless on where they stand on any other issues.


"Removed from office" and locked in Guantanamo.


Those who have not been co-opted by "Friends of Monsanto" have stated that Zika is in lots of South American nations. However, the microcephaly is NOT.

A Monsanto subsidiary let loose a lethal combination and released it INTO the WATER thinking it would render mosquitoes sterile. Instead, their genetically engineered mosquito has caused this horror.

They want to make it LOOK like it's naturally occurring or blame the mosquito.

This is MAN MADE.

I am perplexed by so few people looking at the material I've posted on this subject. Maybe your mind will prove enquiring enough to do so:


A Monsanto subsidiary let loose a lethal combination and released it INTO the WATER..." It does seem that there are two different attempts to eradcate the zika mosquito, one is the GMO sterilization method and the other is the Monsanto/Sumitomo chemical larvacide. I think it's quite important to not conflate these two separate attempts as they may neither be anything we would want but it is important to keep them separate and as your video by Cenc says, the 'jury is still out on this" and he is the one who brings up the larvacide issue which is more in keeping with the chronology expected while the sterilization is just recently been introduced.


These same fine upstanding citizens were recently in Doha busily finding new ways to cut legally constituted governments and citizens groups out of the process. Their WTO trade courts have successfully bypassed our courts so they can decide whether our own country's laws can prevail. Now they are looking for other phony pseudo-legal entities to get around other laws and our entire legal systems. NO TTP! NO TTIP!!


Absolutely! This is a total deal breaker.


And guess who is pushing extremely hard to get this TPP through? The wonderful leader of progressive causes- Barack Obama! And we're not supposed to say he's a disappointment? He's a MAJOR disappointment! Also who was for it before she was against it? The wonderful flip-flopper, Hillary Clinton! Who is very friendly with Monsanto, pushing their GMO seeds, and has a lobbyist for Monsanto on her campaign team? Hillary Clinton! Don't think she'll decide it serves "American interests" to support TPP after she is
s/elected? Of course she will! Wake up & smell the coffee. Hillary is not in the best interests of the American people, nor for the childrens' interests.


Also Trump will probably support TPP! Who does not and will not support TPP? Bernie Sanders! He has always been against it, unlike Clinton....when will people wake up and realize that voting for an entertainer because he's entertaining or Hillary because she's a woman is a road to self-destruction! I am really baffled how ignorant people are...it's very sad. Thanks Siouxrose


The first step is to make people actually aware of it. It's amazing how many of the general public haven't even heard of these deals. They get no mention in mainstream news.


Sounds similar to the US government creating Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other bandit assassins to terrorize people and destabilize governments they don't like then to send US bombers to selectively bomb and destroy country after country, city after city and millions upon millions of civilians made homeless or dead.


Certainly raises a lot of questions. Reminds me of Lyme disease which is also ancient but then there was that accident that released the ticks that may have been weaponized and so many children came down with a "new" disease in Lyme, Connecticut. I wonder what exactly is the connection with this company with Monsanto (really should be Monsatan). Then there is the criminality of once again poisoning water for water is truly Life.


They are not trying to eradicate the Zika mosquito. They are using that as the cover story.

Whatever was done to the mosquito larvae and entered into the WATER supply has genetic implications (and outcomes) for pregnant women.

As many know, Monsanto now merges its pesticides INTO things like corn crops. A key ingredient is glyphosate and it's carcinogenic. It's also a cousin of Agent Orange.

Some kind of chemical and genetic manipulation could well go hand in hand, and these companies zealously guard their "science" under proprietary law. Besides, Monsanto is unlikely to come clean about anything. It models itself after EXXON and uses denial in the place of sound science and open peer-tested studies.

Zika exists in other South American nations without ANY birth defects.

Zika is not the culprit. Monsanto is. Whether by chemical and/or genetic engineering (or both combined)... THEY are the guilty party.

This problem-reaction-solution could have them CLAIMING to have a vaccine against a virus that out of fear, people will take. But if Monsanto's own gene-bending monstrosities led to birth abnormalities, no vaccine is going to fix that!

This is scary shit and it's why for years I have called out Monsanto as a company guilty of WAR CRIMES.

Such an entity has no business being IN the business of FOOD or so-called drug therapies!

They are killers!


Too few people hold genuine empathy. The tendency is to evaluate others on the basis of one's personal experience.

I am now just past 60 and I don't have to go to a job. But if I did, I certainly would not have the time to spend as many hours studying the issues as I do... or commenting on this site.

That status is a luxury. There are many people who likewise comment in these threads every day. Some hide this fact by using alternative screen names.

In any case, the AVERAGE working person does not hear the truth. They are getting the same pep-talk about TIPP and TPP that was used to push NAFTA through. The key meme is "job creations!"

Of course, NAFTA had its opponents but it was still an open slate. Now, with the facts of economic implosion and job losses fully clear, trying to sell TIPP and TPP cannot be done on the same basis.

THAT is why the facts of these trade agreements are kept secret. And still the bastards use the canard that WE live in a free, open Democratic society.

I will continue to oppose the frame that puts the ONUS on decent working people for what they don't know. And remember--it's impossible to recognize what you don't know. THAT is why Truth is kept at a minimum and a wholly captured media has all its talking heads on EVERY channel pretty much repeating the same narratives.

The so-called Left (gatekeepers!) take a slightly more reformist view of matters, but ultimately, ALL voices heard often across the MSM say the same things.

That takes me back to my opening point--just because YOU have the time (a privilege) to be able to spend time on a site like this during DAILY WORKING hours, doesn't mean that most of your fellow citizens do.

What they will hear is that TPP and TIPP will keep America strong, make jobs, and keep our economy "growing."

The global economy meanwhile is in a state of collapse.

The lies told often won't fix that any more than a denial of reality will keep Gravity from weighing in.

Global Capitalism has beat workers down in MANY countries. As the Piketty Study shows, enormous wealth has been reverse-engineered to the TOP of the financial pyramid and living standards all over the world are being reduced. This is not about ignorant Americans... this is about POWER and how it's worked behind the scenes to use its embarrassment of riches to purchase leaders, policies, judges, and policing forces through which to implement ITS agenda.

That agenda is for concentrated power on a global scale. TIPP and TPP are part of the calculus. Gutting America's industries, and through that operation, its Unions and Middle class was part of the plan. And still is.


Do you remember how Obama pushed the National Defense Authorization Act through on New Year's Eve?

How about congress personnel not being ALLOWED to take notes on the TIPP or TPP or share its contents with their constituents?

How about Obama writing the so-called Affordable Care Act with Insurance company bigshots and not a single individual allowed in who supported Single Payer?

How about wars launched on the basis of cases FIXED (as in fabricated) for war?

How about prisoners in limbo who were called "the worst of the worst" when they really were just unfortunate souls caught in bounty hunters' drift nets, there to serve as props for a war OF terror?

The fall of the legendary continent of Atlantis took place due to a number of conditions (they were recounted by America's "Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce), and one of them was a dynamic rift in society.

I see THAT repeating now. Cayce also warned (back in the l940s) that a lot of Atlanteans were reincarnating back into America and bringing their knowledge of genetic manipulation along. (I have stated for years that I believe Bill Gates to be one of those.)

The rift was ideological. Approximately half of the citizens of Atlantis lived by "the law of one." They recognized the axiom that Jesus taught: "Whatsoever you do unto the least of these you do unto me." And with that realization of quintessential Oneness, they didn't support anything in the way of war or aggression. They tried to live on the basis of fairness and justice.

The other segment were oriented towards personal advantages often at cost to the Greater Good. These individuals were termed followers of Belial.

I see that rift again now. The whole exaltation of self-interest, naked profit, and winner take all comport with Belial's followers.

And it's one of the reasons why I can't stand the UNIFORM "we" frame. What it does is take what the Belial types do and blame it on the Law of One types. Since the Law of One types understand the basic connectivity that exists within any society or ecosystem, they unconsciously take ownership of what their lesser peers do.

But this is a devious means of projecting onto GOOD people what EVIL persons put into motion.

The problem cannot be solved from this form of dishonesty.

Parallels with Atlantis also include the fact that the prior society fell to ruin. Given the ecological prospects of a world being chemically burdened by Big Chemical and physical bludgeoned by Big Oil... WE are repeating Atlantis now.

Belial's imperative must be called out. The Law of One cannot tolerate those who DO evil and hide behind "the Oneness Principle."

Time is not linear. All planets follow revolutionary orbits and all things RECYCLE as a result.


Thank you. That's a fair-minded response.

I've offered this analogy before, but I think it's pertinent:

In the same way that Monsanto (and other genetic manipulation companies) WEDS the genuine article to their engineered components so that never again shall the twain be parted...

Moving from food stuffs to "food for thought" we find the SAME modus operandi in that parcels of Truth are wedded to false narratives and these are repeated often.

In both instances, it becomes next-to-impossible to discern TRUTH from the tainted amalgam.

I think this is done on purpose.

I have an insatiable appetite for research and am interested in a lot of subjects. I am not afraid to listen to people whose political ideology offends me... if they have done research in a particular area that interests me.

There are people in these threads who dismiss Alex Jones and David Icke and Dr. Steven Greer on specious grounds. Most people get some things right... even if they don't recognize other things.

My point is that there's SO MUCH disinformation coming from so many sources that one has to wonder... is it mostly funded by "Covert Intelligence"?

I am fascinated by the idea of alien technology and Contact. Many of the sources who have interviewed pilots, engineers, and retired military on THIS subject speak disparagingly about Global warming... as if it's a hoax, as if it's impossible that we humans could do THAT.

The lying about climate change makes me wonder if these people who talk a good game about the hidden alien connection are funded by something like ALEC or the KOCH BROTHERS?

Of course, the other explanation (and I use it often to defend important Progressive writers, thinkers, interviewers who won't go as far down the rabbit hole as I will) is that everyone has at least one blind spot.

Picasso could paint, but could he make a decent pasta?

I am profound when it comes to Astrological analysis but if anything goes wrong with my car (or computer), I am clueless.

That's why I think it's wise to take the wisdom from a variety of sources and cut away the crap.

The long and short of it is: It's impossible to know which diseases are naturally occurring and which have been helped along to fulfill certain Population Reduction Protocols.

Years ago I was part of a group that hosted a well-known spiritual channel who resided in North Carolina. Everyone got to ask one question and I asked about the origin of AIDS. I posed my question thusly: "Was AIDS naturally occurring or the result of experiments that went awry"?

The Spirit channel responded: "Some of both."

That was 20 years ago. Since then, the geneticists who often partner with both the military and the Centers for Disease Control could have "done wonders" with Ebola, the Bubonic Plague, and whatever genetic crisscrosses they might have elected to explore.

We are living in virtual sci-fi times... where truth indeed has become stranger than fiction. Plus, with sociopaths at the wheel, what exactly would they NOT do... not having the "burden" of any moral restraints on their behaviors...or profits?