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Trade Shapes Wisconsin Primary


Trade Shapes Wisconsin Primary

Dave Johnson

Trade is again an issue in a midwestern primary state. The Wisconsin primary is Tuesday and Senator Bernie Sanders is pounding on his opposition to trade deals that have closed factories and cost jobs. A new poll shows this could be his path to success with voters.

Trade A Major Issue In 2016 Campaign


I think there is a lot of confusion about "free trade." Regardless, Bill Clinton signed onto NAFTA, so it makes sense that Hillary Clinton (215, before launching her campaign) was working hard at selling the TPP to Congress. Now we're supposed to ignore this fact, and pretend that H. Clinton really doesn't support the TPP? True, she said last October that she really doesn't support it, having been given some "clarification" about the details...


Who else finds THIS stunning?

"While Voters Don’t Hear Candidates Discussing These Issues, Clinton & Trump Are Perceived As Strongest On Manufacturing And Trade."

I've listened to a few Trump supporters who see him as a very successful businessman. And it's this persona--the Successful Businessman--that's been glorified in U.S. culture.

In parallel, Hillary Clinton's new personal fortune qualifies her for the "smart businesswoman club."

What's naïve--bordering on crazy--is that many voters associate the "personal success" of these card-carrying 1% types with the notion that they will SHARE that success or spread prosperity around. As friggin if!

It could be that some kind of subliminal identification is taking place in males who WANT to BE Trump and females who want to BE Clinton. Vicariously, they feed off the power and riches of these two counterfeits: both deferential to their own 1% caste.


Shades of Obama closing down Guantanamo and ending the war in Iraq.

All the more reason for implementing a universally binding political RECALL button.

3 Strikes (as in, 3 obvious reversals on stated campaign policy positions) and the individual is TOSSED out.

Imagine if our Supreme Court passed this type of resolution as opposed to "Citizens United"?


China’s rise, fueled in part by currency manipulation to make its exports cheaper, played a key role in the loss of roughly five million American manufacturing jobs."

The exchange rate when China joined the WTO was about 8.3 yuan to a dollar. Last year it rose to about 6.3 yuan per USD. Tell us which nation has increased their currency exchange rate so dramatically vis a vis the USD? Recently, when the yuan was allowed to float, it proved too weak even to maintain its 6.4 per USD exchange rate.

I know many progressive Chinese who were aghast that China joined the WTO, and who would've been pleased had the US not relocate their factories to that country. This is because the so-called Chinese "miracle" was achieved on the backs of the ever-suffering peasants, who were often underpaid and overworked. The workers themselves hardly earned enough to feed their families, while the local Chinese compradors grew rich from their ill-gotten gains, though not so much as the American corporations that became filthy rich. What Johnson failed to mention is that these corporations had the lion's share of the profits but preferred to stash them overseas instead of bringing them home, as patriotic Americans ought to do.

There is the usual meme of "getting tough" with the Chinese over trade. The question is, why not? If possible, American corporations should relocate all their factories to other developing nations. Don't tell us the Chinese have the power to prevent American corporations from doing that! In fact, as wages have risen in China, many multinationals have done precisely that, including Chinese companies that have relocated their factories to their neighbors, to Africa and even Latin America. Further, the TPP has excluded China, so from now on, hacks like Johnson would've to tell us who to get tough with should the recession - and it's a recession for the 99% - continues.

The present grave socio-economic situation was created largely by the greed of the 1% who've garnered much of the nation's wealth at the expense of 99%. This greed is manifested not only by the oppression felt by workers in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, etc., but also by Americans. It is truly strange that billions of dollars could go towards bailing out banks and other financial institutions, towards wars in the Middle East, towards maintaining and even expanding military bases around the world, but no money could found for a more humane healthcare system, a better education that would not result in a heavily-indebted student population, or for programs that could ensure a living wage for all Americans, including people of color. America can solve its problems only by changing or at least modifying its socio-economic system, and this is the revolution that Bernie is talking about.


These "free trade" deals have been detrimental to workers in all countries/regions involved. It quite simply becomes a race to the bottom to determine which country can/will exploit the largest number of workers by paying those workers "pretend" wages so that country can become the "lowest cost producer" against all other competitors.

It truly is a race to the bottom ... except for the capitalist class who live off the profits of their accumulated and invested capital in the international manufacturing arena instead of having to rely on wages or a salary like the working class.

We need to see this as it is ... class warfare against the working class in all countries. The crisis of capitalism is global.

The following article and video describe to devastation to Mexican workers and the Mexican Constitution after the passage of NAFTA:



Yes, that was what I meant. But over here if you talk about class warfare you would be ostracized - it's ok only when the 1% stealthily declare war on the rest. To some extent, Sanders has woke up the working class, but it's still early in the day. Thanks for the link.


That's "On, Wisconsin!"


I have been in retail for 20 yrs and I have learned one thing ....If people have low incomes they are forced to buy the cheap shit.....But when people or couples are working and making a decent living not a rich one but decent they are more inclined to pay more and buy better quality.....But with all the American factories flocking to mexico to make cheap shit to sell back to us is rediculous...If these factories would make stuff in America and offer decent living wages and benefits people could afford to buy great quality American made goods...The only reason they go to mexico is to make cheap shit but they dont sell it cheap...Look at jeans and shoes...Hell look what Nikis sell for and they are foriegn made.....All this free trade bull shit is just that lies and bull shit.....Politicians are bought and paid to perpetuate this lie...thats all it is a big fkn lie....Our politicians are responsible for the lousy economy of this country ..Both Parties...dont believe me? look at Obama and TPP....what an asshole Obama turned out to be....just another smooth talking car salesman......This will be Hillary or Cruz or Trump....all of them could sell cars....Me I am voting for Bernie fk all the rest of them lying assholes.


The TPP agreement will promote the interests of giant, multinational corporations over the interests of labor, environmental, consumer, human rights, or other stakeholders in democracy, AND FURTHER CONCENTRATE OWNERSHIP OF THE NON-HUMAN PRODUCTIVE CAPITAL MEANS OF PRODUCTION!
The REAL STORY is a story about the collusion among a globally wealthy OWNERSHIP class to further concentrate private sector OWNERSHIP in ALL FUTURE wealth-creating, income-generating productive capital asset creation on a global scale. A sorta FREE TRADE ON STEROIDS and MONOPOLY CAPITAL OWNERSHIP PERMIT!