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Trade Trumps Climate Change Action at COP21


Trade Trumps Climate Change Action at COP21

Sujata Dey

You’ve heard of off-Broadway, the smaller plays that don’t reach blockbuster audiences. In Paris, we have a similar dynamic. While leaders inside the Paris Climate Conference do their trade-offs and political manoeuvring inside, a truly international group of activists are also gathering outside the official conference.


Corporations and the governing elites are making their bid for dominance 'here at the end of the world' (a metaphorical end). They see that the battle to deny climate change has been lost and things will be changing fast. They see the status quo threatened and no longer trust compliant congresses and parliaments to accede to their wishes and derail meaningful regulatory change.

So they've been busy here at the 'end'. Behind locked doors they've gone fascistic. Autocratic in any case. They bribe corrupt legislators to keep democracy out by conducting secret negotiations... and much to their surprise, they've gotten away with that tactic.

So they are going with it as far as they can. If the citizenry of a democracy aren't concerned enough to force their legislators to stop the corporate coup then the hell with representing the people they say and had the corrupt legislators openly represent them (corporations) instead.

They know that people are opposed so they, like fascists, shut out the democratic process entirely by keeping their negotiations secret.

Now Congress has passed a bill where even mentioning an opposing point of view isn't allowed. They attempt to subvert democracy by writing a trade agreement that places corporations above our laws... above the will of the people who passed those laws, above the very nations in which corporations operate and above all regulatory control.

Corporations weren't content to be mere citizens ... they have made themselves above citizens... they are royalty and above the law. Think of Citizens United bestowing royal status and see how that sits!

Corporations not only have things both ways. Citizen's United says they are persons but these secretly negotiated trade agreements make them persons with powers that no other citizen has in a democracy.

A few corporations - as corporate citizens - now have abilities that an individual or even a group of citizens do not have that allows hem to prevent the exercise of laws. It is as if you had the right to drive way above the speed limit but nobody else could do so except you. Or were given the right to trespass on someone else's property because trespassing laws prevented you from going where you wanted to go ...but nobody else has that right.

Is anyone else feeling that the phrase 'no taxation without representation' has become current when trade deals are negotiated in secret that will give away the sovereignty of our laws to corporations or where Congress passes a law where objections to this deal cannot even be mentioned (as if when someone smelled smoke but the word fire wasn't allowed to be mentioned)?

No taxation without representation? A historical phrase from America's beginning. I'm guessing that we never would have even had a country at all if trade deals had been in effect.

Since when do we live in a world - in a free country - where something cannot even be mentioned?

What have they done to us?


Since the founding of the republic "something cannot even be mentioned" in the US if it threatens the profits of the 1%. Does the name Rothschilds ring a bell ?

George Washington's biggest mistake was lending credibility to Alexander Hamilton's central banking/bankster philosophy that empowered Wall Street, eventually spawning the Federal Reserve, too-big-to-fail banks and other corporations.

Despite their disagreeing with each other on many issues, nearly all of the other founding fathers recognized the risk of Wall Street controlling the government and agreed on the need to control the Wall Street banks.


I was referring to the recent bill passed by the House that prevents mentioning climate change when congress decides on trade deals. Also how the gov. of Fla. ordered that climate change/global warming cannot be mentioned in his state's official documents and reports including Fla. EPA.

I was speaking about official censorship measures.


The article gets it right. Defeating trade deals like TTP, TTIP, TISA, and CETA have to be a main priority of the climate justice movement.